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  1. Hi! It could be possible that when we transform a hat into a Costume with Miles the Milliner that occupies 2 spaces when becoming a costume we could choose between any of those slots and that the costume version would only occupy 1 space? (for example Wings Of Victory) If is possible: The costumes that are in this case that were already made could be changed slot with Miles between to any of the two original slots it occupied? Thank you!
  2. I think the bsb fits with almost everything in the game, that's why is so demanded. But i dont see people from pvm asking to get them for killing a boss or finish an instance, and that is what they do the most of the time as people who play woe play it every week. Also something similar was suggested before and this was the answer, i dont know if the staf will change his mind about that, but for me seems problematic when all pvmrs starts to go to woe to get this extra bsb. And if they dont .... seems not fair. And just to clarify.... I never said that people are being forced to do something, I just said that this may ends with people playing woe just to get that extra bsb generating a similar situation that happened in bg and caused a lot of complains, and yes may happen. If you read me well my points are very clear and I don't think I need to explain it more, do I?
  3. I think the arguments are quite clear. Why people who play woe should have the right to get 7 bsb per week? and... what problems would that bring? when people from pvm also want to have access to those 7 bsb? I agree the Woe Track is not very motivating and woe rewards are insufficient, but why not suggest better rewards that belong to that area of the game?, like the treasures of the castles for example.
  4. First of all excuse everyone who will not like my comment, but I am against this suggestion, because I do not think that something as useful as a bsb should be more accessible to the small portion of people who play woe, considering how well equipped you must be to do it, the few slots in the current guilds always only open to very well equipped players and remembering a little the amount of claims that caused the participation of people from pvm in bg because of the Weekly Quest. There is a way to get the bsbs open for everyone, that's enough.
  5. Wow, u did a lot of work just to help others. Thank u! Hope this could help the pple who doesnt know too much about refine to choose wisely the method.
  6. Yeah i just noted it, sorry im sleepy. Then i take all what i said back.
  7. I like how its now, u have the exactly time tu run away from the mob and mining without problems. Even when we move slow we have time to react to the skills from the Bosses. I dont see why change that, i can see that can improve the farm or make easier avoid skills from Nyia and Garanth, but i dont think we need it. Maybe i just dont want to feel it like any other map in the game, with genes runing like crazy and suras snaping everywhere. I think is fine how it is now, just my oppinion.
  8. The problem is that if you are worried about the high chance of breaking gears, because of the fatal end of running out of equipment, you should also nerf other skills that end in the same result, such as strip or weakness. And I think that despite of the annoying of all those skills (and others) this is how you play in renewall. If it is a bad idea, blame Gravity, because the game seems to be designed to be played like that. And the problem really is when u play bg u can have a very bad roster in ur team, or maybe not all pple who play gene knows how important is to mantain with fcp all members in his team. I agree this could be a problem, but is how bg is designed.
  9. When u complete all the quest from gathering and u have Lv III (Master) u can get a lot of points just mining, enought to do some shadow gears and refine them if u also do the Bosses hunt. Even so as Ara said those ores are tradeable, so i dont see any reason to make it easier.
  10. Hi! The first time I read that 10 bg were within the Mh2 weekly quest the truth is that I loved the idea, taking more people to the pvp escene seems like a good idea, some do not even know how bg works, many have not stepped on and maybe some of them by this could discover it and maybe like it and find something else to do in the game while you manage to keep the bg permanently active .... I thought so. I never thought that it would cause so many problems and so much discomfort, although I think I understand the idea of the Staf behind that requirement and I support it, seeing the reactions of the usual bg players makes me think that maybe this method is not the best way ... maybe the problems it causes are greater than the possible benefits. On the other hand, perhaps it is the best way and the discomfort of some people is a cost that must be paid for a greater good in the long term, taking into account that sometimes the best for the server is not necessarily the best for us individually. On the one hand 0 tolerance (from the usual BG players) and on the other 0 effort (from the Pvm players that are in need of playing BG). Obviously here is a problem. With the Weekly I, for example, have to play PVM, make instances, kill gummybears, etc ... but for that I need to make an effort, I need to finish the instance, I need to kill those mobs to finish my quest although I personally don't like pvm I have to do it well, I can't be a deadweight, because no party would accept me if I start to be AFK in an instance. But in the case of Bg I do not need any effort, it is enough that I am doing nothing, and I will be able to finish my quest anyway, that added to the fact of the ignorance of Bg's mechanics in many players, to the imbalance in the choice of teams and selflessness obviously make the problem bigger. Therefore I think that the bg should be win to count in the quest, but not 10, but only 5 wins, not to make this more painful and annoying, but to ensure that a minimum effort is made. If not, it makes no sense I think. I don't like the idea of Woe (draft or normal) entering in the weeklys, because I think it would generate more problems of the same type. It would probably increase griefing without mentioning the difficulty that many would have to be accepted in the roster of any of the current guilds. I also think Nova said that complicating the weekly system more was not the idea.
  11. Hi! Idk if its a a bug or intended, so ill post it as a suggestion. Could be possible we can store the Weekly Coins in the Currency Wallet? Thank u!
  12. I'll tell the pple i know in that problem to send a ticket. Thank u!
  13. But they doesnt need more days, they already have the 6 quest. just they didnt get the 3 bsb for make the 6 quest.
  14. Hi! Yesterday when the time for the mh2 weekly was over a lot of people were trying to finish them desperately, many of them made it and received the prize for the sixth quest, however as time was running out when they finished the sixth quest they did not receive the 3 bsb to do the 6, and I kept telling them 5/6 even though they had received the prize for the sixth. I think that since there was not a week to finish a task that was for a week, but if they managed to do all the quests, those people deserve the 3 bsb. Thank u!
  15. I think the problem is this time we didnt have a week, quest started on Thursday and ended on Tuesday, that is not a "week" to finish them, and thats why a lot pf pple felt so stressed with them or couldnt make it.
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