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  1. @Luxuri You asked for solutions. First: put complete shadow sets for expanded classes to close the gap a little (Kagerou could compete as dps with cross slash, Reaper would have buffed espa, dorams a stronger picky peck, etc) You want a diversified pool of DPS but you dont put us on equall conditions with official content, i would love a reasoned explanation of why expandeds and dorams are capped. Second: Buff your monsters, stop nerfing the players. As Kruro said, you are killing creativity with your "balances", people always will look for cheese strats, you cant nerf us all the time, and new and more broken gear will be coming with future patches, are you going to delay content to protect your custom playground? I suggested in another thread a tier system for bosses, an example: if the boss has descendend to X% of their life before Y amount of time, then that boss will do new mechanics to give the players a more challenging fight. That way average geared people have a reasonably hard fight and the outliers, that people who put a lot of effort in strats, team compositions and gear, will be challenged too, but also will probably have a shorter run if they do good (but with more probabilitys of being wiped if they do wrong). You dont have to even invent new skills, you can make use of the skills the game have as Fu proposed. If a DPS is doing mad damage then the boss pops stone skin or earthquake for example, but if the dps is average, the fight will be not that mad in consonance. This way you just have to adjust your rage tier system everytime new content is bringed (less frecuent and with no impact in player's economy) instead of nerfing players everytime they come with cheese strats or insane dmg ( more frecuent nerfs that affect mostly less geared players because of outliers real or "potential" damage and the zeny and time of hardcore players) Third: Also, if you could unbound shadow sets and other official content from your custom playground that would be great. BSB is not a problem because you can buy them, but shadow sets are essential to endgame and you force us to play MH. I personally play Ninja and RG and had to create other chars just for playing MH, or pay leechs or wait until some friends wanted to party or die waiting for random partys. MH with your balance process have a smaller pool of classes everytime and you force us to play it even if we dont like it. Maybe if you unbound shadow sets from MH you can have golden data of how much people actually plays the content if they are not forced to, and do changes in consonance to do it more enjoyable if you have poor results.
  2. Can we expect full shadow sets for expanded classes in 2020? we are nerfed not just in MH but in PVM also because of a weird and yet not explained decision of not releasing the complete gear for us... @Luxuri
  3. I think a good and simple solution (not idea how hard to program) could be players having "DPS scores", so everytime they finish a hunt, their dps is computed, an when you enter a new run, the whole party "DPS score" status is checked and mechanics of the boss are more difficult according to that (the most simple way would be always the same mechanics as it is today, but with less intervals according to "DPS marks"), you can establish a longer load screen for the time the system is doing the "matchmaking". That way, you can have a base boss who requires some decent gearing and learning curve to players starting RO endgame and you have a challenge for experimented and overgeared players. The main advantages of this system as Raziya pointed, is that you are working in monsters, not players, so you can easily correct errors without hurting too much people's zeny and time investment, and in the long term would be an easiest work for you guys, because as someone said: RO players love to theorycraft, and someone will find a way to break the game eventually, you cant nerf us forever.. Also, overgeared players would make their runs shorter in the long term (feeling a sense of reward for the investment) but at the same time, need to be sharper in battle and probably prepare more MH consus. An even more simple way to implement this proposal would be improving an evolved rage system, instead of being always the same power up and just activate sooner with dps, you can have "Rage tiers", so, for example, a monster have 4 posible rage tiers and the tier activated will depend on how fast a percentage of its life was done as damage, that way the boss can make a quick check on dps and respond with more pain. Even if you dont take any of the ideas in this thread, i totally agree with my fellow ROmates: have a better feedback with your community and at least put us on alert with incoming MH balances, so we can stand better the more painful ones. P.D: Sorry if there is any error, not my mother language.
  4. Customizing skills for PVM would open a pandora box with full of crying kids requesting for their favorite jobs to be buffed. I dont think gravity does a good work balancing classes (i play ninja lol) but customize for pvm is not the solution (for pvp is siege commander job). The main problem IMO is the meta mindset for dps: you pick a super buffeable and spammable skill who does a lot of DPS, if you cant, then automatically your class is "useless" and "Wont be played anymore". That building process is totally valid, but to think your class will be useless because cant do that anymore is absurd. Is true cart cannon was nerfed and genes will descend even more in the "dps ladder", but genes have a lot of resources that other classes dont: exceptional mobility, zoning, AOE CC, debuffing, cooking, etc. If you cant enjoy your class because their role changed and wont be a DPS anymore is super sad. With that mentality the game is boring, a few months ago there was a lot of ranger clons because of the sharpshooting rework and now is the same with RKs and GX, that is inevitable, but is no reason to not enjoy you class.
  5. Rayle1gh

    Halloween Patch Notes

    Ty for the answer, i was bussy in real life stuff and totally forgot this post XD. Ill try to request the info from GMs so you can make the wiki
  6. Rayle1gh

    Halloween Patch Notes

    ¿There is a place where is reunited all the changes/nerfs to skills in pvp/bg? i want to start doing weeklys with bg wins and i searched the forum but did not find anything and is a pain in the ass read all the patches since the beginnings of time. If there is not such place i suggest to add that info in the bg and woe mechanics wiki pleaaase.
  7. Rayle1gh

    B>Linen Gloves

    Hi, ¿any castle owner guild who sell me 2 linen gloves? these gloves are dropped from beholder masters, so i cant farm it.
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