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  1. Welcome! If u want to know something just ask on forum or dc. Hope u get fun! Good luck!
  2. I believe that only the asura is not the problem, but the combination of snap + cc + asura. That prevents some of the most common blocks, such as safety wall or hide, because of course you have to move and with that combination it will be impossible to use them. So if you have no cicada or autoguard you will inevitably die even with full redu. So maybe is not the asura damage just the problem but the combination of this with snap and cc.
  3. AcidGirl

    Patch Notes

    Ok ty.
  4. AcidGirl

    Patch Notes

    Where is the quest for the Ashura Fairy hat? Found it!
  5. Also ... new mado.
  6. Yeah I see that, but lets improve it!
  7. Maybe Sightrasher could work better, but I dont know the bg- woe behavior of that skill. Could be good for this traps I think. Anyway I dont see the problem in let some dead cells in all spawn points. Just to prevent cross a warp or spawn and get trapped by anything. (Just an idea).
  8. Hello! I just bought a Doram Costume and it is not working well. For example, It changed the hair color of the characater and had to go to the stylist again. I have a costume put of those animated and I do not see it, even if i take the Doram Costume off. (yes, I did relog). The skill tree also is bugged and it is necessary to relog to activate it. I know this is not a priority ofc, but if you can and there is little time left, it would be fantastic. Thank you! I was not sure of the section where I should post this, if I made a mistake, apologies! change color hair to that one Also a bug in the character selector (personally this does not bother me), but it does not seem to work properly. XD
  9. What if prevents traps, vacuum and any kind of skill that caught, in all the spawn point in woe and bg. (a few dead cells) Would that improve the game? (im not talking about KVM because there it wont works trapping u in the spawn point)
  10. ahahahaha true. I think that amount of traps is not really often, is it? He was a meticulous ranger. I agree with this: "Exactly so why take away their niche use? It's like saying nerf diamond dust because you can't rely on having an AB/sorcerer in your team. Nerf strip because you can't rely on getting a genetic for FCP in your team etc. With that logic so many skills would have to be customized because you can't rely on having specific classes in your bg group to counter them. Rangers are barely used in bg anyway so if they can manage to actually have some use by trapping, why not."
  11. Well, maybe those wl could go through using Gamba, the cast is annoying, but in that case, without any kind of attack, it could be used as an emergency. Better than wait for the tarps to deactivate.
  12. Forget gamba, has an awful cast. Not worth.
  13. I think the discussion is not about what is official and what is not, it is about the balance, something very important in the competitive game (WoE, BG,pvp). I think that is not balanced and I do not think that will change with the update to 185/65 but it will probably get worse.
  14. But those delay r not active now, isnt it? or am I wrong?
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