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  1. AcidGirl

    Vulcanic Ashes

    maybe i expressed bad my self, based on my experience it shouldnt, but ill search for more official info to contribute. Anyway I was asking, the same way I reported the Chaos Panic, and it wasnt working correctly. Here is the Info and description: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Volcanic_Ash (read the last line and also says "targets")
  2. AcidGirl

    Vulcanic Ashes

    Hi, I just want to ask if the skill Vulcanic Ashes from Dieter Humun (genetic) is working correctly because when you use it its affects to your self and I think the genetic shouldnt beeing affected by the skill of his own homun in this case. Thank You!
  3. AcidGirl

    speed pot

    Or ginger bread
  4. Same happened to me, i can't play that game without being scare of a crash. But i tried with effects off and still crashing, and not always in the middle. But yes the cras is when u click fast over a present.
  5. AcidGirl

    Christmas Patch Notes

    oh great! Thank u! i tried even without effects but still crashing.
  6. AcidGirl

    Christmas Patch Notes

    i have problem with the Present Panic, its crash me almost all the times. Do anyone have the same problem?
  7. AcidGirl

    Christmas Patch Notes

    ic thank u!
  8. AcidGirl

    Christmas Patch Notes

    What are the socks for?
  9. AcidGirl

    Christmas Patch Notes

  10. AcidGirl

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Where is the explanation of the quest? this is my first Xmas here i don't know what to do. Edit: nvm, found it! XD
  11. AcidGirl

    Patch Notes

    oh thank u, i didnt read it in the patch note.
  12. AcidGirl

    Patch Notes

    Hi! Thanks for the update! But i need to ask if the mechanic bio5 hat isnt fixed yet? Thank u!
  13. AcidGirl

    NovaExt - Troubleshooting / Problems

    ic, great u were able to solved it! enjoy it!
  14. AcidGirl

    NovaExt - Troubleshooting / Problems

    did u install C++ Redistributable 2015?
  15. AcidGirl

    RNG Equalization on bio5 final enchant

    Well I also have to say i gived up Bio5 for a while, got one hat +8 but triying to enchant I went broke. I got two specials enchants but none of what i need, so after spend all my zeny in that i just gived up... maybe ill try again sometime in the future, but now i dont really want to try again this RNG. I accept the fact its not supposed to be easy get the enchant or the headgear.., but i just took a step aside because RNG really dismotived me. So..if I have to work hard for those enchants I will do it! ... I will play hours, I will improve my equipment and my way of playing, I will make an effort ... but at the end of all that do not make all that effort that I made go to the trash just because the goddess of fortune does not like me. Thats all.