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  1. Lothario

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    oh never mind just had to Relog :p
  2. Lothario

    Edda: Fall of Glast Heim

    the option to remove the pet costume using the reversal Voucher is not working
  3. For WOE 2 its true that geared players are just banding together. there are less people playing WOE 2 to begin with. so its basically just 1 guild against 4-5 random players (4-5 players who had nothing else to do). thats why i'd like to suggest to limit the number of guild members to like 10-15 each guild and just pick a smaller castle to raid.. since in BG conquest mode, theres also like that much number of players on each team. limiting it to just 10-15 would disband them and create multiple guilds that would fight each other.
  4. Lothario V My Pull out game is strong
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