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  1. How about just remove the bg quest? everyone will be happy. Pvpers will keep doing bg and you dont force pvmers into pvp
  2. Only Renovation (AB SKill) and Death guidance (Weapon) can heal you in berserk
  3. Maybe Is supose to be like dailies 1 per person
  4. Why wedont use the same thing that ogh have?(You can only get rewards with 2~3alts) if you have more than 2 ~ 3 alts kihop dont work anymore
  5. Some mvp have telerpot or you can just force tp to steal a mvp
  6. Sacae

    Warlock pvm weapon

    The problem with Crimson is No ACD and low matk. Those staffs from abyss gh is kinda okay and will be way better with enchants
  7. Sacae


    Its the best class to farm bio3 and its kinda cheap
  8. Your char is male or female? you can farm 2x mavka cards and put in a alchemy gloove
  9. Can we have the option to save at least 5 maps as Favorites in the warper npc
  10. Sacae

    Illusion of Luanda Patch Notes

    This is Normal behavior or custom?I Didn't see any post about this
  11. Sacae


    You can sell Itens from nova shop or buy a box with 10 ores and sell one by one
  12. You can add an icon with a grf edit
  13. You can do this with a custom grf
  14. Fafnir > New wave / rosary in mouth WWS > Sniping suit Change 1 wk for a ak Pom> Per 3% atk/ luk glove
  15. Its not in the current Meta maybe with the mh2 something change but now we dont have gear to be relevant as dps
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