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  1. You dont need to get every information from novaro wiki guides: ask on #support, try to read what the npc says, search for updated gear on forum patch news, search for specifc items on divine pride, etc. Weekly content are made for end game pleople. If you are new to the server dont worry about it. Trying. If you can't you will know.
  2. Runic Knight Wind Cutter. Cheap gear suggestion: Black Ribbon [EVT] New Wave Sunglasses Thanatos Greatsword Peuz's Plate, Manteau, Greaves, Seal Sarah's Right Earring (Delay After Skill) Runic Knights can use Runestones to have buff. Runestones suggestion: Lux Anima Urj Turisus Hagalas Asir You can check the novarowiki for player guides. https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Leinarth's_Rune_Knight_Class_Guide
  3. Playing Hundread Spears you need something to reduce cooldown. You can use +9 Argen Blanco to reduce 1.5 seconds instead of Pole Axe.
  4. They said they will implement. New client is in beta test.
  5. I dont know about tanks but for solo players Restless Dead Card is the best option to protect weapon+armor.
  6. Not a bug but you will need something to give -X luk. With lvl 200 get 100 Luk is a better deal
  7. I suggest you to build Devo. Devotion= Max HP you can reach + cast reduction; You devo and follow; Resists do not work since you will not take damage from monsters; Party may need Devo to: Bio5, Instances, Towers. Tank= Resists + HP; People follow you; Party may need RG Tank to: none, Sura is a way better to pve. Mins, Sorc, Mechanic are better to MH2. The thing is Ragnarok now days do not need tanks because DPS Jobs are overpower 130 Vit 100 luk to resistance against curse
  8. Choose between Devo or Tank, those builds do not share same equipment. Devo = HP + Cast reduction Tank = Racial Resists + HP Gold Dragon Plate with HP enchants is the best option for Devo. Royal Guard Ring/Rigid King Schmidt Insignia.
  9. Você colocou o seu post na tag. Dex*2+Int=530 para cast variável, mas algumas skills tem cast fixo daí precisa usar algum item pra remover 0,5s segundos como botas temporal de Dex
  10. No. Check if you are using @autoloot "ID", there is two of this old blue box, @ii old blue box will help. No, be moderate, people will pm you anyway.
  11. If you are using the New beta client, try the old one. Check troubleshooting Wiki page too
  12. Try to use @battlestats command and check the "+XX% Class All Bonus (% ATK)" near to the end.
  13. Try to balance, same for Ranged/Crit and ATK/Crit. 2 Power 1 Shooter (+50 ATK from power). Soon we will have new armors with enchant to raise cannon spear and vanishing point damage https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/4176-kro-episode-172-enchant-info-automatic-equipment-and-sin-weapons/. I dont know about cannon spear but vanishing point do not need skill delay, only aspd based.
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