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  1. VID_20200119_004746620.mp4 VID_20200119_004746620.mp4 VID_20200119_004746620.mp4 VID_20200119_004746620.mp4
  2. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Refinement_System
  3. This is nothing. Every player have this on every character
  4. Spears do not have weapon size penalty anyway since you are riding peco or dragon. Next days we will have a uptade with a good spear for HS, type: @ii argen blanco, @ii seyren's memory. Remember since HS had rework some gears work better than before and some worse than before.
  5. The basics are: 1- Keep the Land Protector up; 2- Dispell Monsters before ranger hit and still using If the Monster stay alive. Skilled Sorc: 3- @showsp and give SP but If your party have Wandy you dont need to; 4- Strinking to Rangers or Cats. Gears: Need something to remove some fixed cast. Maybe Temporal DEX. You get 90% cast reduction with stats DEX+INT. Need many Blue and Yellow gemstones.
  6. Maybe a "Urgent Recall" skill to all roles. Could be useful when someone find the Great Monster or a rare foraging spot too
  7. For any "hunt/killing" quest you need to stay on the monster screen when he dies to count as hunt, but sometimes we cant do it on Savage Coast since we are sent to the camps when dead. Losing the entire run for dying a few seconds before the Great Monster die is frustrating. The suggestion is change the quest requirement from "kill" to something that count for all party players on map when is done.
  8. Im selling my +9 Fallen Angel Wings (Expert Archer 4/3/2) to buy Ghostring Card. If you want, we can trade the items and i pay zeny further.
  9. Add throwing weapon gear slot to allow changes between two types of arrows/bullet/kunai when using Swap Gear
  10. Sorry, i meant "pretty simple to describe". I like to spend some time adding images, links, color and other things to my posts but this time the suggestion could be described using only the title. We know you all from staff work hard to constantly improve the server, but english is not my mother language, sometimes it go wrong.
  11. Pretty simple suggestion. Something like @playershop "player" to list the current items from the player shop quickly insted of open the web bowser to check the selling history or try @whosell for every item on your @at shop.
  12. I searched the forum and wiki for answers about why i can't enchant my Illusion Hunter Bow [1], then i saw "...It is currently not possible to enchant Weapon Level 4 items. You can only enchant Illusion items...", and then i searched for all the weapons we have now from the illusion craft system. The results: Weapon Level 4 count : 24 Weapon not Level 4 count: 1 Does not make sense a system to enchant only one weapon, even more when having physical, magical, ranged and support enchantments for this weapon. My suggestion is expand the system to work with all the illusion weapons or create new enchants for these illusion level 4 weapons. Weapons ID and link to NovaRO item Overview-> Moonlight, Frozen, Vampire, Abyss, Teddy, Luanda, Labyrinth Level 4: 16063 26007 26109 28825 13337 1846 28022 2039 18149 32692 13469 1326 30140 13338 16065 28745 28244 2051 38626 18174 28254 21050 42301 28762 Level 3: 28023
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