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  1. Rayle1gh

    Halloween Patch Notes

    Ty for the answer, i was bussy in real life stuff and totally forgot this post XD. Ill try to request the info from GMs so you can make the wiki
  2. Rayle1gh

    Halloween Patch Notes

    ¿There is a place where is reunited all the changes/nerfs to skills in pvp/bg? i want to start doing weeklys with bg wins and i searched the forum but did not find anything and is a pain in the ass read all the patches since the beginnings of time. If there is not such place i suggest to add that info in the bg and woe mechanics wiki pleaaase.
  3. Rayle1gh

    B>Linen Gloves

    Hi, ¿any castle owner guild who sell me 2 linen gloves? these gloves are dropped from beholder masters, so i cant farm it.
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