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  1. solid and nice update! thanks Nova team!
  2. Starling777

    Valentine's Day Event

    thank you Nova team for always giving a fresh tweak to existing annual contents!
  3. I can't speak for everyone. From my personal experience, and this is from a veteran player since official RO launch in my country untill now in NovaRO, I'm starting to feel the game is slowly becoming less "accessible" and more tedious to keep up, and more often than not, it's not worth the time and energy I took from real life, which could be spent playing or doing something less intense(?), especially after work. The gameplay and interface seems to be moving backwards instead of moving forward with times, especially with today's modern busy, stressful, hectic lives, where most pe
  4. someone pls tell me why do we even need this. should we start worrying that there will be a boss mob that has HP >500M out there? lel now I m starting to wonder abt elemental masters
  5. no idea but god yes, please. it will really improve the visuals of the gameplay. current one looks so meh even with amazing description picture. doesn't feel like you are using a tier 3-4 weapon
  6. remind me how are they elemental Masters again? petition to change their names to elementary Teachers kthxbye thank you. this needs to be said and hopefully implemented at some point
  7. yes! why isn't this a thing already? it will also be helpful if those elemental ground skills be more user friendly. like what they did with performers' songs imo so... basically elemental acid demo? groundbreaking. no hype no idea how common this status debuffs will be in pvm/pve environment for it to be useful... sorry, can't even make it to the last sentence just to show how confusing this Pope class is. if it's this complicated to read, can't imagine how it will be to use it... i just can't
  8. When will you upgrade to new classes ?? Well already launched.

  9. at this point every class on steroids are pumped with more steroids. like what even is 6429k damage. come on man. is dat really what we need? no hype knowing kro, balancing is and will always be a myth
  10. Hmmmmm can't really say much until can see how it really is... dragon knight skills looks sharp and cool as always. typical MC arch mage is finally full screen AOE cannon. Long time coming. biolo acidified zones screams of sorc elemental zone spells... other skills feels like stronger version of gene skills. no hype wind hawk. emkay abyss chaser. more pvp stuff. yay *deadpan* looks like stronger version of SC skills meister. interesting... may be worth hyping but idk. skill names sounded badass inquisitor. the
  11. No. I just can't. Just No. Srsly wish they would get some design tips from mobile version. Google shura 4th job mobile version. dat thing is legitly lit
  12. This is all I need to know. I can finally rest in peace
  13. hey devs, love the chibi mode. will we be getting any updates on the chibi version of mecha alternate sprite anytime?
  14. finally gonna get some of those lovely summer costumes
  15. Thanks @AnnAnna for the glimpses of updates as usual! Wtf! This better not be Hunger System! Everyone will need to start eating to prevent stat debuff lmao! *flashback to mmorpg light novels* On top of OP gears, we shall have OP skill-specific buffs as well?? I am picturing even more specialized builds? Huge dilemma for us who are already indecisive on our breakfast cereals, now officially being forced to decide on our class and build types. It's like Gravity holding a gun to our head, "The time has come! It's either or! Go big or go home!" orz
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