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  1. Hello , No you dont have to get a good gear just to join us :) any gear will do and we never ask people gear before join us Hi, thanks for intruduce urself Im Lenn one of officer from cat butt if you want to join our guild feel free to enter our discord by click the link Thanks
  2. Cat Butt or Kitty Butt Still Open for new member ! Come and join us we got daily Instance run on Sunday. what are you waiting for?
  3. new AFK check added like what kind of afk? and not all people online due the broadcast tho
  4. There is new rule on Snowball event and there is no any announcement or information about new rules. please make at least something so player can knows And not most player always check #main
  5. Bio 5? This is our Latest of Bio 5 run Too ! what are you waiting for? come join us !
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