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  1. Hello! Is there a change in PvP ? Because I do not understand if the ranking was restarted and when it did. I can not understand the scores now. And if there are other changes please tell us. I saw the Unranked PvP arena now. Thank u!
  2. As I said, this is not new. Ofc a title or a costume it does not make you better, it never will. Honor is not rewarded for any prize you can shows up, it never will. Not here, not at any place. Facts an acts..yes! With a naked eye I don't think is a bad idea, but I don't know if it's difficult to implement.
  3. Yes please! If u r wl or sorcerer u r so fragile without that and die many times at the respawn just casting it.
  4. And what u did about that? You joined to the bigger gang. Anyway the gangs in pvp r not a new behavior. Before the system there were gangs, after the system the same gangs. Not always, but sometimes. Is something is not going to change.
  5. There is a ask: if we want to make PvP works with Bg settings (thats the point of these changes, isnt it?), should we have freedom also in pvp then?.
  6. I support the suggestion, seems to me logical and fair.
  7. Sounds good, and i also like very much the idea of an Arena 1 vs 1. Where u need to wait someone die to enter and fight.
  8. I am satisfied with this, let's adapt and have fun! and find in this new ways of playing. Thank u!
  9. hahahah XD ok, that was just an example. Maybe not a good one. I got ur point... "PvP Physco Killer" ?
  10. oki, glad to know! TBH personally i have no problem with the reductions, but a lot of pple complaining, thats all.
  11. Hello, the day that the system was active and the following days I have been asking questions to people who play pvp, I do not think I have spoken with everyone obviously, but with several and based on what I take from their experiences and based on what I think I would like to suggest 3 changes that would improve the experience for all of us who play PVP and for those who want to join. I make this suggestion because as Nova said there is room to improve the system and if we want it to be an improvement I think these 3 changes are the way. 1- Disable bg reductions in pvp. I think the reason for this is because in pvp often duels are 1 vs 1, you do not have a team, with a roster or support and all that there is a bit in bg and much more in woe. Therefore, the damage that a character can achieve is important. Also in pvp more builds are used than the ones you use in bg or woe; since, for example, you have the flee to counter several attacks and allows you to make more combinations and allows more flexibility in attacks. 2- Improve the costumes. In general I think I could say that nobody liked them, the idea in each award is that it is attractive and in Ragnarok you have many options for it. 3- Improve the titles. I think several titles were suggested in the post of the initial suggestion, they all went another way ... one more attractive. I think that if it is about improving things we would be much happier with a titile as "Psycho Killer" than those that exist at the moment. Thank u for everything, i really appreciate it.
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