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  1. There's so many things wrong with this suggestion Mvp Card effect Exclusive ab gear MvP card effect Why invite AB for stuffs if you have all this scrolls
  2. because isn't a negative status?
  3. isn't this a 185 change? that's come with the skill tree adjustment
  4. Ferlock gives more mov spd than airship
  5. They probably have a cash item that removes ACD / CD that we will probably not have RO:zero its another game
  6. Or break the entire game.... Everyone will love lose a +15 item when a new cards appear in new contents
  7. High dps: Ranger/Gene For solo duo instances: Gx easiest way to farm instances > Support classes
  8. Sacae

    Why can't i get IC?

    Im maybe wrong but Suffragium dont stack with anything
  9. Use the Alt M and change the keys in the options
  10. A weak buff don't overwrite a better one That's why you have to wait until the effect goes off
  11. You have to w8 until the effects ends to use another
  12. what about change the healer npc script to buff too?is that possible?
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