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  1. Kemono

    Movement Skills in BG/WoE

    Id prefer BG to stay in line with Woe balancing since the teams are usually 15vs15+ during Happy Hour. Just my opinion.
  2. Kemono

    Patch Notes

    "When targeted with a ranged or magic attack (single target), there is a chance that you will immediately jump to the attacker." It's worked this way on every server I've played (including this one until recent) so how is it a bug fix?
  3. Kemono

    Patch Notes

    Is this nerf to lightning walk part of the official server or a custom thing?
  4. Kemono

    B> +15 Crimson Knuckles (Prefer Fire/Holy)

  5. As the title states IGN: Mugen Kemono
  6. As the title states, message Mugen Kemono in game or leave best offer and IGN here.