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  1. I like the suggestion, hope it could have an oportunity in the schedule.
  2. AcidGirl

    Happy Halloween Art Contest

    ING: V i o l e I was inspired by the idea of an innocent monster, but a monster after all ... from the bottom of his accursed heart, wishes everyone a Happy Halloween and enjoy many dark adventures playing Nova RO. Techniques: Watercolor, Acrylic and digital collage.
  3. AcidGirl

    Patch Notes

    I see u speak spanish, use google translate to understand. Maybe u must set ur client to run as administrator. (Right click on the client, properties, and "run as administrator") Try that and lets see how is going. U can PM me in spanish if u want. ( I Think this is allowed)
  4. AcidGirl

    Sentimental Fragment Drop

    I totally agree with this, to give an example, I'll talk about myself ... I already have my hat +8, I made it farming souls and buying costumes and fragments, because it turned out to be the most convenient farm the zeny anywhere and buy the items than spend a week or more doing only bio. I already spent like 1b apart trying to enchant it, also buying the items, because (I repeat) it is more convenient farm and I buy than play in bio5. It does not help me to go to Bio5 right now, because what I need is sentimental and cursed, and even if I play in Bio5 for 1 month day and night I will not get enough elements to make another attempt to charm, it is better to get The zeny and buy, but the sentimental ones are very expensive and the enchant fails a lot, which means that you spend tons of zeny and still do not succeed. The problem that I see is that I do not need to go to Bio5 with the current system, because I already got my souls and the rest of items i need i better buy it on the market.
  5. AcidGirl

    Sentimental Fragment Drop

    I also think the drop rate of sentimental fragments is too low, its really expensive at the moment reset the enchant, because u need to buy the sentimentals and the enchant it fails a lot.
  6. AcidGirl

    Increase woe1 members limit

    Hi, I'm Unde Omni's Gm and I will not support the suggestion to increase the number of people in WOE 1. We believe that the number of players is good, and we also know that the end of the year festivities tend to decrease the number of assists, so we believe that it is a bad date for such a change. We still do not play WOE for several reasons (we moved recently and we are not ready for the fight yet), but as mentioned the name of my guild I come to leave an opinion about it officially. Have a nice day!
  7. AcidGirl

    Make tradeable the Gold Costumes from Summer Festival.

    :c ok, thanks!
  8. AcidGirl

    Make tradeable the Gold Costumes from Summer Festival.

    What about the bubbles and the costumes obteined by summer tickets? Could those by tradeables? Just asking e.e
  9. AcidGirl

    Loki's Elixir gone

    I know its weird, thank you!
  10. I know that, but is already complicate to organize and coordinate all pple sometimes, it coulb be better and helpful just deactivate broadcast inside the intance. I really think that simple thing could help pple to have sucsses. Deactivating all the transmissions individually and then having to activate them for the rest of the day does not seem easier than simply deactivating them for everyone inside of TTK. Dont you think? Because the most of the pple just find a random party, so they are not friends who share the same discord and probably some of them even doesnt speak the same lenguage or understand very well the english what is most difficult by voice than write. ( i did explain that point before)
  11. I dont have a group, i just lfp every day. Like the most of the pple.
  12. But every member have to do that and sometimes is a mess, pple dont even read the party chat. We dont need those msges inside of TTk (PVP,BG,DAY MODE ACTIVATED,ETC). Why dont just disable those msges for all pple?
  13. Hello, within the TTK instance the map calls you by your name and you must dodge the wave. We know that this is very important to finish that instance, but sometimes the broadcast messages of PVP, BG, etc. do not allow Hector's message to appear on the screen. And that sometimes makes some players fail to dodge. Could it be possible to deactivate all broadcast messages that do not come from Hector within TTK? I think that could help us. Thank you!
  14. AcidGirl

    Loki's Elixir gone

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the correct category to post this, I did not find anything appropriate. I had a Loki's Elixir and it's gone. I was farming the realms a little before you made the change regarding the increase of coins, when my elixir just disappeared. I thought it would not be consumed. ¿is that a bug or i misundertood? The char is V e l v e t (i bought a new one) Thanks!
  15. AcidGirl

    Trick... or Treat!

    Well... I understand. At least I did try XD I like the challenge... the problem is this challenge is not including everyone. (Only for the record, that does not mean that I'm not including, I have what it takes to do TTK, in my guild I am the only one that plays this instance, all abandoned for the reasons mentioned above)