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  1. Doesn't everyone has the same level and like 200 of every stat on PVP thanks to foods?
  2. Morgan Le Fay

    Patch Notes #178

    I'm positive that they'll see a huge increasement in activity and the great recievement of the community after unbounding shadow sets, and in consecuence costume stones will be the next on the list. The change in Onyx is nice for people who have characters who can share their costume stones, but doesn't solve the core issue: After 1 month of implementation there's still too many players that doesn't have a single set of stones for a single of their multiple characters (and not all of them can share their Onyx). Anyway, this is a great step in the right direction and should definively be praised and greeted.
  3. Morgan Le Fay

    Patch Notes #178

    This one is a great step in the right direction! With this all of that content will be alive again. Hope Endgame farmers start farming Class shadow sets, Reload set, Penetration sets, Allmighty acces and Liberation boots/shield, so players can finally buy them for all of their characters. Also helps off-meta builds like Tornado Axe and ROG to get their shadow gears. Thanks you for this QOL change.
  4. Guys, i don't think going offtopic will help to keep the topic clean for the Staff to backread it. Even more when Nova stated that they're already discussing the issue. That said, i just wanted to add 1 last thing: Just hope they don't just straightfoward unbound the stones and decrease the rates. That'd be as bad as it is now. Current rates are already insanely low, even compared to tradeable items like Cards. As demonstrated on this topic: In average you need to farm OVER 13000+ monsters to get a Full Class Costume stone set. When in average you need to farm: - Only 500 Monsters with Bubblegum to get any regular card. - Only 1500 monsters with Bubblegum to get a full set of cards from 17.2, and those sets give much stronger bonuses than any Class Costume Stone set. So hope they also consider increasing the rates aside from unbounding the stones, cause even if they were unbounded, rates are just too low.
  5. Actually, Mr. Nova told me this yesterday. So looking foward for their answer after the discussion. And hoping that something good comes from all of this.
  6. Is not "instead of having to play the game", it's respecting everyone's own way to play the game. While Geffenia is an option, is definitively not the only one. Is called freedom, and it's one of the things that make this game so nice, that you can enjoy the game in your own way and still progress. For those who actually like to farm Costume stones, so they can sell them to others and make it a source of zeny in the long term. For those who loves to farm specific instances that they find more enjoyable (like Edda, OGH, OGHH, Legacy, Challenge, FOGH, Hidden Garden, even new instances as NTF an NTT). For those blacksmith guys who love to refine stuff and make zeny by selling refined gear. For those who worked really hard over the years and now they have a deserved fortune that they want to use to stay relevant. For those who are over-geared for a specific content, so now they sell leech to help other players to finish it. For those who farm "IRL" cause they have family, job, studies, etc, but still want to stay relevant in this old 2002 game. For those who trust in weeklies as their main source of zeny, and live just from what BSB gives them. And yes, for those who want to stick to old reliable farming maps as Geffenia, Thanatos, Odin 4 or E3. There's a great variety of players and everyone enjoys the game in its own way. Forcing someone to do a specific activity they dislike is not healthy at all. I actually like this suggestion but probably you should make a suggestion topic for it, so it has visibility. Here it will probably get lost into the spam.
  7. Hello Zangoose, thanks for your feedback into the topic. Regarding this point, what are you talking about. There has't been any single personal attack towards Nova or any other member of the staff. While some comments may seem very passionate (even using Capital letters), everyone has been civil at expresing their points. Yes sir, we all know the story of the creation of the server. Regarding this: Is tiring to repeat the same stuff over and over to everyone who just joins the conversation, but you may require the context before judging the situation: Costume stones are just the straw that broke the camel's back. It's been around 2 years since the staff drastically changed their methods and started to make very polemic decitions. Every single one of them caused massive drama and discontent on players, slowly mining their patience and trust. Some examples that I recall now are: 1. PKS system. 2. Summer Festival in Weeklies. 3. Account bound shadow sets in MH2, which forced you to play it. 4. MH's very questionable nerfs. Including the global nerfs to jobs, when only a single specific build was the problematic. 5. All MVP cards being removed from MH (when there's gear that's arguably better than many of them). 6. Meme build shadow sets being locked behind Endgame instances (NTH, NTT and now Juperos instance) . 7. And lately, the super grindy and account bound implementation of costume stones. This resulted in very notorious drop in the population over those 2 years. Such as the discontent of players like Mr. Tuna, who strongly defended the server in the past, even doing videos to prove that the content is doable. Until now, when he got tired, and is being one of the biggests vocals of the current problems of the server. That said, Nova was an AWESOME SERVER before that point. Hence why we all loved it so much, and why we are still here, being vocals of the current issues of the server and praying for it to be as fun as it was before (suggesting changes that from our perspective will make things a lot better). The reasons behind those drastic and polemic decitions that NovaRO suffered in the last years are yet unknown for us players... In this we disagree. I'm actually trying the system with my free time after the Job, and i'm yet to complete a single class stone set, when i need at least 5, for my 5 main characters (not even counting all of the others that i actually use). Wanna know the worst part? I'm not enjoying it at all, it's like having another Job after the job. But hey, there's no other method to get them, so.... Cards are tradeable in RO for a reason, cause, if you don't wanna farm them, you can just use your favorite method to make zeny and simply buy them. This also benefit hardcore farmers and sellers, cause they get a new spot to farm Costume stones and make zeny in the long term. That's how Market works, one of the core mechanics of Ragnarok Online. But well, i'm repeating again what have been said dozens of times already in those topics. Regarding this, this is ironic, cause the main reason why many of those builds are in such a bad spot right now is because our lack of gear. All of such called "meme builds" are at least playable in KRO. So the gap between "meta" and "meme" is not as notorious as it is here in Nova. But suddenly the gear that makes them decent is implemented account locked behind endgame instances, which requires you to have an Endgame META job to be accepted in parties... No one can say that is not a very questionable decition from an objective point of view. In this we agree. Hope my explanation helps you to understand the "passion" of some players. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts, i also hope that all of this stay civil and end ups into something good.
