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  1. Relax about bad english bro xD And I will endeavor to make a good guide for those just starting out and also for veterans who want to know more about the endgame o/
  2. Finally a answer with a solution and explanation, I am very grateful for that. I'm going to take a look at these links and see what can really help me, but what would you recommend @TunaDeck? Do the guides on the Wiki or do here on the forum?
  3. I can create a new content on wiki, but ia totally different from forum, as if I needed to know some kind of web page edition. if i'm already having trouble creating mine, who knows
  4. i know we have a wiki (when i spoke website i meant it), but in most parts they are outdated or incomplete. Everytime i see several players lost and looking for information, but only find guides from years ago, with nothing about new contents
  5. Hello guys, I have noticed that many of the job guides are outdated, with no maintenance or addition of new itens to be able to guide the players and follow the evolution of the server. Then I came up with the idea of producing this type of content, class guides with new equipment and as more episodes are released, I would update them. My only problem is that i have no idea how to create such a guide page and fix it correctly, i can do it here on the forum without problems, but on the website it becomes more difficult for me. What I wanted to know is: Is there a tool to help me wit
  6. Jojo

    Halloween Patch Notes #145

    I really dont know how to make the daily of Selim who ask for cooking. I get all the materials and i cant "cooking", im totally lost on this quest.
  7. I think that i spend much hours on novaRO (follow my signature) ;-;
  8. Hello guys, I saw some guides on various classes on the novaRO website and I was wondering how can I do this? There are some outdate tabs and I wanted to make some updated guides for the classes I know how to play, how can I do that? Just to make it clear, I know I can make a guide on the forum, but I was wondering how to make a guide on the website.
  9. I hope I can become one
  10. I have no idea how my post came to get here, it must have been sleep, sorry
  11. Jojo

    Giveaway: Eggring Pin

    because I like to eternalize on my wall the monster that represents what I eat all over my breakfast IGN: Georgius
  12. Jojo


    I've waited so long for that day
  13. Take a look at this here https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Palette_Colors
  14. In the bRO you have limit of the quantity that can buy, different from here that is without limits, then I think it compensates the increase of the price. Anyway, here follows the kRO, the bRO has much exclusive and edited:
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