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  • Winners: Frosty Pet Egg

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    Winners: Frosty Pet Egg


    Here they are, the defrosted and adorable illustrated pets that we are once again happy to present to you! As far as the contest counts go (that I always like to disclose), we had received all in all 56 quirky illustrations from 24 + 2 participants during the contest's run time. We'd of course be even happier if could've kept them all because there were so many gems submitted, but alas, such is the nature of contests. These final arts have been implemented in game and to see these cuties all you need to do is to patch up.

    All credit goes to the original artists whose player names are provided below, from left to right.


    Antonio - Tha La.png Arch Angeling - INEXUSI.png Christmas Jakk - Arcara.png Cruiser - Scoulz.png Freezer - Nanai.jpg
    Antonio Arch Angeling Christmas Jakk Cruiser Freezer
    Tha La INEXUSI Arcara Scoulz Nanai

    Gazeti - Lynx Flamel.png Ice Titan - INEXUSI.png Leib Olmai - Konanachi.png Myst Case - Konanachi.png Sasquatch - YurieZ.png
    Gazeti Ice Titan Leib Olmai Myst Case Sasquatch
    Lynx Flamel INEXUSI Konanachi Konanachi YurieZ

    Snowier - Menardy.png Stocking Stuffer - Fabelwisp.png Stormy Knight - Fabelwisp.png Tatacho - Arrowlet.png Wild Rose - g0at.png
    Snowier Stocking Stuffer Stormy Knight Tatacho Wild Rose
    Menardy Fabelwisp Fabelwisp Arrowlet g0at


    In addition to the 5,000 NP and 50 Event Tickets, all the winners above have also won a Pet Egg!
    If your name is mentioned here, you get to choose between 1 Frosty Pet Egg and 1 Pet you had illustrated.
    Please message me with your choice and I'll have it sent to you.

    And here a quick reminder for all participants (and not only the winners)!

    You'll be sent your rewards a little later today (server time) -- please pick them up from your ROdex mails before they expire! It would be sad if they did, and of course we wouldn't want that to happen. You'll have at least one week to claim them by logging onto your characters and checking your incoming mails. For the winners' illustrations that would mean logging onto the character listed above, and for the rest of the participants, the character name you gave us in the contest topic. Just give us a couple of hours to send them first~


    Thank you again, everyone!
    The staff team wishes you a wonderful day!


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