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    WoE Track Patch Notes

    • Patch Notes

    War of Emperium

    • Implemented the War of Emperium Reward Track System:
      • The WoE Reward Track system is designed to reward players for attending WoE.

        Progress will be shown via a new UI which players have access to in-game.

      • You can also access the system through the @woetrack command.



        The WoE Starter Track.



        Players in the winning guild will obtain 3 Track Points.



        Players in the losing guilds will obtain 2 Track Points.


        Everyone will begin on the Starter Reward Track. This is a brief tutorial for the system.

        Once a player finishes that track, they will be able to choose from a set number of tracks.

        There are seven initial reward tracks:

        • Sword Master's Crown Track
        • Rune Wing Helm Track
        • Plumed Unicorn Helm Track
        • Clergy Nurse Cap Track
        • Royal Mantle Track
        • Greater Dracul Helm Track
        • Warlord's Treasure Track


        Here's an examples of an advanced track (Showing 1 win):





        Players can change tracks at no cost as long as they have not begun progressing on a track.

        Once progress has begun on a track, it must be finished before moving on to a new one.

        You will only receive track progress for the first WoE you attend each week: If you participate in WoE 1 and then WoE 2 as well, you will only get track progress for WoE 1.


        Draft WoE will not count towards track progression.


    • Added RWC Accessories to the Siege Merchant shop (@go woe)
      • 2967.png RWC Ring (2,500 Siege Tokens)
      • 2969.png RWC Pendant (2,500 Siege Tokens)
      • These accessories can be enchanted and socketed by the RWC Artificer (prontera 162,267)
      • A wiki guide for the enchanting process will be made soon.


    • Updated the Siege Supply Pack drops:
      • Added Box of Gloom drop chance. (12029)
      • Added Box of Resentment drop chance. (12030)
      • Added Box of Drowsiness drop chance. (12031)
      • Increased Yggdrasill Seed amount and drop chance. (608)
      • Increased Yggdrasill Berry amount and drop chance. (607)
      • Increased Speed Potion amounts and drop chance. (12016)
      • Removed Old Card Album drop. (616)
      • Removed Mega White Potion Box drop. (12679)
      • Removed Mega Blue Potion Box drop. (29621)
      • Removed Gold Coin drop. (671)
    • WoE participation rewards will now scale based on the number of active people in your guild that attend WoE.
      • WoE 1: Players will get 10% of the rewards for each active member to a maximum of 100% with 10 people.
      • WoE 2: Players will get 15% of the rewards for each active member to a maximum of 100% with 7 people.
    • Speed Potions used are now being tracked in the WoE Stats page.
    • Fixed the item restrictions for BG items in Draft WoE.
    • Fixed the Siege Token per minute defended system from last patch.
    • Changed the FE Draft WoE Emperium to plant type.
    • Disabled Loki's Veil in Draft WoE.




    • Implemented the @navi command:
      • @navi <map_name>
      • @navi <map_name> <x> <y> (it allows other formats such as @navi prontera,155,188 or @navi prontera 155/188).
      • @navi2 This is the same as the others, but it opens up the Navigation window.
      • @navistop This command will stop your current navigation path.
    • Going to Monster Hunter will no longer force your save point to the Hunter's Guild.

    • Added a number of items to the Item Crusher.

    • @dualitydiscretion's characters from Porings, Pourings, & Poporings! are visiting and hanging out in the second floor of the Main Office.

    • ppp.png 

    • Added the following items to Ben Recycle:

      • Floral Mic of Aigu (1990)

      • Battle Fork (1485)

      • Carrot Whip (1974)

      • Bass Guitar (1919)

      • Muramasa (1164)

      • Release of Wish (1630)

      • Whip of Balance (1980)

      • Golden Dagger (13086)

      • Survivor's Rod [1] (1618)

      • Survivor's Rod [1] (1620)

      • Hypnotist's Staff [2] (1622)

    • The Healer now removes the following status effects:

      • Pyroclastic

      • Lex Aeterna

      • Slow Grace

      • Silvervine Root Twist

      • Steel Body

    • The statues in the Hall of Valor will now show the Garment sprites (if any).

    • Vending update:

      • We will be trying a new vending method for towns and we will eventually apply it to other towns

      • There will be designated cells (similar to what we currently have in some towns), but they will be better organized.

      • There will also be a limit on the amount of vendors these towns can have.

      • We plan on re-enabling vending in some of the towns that were disabled (such as Lutie and Yuno).

      • For these towns, you will be able to use @sj x y to get to the shop directly.

      • You will also be able to use @showvend to get the coordinates where you can vend (along with a Land Protector effect on the ground).

      • The following maps are now under these new rules:

        • Midgard Camp

        • Niflheim

        • Payon

    • Re-added (yet again) the crash-click fix for hiding NPCs.

    • Major upgrade in the emulator to increase its overall performance (better event label indexing).


    • Reduced ET and EC cooldowns from 4 days to 3 days and 22 hours.
    • Updated Sara's Memories so that you can no longer get stuck in the instance.
    • Updated Bios Island so that you can no longer get stuck in the instance.


    • Increased the number of BG Lux Anima Runes per Valor Badge from 1 to 10.
    • Emergency Call can no longer be used in Triple Inferno.




    Added the Mystic Egg II to the Cash Shop for 7,000 CP


    • Added Dried Squid ammo to the Ninja Supplier.
    • Malangdo Ninja ammunition is no longer bound.
    • Novice Fly Wings can now be sold to NPCs.
    • Fixed Sunflower Boy's after-cast delay to decrease instead of increase with refines.
    • Fixed an issue with Excellion enchants.
    • Vicious Mind 'Decrease SP Consumption' option can now go up to 10%.


    As usual! Tell us what you love about the patch, what you hate about it, and why you're not writing an RMS review this instant!

    Edited by Nova

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