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  1. Heya, If you have questions about the specifics of a rule, please contact a GM either through discord or by submitting a support ticket here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/forum/114-request-support/ Any personal disputes with another player is best communicated through PMs directly with the said player.
  2. Hello and welcome to NovaRO @Kestrel_JP! A great place to start would be our wiki which has a few overview guides including introduction to renewal changes and introduction to NovaRO's customs. If you have any specific questions, you should definitely consider joining our discord and ask either a staff member or your fellow players. We also have a great #support channel in game if that is more convenient for you. We have a specific map (@go market) for auto vendors, but some players also choose to vend in certain towns, so go ahead and explore with @go to find more players. Most of our custom features and NPCs can be found at the main office (@go 50). Lastly, most pvp and woe related NPCs can be found at @go woe. Looking forward to seeing you in game and we hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Hello! I encourage you to use the search function next time before making your suggestion! I will be sending this to rejected in the mean time.
  4. Looks like there's some confusion regarding the reward system: 1. You are only allowed to take weekly quests and receive weekly rewards on one account, but you are free to do MH2 on any accounts. You simply do not receive weekly rewards on accounts without quests. 2. MH2 gears come from doing MH2 content. They are not tied to the weekly quest system. So if you wish to receive MH2 gears on different accounts, you are more than welcomed to do MH2 content on any account and any character. 3. Weekly coins are used to exchange for items at the Master of Coin. They are not a part of MH2 gears. BSBs are tradeable so you may use them on any accounts. 4. In the event that you see a need to use weekly coins on a different account, you may use a different account to receive weekly quests next week. You are limited to one account per week, but you are not required to use the same account every week.
  5. The weekly quests are similar to collecting daily rewards in nature. They are not intended for you to "farm" on multiple accounts and are subject to the same set of rules as collecting dailies on multiple accounts.
  6. Moving this to rejected, as we do not provide official help for GRF editing.
  7. Hey! Please suggest this on the Headgear Suggestion thread instead. Closing this!
  8. Hello! This is not possible due to technical difficulties.
  9. Alternatively, you may use the status indicator in NovaExt. There is an entry for Buche de Noel.
  10. As Arias pointed out, this has previously been rejected.
  11. This has been implemented. You can now see MBK stats on WoE Stats page.
  12. Eclipse

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    Navi is actually correct! Did you perhaps get the 2 rosaries mixed up? Their stats have been changed since the initial teaser.
  13. Hello. Please keep it to 1 suggestion per topic, as explained in the suggestion guideline:
  14. Hello and thank you for your suggestions! However I'd like to ask you to first read the pinned message in this forum on how to submit suggestions. In particular: For your suggestion #1, there is already a similar suggestion in pending: Feel free to resubmit your other 2 suggestions as separate topics.
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