  8. It's simple, there isn't good enough reason to keep them tradeable, especially those who mark the difference between a build being a "meme" or playable. And not just Costume stones, also shadow sets like the ones in MH, many of those are just "game enabling" for some build that are really bad without those pieces. Adoramus, for example, has a huge cooldown, which makes it a really "meme" build without the proper gear. If you wanna play Adoramus, you need the AB shadow set, which is locked behind MH, for which you need a job that's useful in MH (clearly not an undergeared Adoramus). You also need AB Costume stones to reduce it's cooldown further, for which you need an efficient Endgame farmer (let's say an IB RK or Genetic) if you don't wanna do it even slower than it already is... Same happens with "Axe Tornado" or "Ray of Genesis", two builds that are really meme without the proper gear. And for some unknown reason, the Shadow sets that makes them decent are locked behind the 3 hardest custom instances of the whole game... So you gotta build an endgame Meta character to get them. IDK you, @Crenas but the fact you gotta create other meta characters just so you can start playing your favorite character (which is not even a meta character) looks pretty bad for me. That said, I'd be okay with costume stones being untradeable if the rates were reasonable, which means AT LEAST 1% the lowest drop. As proven in my other topic, right now you need to kill OVER 13K MONSTERS in average to get a single set of Class costume stones, which is 9 times more than the 1500 MONSTERS WITH BBG IN AVERAGE that you need to get a set of 3 cards from 17.2. And those sets of cards give a lot stronger bonuses than costume stones... Considering players have a lot of characters that they use, current rates seems unsostainable for me.
  9. Quite the opposite. As it is now, people will get what they need and then skip the content forever. If they were unbounded, players who like to farm would farm them in long term, so they can sell them to other players who like to make zeny and buy the stuff. Just as it is with every relevant tradeable content. That's the balance of RO. See how old content as Old glast heim, Old Glast heim hard, Legacy, Fall or Glast heim, Edda, Legacy 17.1 and 17.2 still being farmed nowadays.
  10. Don't mix things. Of course Nova's way of obtaining them via farming is a lot better than KRO's P2W gacha (*1). But there's no rule that says that they must he untradeable if they're not from P2W gacha. Also, many people is getting "unwanted" stones via weeklies ("unwanted" cause they are all useful to craft another, so they're all desirable, especially since we all have to gear a lot of characters). Nothing changes the fact than making them untradeable is harmful for market (a core mechanic of Ragnarok) and for player variety. I don't think I need to repeat again the long list of demography of players that gets hurted by making them account bound. Nor the long list of issues it causes, nor the long list of benefits that brings unbounding them for long term relevancy and for Market. At the end of the day, whatever is the bad system in KRO, players can just skip it by buying them from other players. *1:
  11. You may require some context. Many people who's complaining here are veterans who strongly defended the server in the past. Mr. Tuna himself have made some videos to prove that the content is doable. The fact those persons are the ones complaining now gives you an idea of the current state of the server, and how much it have changed over the years. Also, KRO's official and tradeable costume stones say hi. One may expect that a "midrates" private would make them easier to get than server 1x1x1, not a lot harder. Anyway, we're all complaining because we're worried about the future of the server we love. If we wouldn't care we would have just left long ago, as many people did before...
  12. This poll definitively needs more reach. I wonder if this proportion would still the same if a lot more players answered: Would it be wrong if someone posted it in main?
  13. NO ONE here wants everything in day one, players just want a reasonable amount of grinding to get the gear. You can't say is reasonable to ask for 27 f*cking card drop rates for a SINGLE set for a SINGLE character (many people got even more cards than embers). And no, is not fine to need 2 months to gear up a single small character, because at the speed KRO updates, in 2 months all current gear will be obsolete as hell and we will be looking foward for future gear. Also as many people stated RO FARMING OF OLD DAYS IS DEAD. No one wants that nowadays, we all have jobs and other adult stuff now, we just want to enjoy the game of our childhood with the few free time we have, play the new content, fully gear our characters, and wait for the next update Nova had the winning formula a few years ago, hence why it was so popular: > New content arrives > People happily rush it > Market overflows > Sellers become billionaires and buyers get their shiny new gear, everyone happy!! > A few time later: "Hey i already rushed this content, so boring, there's nothing to do now". > New content arrives and the cicle starts again... But now is like: > New content arrives (requiring dumb amounts of grinding) > People overflows the forum with unlimited walls of text complaining > Many people leave the server > Some other stay and play the content (not enyoing it at all, but like a job) It's been like that during the past few years, you can see how before the population was increasing, but now is every month going down and down. Nova is everytime worse.
  14. Sorry for the double post.
  15. I don't know how to feel.... I waited for costume stones for so long, but after a few hours of farming I can say that the rates are absurdidly low... It's not like farming 2 or 3 cards, no... You need to a huge amount of items for just a single set of stones for a single small character... It's basically like farming 27 cards (but even much worse, because cards are affected by Bubblegum and if you want you can just buy them). I MEAN WHO THE HELL THOUGHT THOSE RATES WERE FINE? And the worst part is that none of them is tradeable.. . If it was just cards, I could just farm my favorite instance, sell the loots and buy the cards from other players... But nah! Let's make it worse than officials!! Honestly, if this is the path NovaRO will follow from now on, then i have strong feelings to don't touch it ever again...
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