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  1. I have read genetic guide of AloeLeaflet, with Green Operation suit, i think it is a good option to farm alcohol but really can't find specific drop rate of alcohol for this armor nor the drop rate increase by refine rate, can you guys explain me about this? And another question is if i also have red lantern, will i take alcohol faster? Thank you <3
  2. Some says that lucky day temporal boots have very low drop rate, is it true?
  3. Is it still happen if i use skill like round trip?
  4. Hi, i just want to know the average money you can farm on these 2 places to make sure im not to slow, in juperos i can find up to 5,5m/1h anh geffenia is about 8-10m/1h but i feel much more happy when farming in juperos cuz dont have to encounter anyone to much :v
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