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  1. @Conga My Suggestion: Dont play warlock in pvp, for bg and woe its ok. And i Agree with @Arwen Leticia. I used to play Warlock in pvp/bg and Woe. It was almost the reason I play Ro. Now i dont play warlock in pvp anymore because the nerf or "change" (if u preffer) that was made for BG and WoE was applying in PVP, what is a totally different environment and that was a really huge mistake. But nobody do care about that and/or understand, not the commissioners, neither the staff. So literally u can't defend ur self playing warlock in pvp anymore unless u have a amazing gears with an amazing damage and when I say that im talking about MVPs. I agree. The class balance is not good and is coming worst every day. And about those people who just discourage you or insult you, just dont listen them and dont give up because of them. Find better pple who teach u, pple who help u. Believe me, not everyone is an asshole, there are nice pple even in PVP environment. Ragnarok Online is a MMORPG, thats means is about to grind, farming items to make zeny and doing that a lot of time u will be getting stronger. So if u r new obviously u wont be able to fight an old player, or it will be hard. If u need any help send me a PM.
  2. https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/forum/20-player-reports/
  3. After i made the meals, what do i need to do? who r the deadly Sins?
  4. AcidGirl

    Halloween Patch Notes

    The Siege commissioners are only pple who play WOE, how can a person that not play woe be listened by them? Isnt for that the forum that is open to the whole community and not just to a group?, cause not all pple who play pvp/bg is in draft woe dc or is in contact with the Commisioners.
  5. I think that warlock does need a boost in PVM, although it can become an excellent DPS with the proper support using CL, it is not suitable for soloing many things because that masterful damage only achieves it with a mins to the side and in MH the sp is not the problem that would be in a normal pvm map in addition to the buffs that decreases the dealy. However, to soloing it is not in the same conditions due to the dynamics of reading / realase, loading tetra, charge balls, cd, etc ... which makes it much slower than any other dps although in itself it has more potential damage, because the spam that others jobs can reach for a wl alone is impossible under normal conditions,, or even with some support but on a normal map it is not as possible. It is slower than many of the physical damage DPS. Yes u can use insignia and bragi + some acd gears and sp boosted and he will become a Psycho Killer, but lets think about normal conditions. Now in PVP, it would be necessary to see ... although it is true it will have more damage and may spam more and may infer states that will make the enemies weaker, he will also lose the strip and the froze of the jack, two skills in which the today's wl are based to kill, because the damage of a wl is quite easy to reduce with the appropriate reduction. I mean, he will be forced to do a lot more damage if he wants to kill someone because he can no longer strip the enemy, for example. But before drawing hasty conclusions I prefer to see how it really works in pvp and see what the new potential is. Regarding the suras, yes it is true that they needed something that would make them more viable in pvm, more than just the typical tank or the autocast build. But in pvp the truth is I do not see that they need any boost, why they need more damage if they can do what they want, kill whoever they want and runaway so quickly?
  6. Well in that case when a party cannot be coordinated so that everyone sees the mvp die because nobody really cares about each other, but only for themselves. The only solution that I see is to force them to do so, that is, if the 5 members of the party dont see the MVp die, doesent count to anyone. Please dont kill me!
  7. What we do with my party is that if someone dies and we have already hurt the MVP so that is close to death, we stop and wait our friend to comes back. If someone is taken by the clone or if for some reason is out of range we do not kill the MVP until we make sure everyone is watching it. At least with the people I play it doesn't seem difficult to do. To me this is a part of the coordination and performance a party must have.
  8. HI! Why u dont use Hunter Chest? u dont need to carry them all time.
  9. The reason I posted and put my char here is not because it is cheap, but because I liked the idea of someone offering his art hoping for the best of the people when it comes to setting a price. "Pay me according to what you think I deserve for what I did," is an idea that currently does not look much anywhere. And also i never see the Art as a marketing product. That's why my way of supporting that idea, that I find it great, is to pass my char and see what comes out of it.
  10. Ah, in that case. Yes, GC solve the problem.
  11. Can u convert GC for 500NP? I tought u only can do it for 1000NP and above. If u can, then u r right.
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