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  1. I did this a while ago. I had over 200k points. And converting them itself was hell because of no distill all. Then that annoying long-ass marketing spiel just keeps inserting itself.
  2. This isn't a very important nor a hard suggestion to implement. This is what it looks like now. I suggest that it be arranged to be either Distill Tonics or Turn in fish as the first menu. As the distilling process itself is very and unnecessarily time-consuming. There should be a "distill as much as possible" option. If there is no distill all option, distilling tonics just takes a lot of time and has a high chance of accidentally pressing the "About the machine" option which takes an unnecessarily long time to finish and if you spam enter, you may accidentally press that "about machine" option again. So please make distill or turn in fish the first option OR Better put a distill as much as possible option.
  3. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    You said "They decreased the amount of BGs" but not after increasing it in the first place from 10 to 25 then down 20. So they didn't decrease but increase it from Participate to Win and 10 to 25.. Just pointing that out. When you say "the great majority is pleased and grateful" Im sure the same "giving credit to the "unheard" voices and go on to claim you're speaking for them" thing Nova said won't apply because it is in his defense / side. And yes. I did mean it when I said that we can disagree but still talk normally. Thank you for that. Things just got heated as is the nature of most internet arguments. I did try my best not to get too heated and I agree that it wasn't the best way to have handled this. Some of the things said were just pretty annoying like they make it sound that I am the ONLY one having this thought. As I have also been trying to walk away from the topic but people keep replying :\ Especially Nova. Just because its what the majority wants doesn't make it right. Its just an echochamber. I will try to chill. Maybe better if the topic is closed.
  4. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Ah such a shame. Truly unable to understand the other side. If you think no one else shares my opinion then I guess thats just how things go here. I speak for myself and others who are too lazy to post in forums or are too afraid to say what they think for fear of being ganged up on. Especially when against people in positions of power. I wonder if those "random everyday players" are those that have everything. :\ And it is also frustrating and sad that you seem to think I discredit other poster's opinions just because they conflict with my own. You haven't read what I have been posting. Some people on this topic have different opinions than mine. Like Fu Windschwert (hope I spelled it correctly) & abertes. We didn't share the same opinion but he didn't need to throw unnecessary jabs and small retorts like that "join bg outside HH /ok" one. Yet I didn't disregard his opinion? I hope you read things more carefully before spouting that. Good night to you.
  5. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    The small move you keep referring to was more on the BG requirement and not the unclear 400 (total) you did. The BG requirement moving from Participate 10 to Win 25 to Win 20. -5 is a small move. Still 200 bio5 monsters is a lot. In that analogy, how was the pay "doubled" ? You made requirements harder. with SAME rewards. How was the pay doubled? Its not claiming I am right. Its just no one really complained about how things were in the previous weekly quests. Only those who trolled, yes TROLLED, because if you were online during those times, you'd obviously see that as trolling. People telling said "troll" to shut up and stop complaining about "should be Win BG". And others who have legitimate concerns about AFKers in BG. On the other side, your intentions could also be seen as "self-centered" and you need to be more open minded. So slinging those things doesn't help either side. "The previous quest caused the quality of BG to suffer" And this won't? You expect this change to make things better? They will just AFK more instead of doing the ridiculous Bio5 200 monsters. Like I said it won't help but further mess up the "BG quality". Ask around. Ask the normal people. And I do enjoy it. That is why I am trying to be more vocal about changes as in the past, I just watch them do what they think "is best" for the server and end up going in flames. I think maybe you should go as a regular character and ask random non-elites (or if you want it kindly, non-endgame) players how they feel about the changes. Get a feel of the people. Because the people who tend to be vocal in the forums or discord would be the players who are like the previous posters who seem to think everything is so easy.
  6. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Ahh. I thought it was 400 each. It wasn't clearly stated that it meant total. One could think you were just doing whatever gramps quest did which was 400 so that probably need clarification. Now you are the one misunderstanding. I am not asking for freebies nor has anyone who complained on this topic or in-game were asking for freebies. That is taking the complaints and feedback too far. They just asked not to make the requirements too steep to force a "job". Its like if employees ask for a small raise in wage and the boss says "What? now you want to own the company?" That far. No one asked for freebies. What is it with you and thinking players are demanding these as freebies? Even the previous weekly quests were alright. There was no need to change them AFAIK the only people who complained about it were the trolls and "elites" regarding the "Participate in BG" requirement because people AFK. With the change that was implemented, it will only make them AFK more. Maybe if you kept it the same as before but changed to WIN BG 10 times, or hell. Just don't change the past weekly quest. But since your decision seems to be final now, theres no point in talking about that anymore. I hope there are still some things we'd agree on going forward
  7. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Yeah like those people shouting in main and lfg begging people to join bg because thats so easy right? Your first consideration was 400 bio5 monsters? @[email protected] wow.. "Isn't going to ruin anybody's experience" Clearly you've only been talking to the rich and powerful since they'd agree with that. Okay then. Was a long shot but I still tried to speak for the "little guys" who clearly don't like the change. But its still your server *shrugs*. EDIT: Sorry for the possibly aggressive post. Most people will probably think I am angry or trying to pick a fight but I am not. Just disappointed a bit. Just thought this server would be different from the others. I mean content-wise its great but the some perspectives... I guess we just don't see eye to eye. Disheartening.
  8. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Just because "Nobody forces" anyone doesn't mean its good. That defense is usually used by those people who defend predatory practices with microtransactions these days. "Its not forced" / "Its just cosmetic" isn't a good argument. Sure its not forced but making it difficult to obtain so that people are tempted to pay for it is the common practice that shady devs and / or publishers use now. "Just buy" you also need to grind for zeny. To farm in geffenia or wherever you get zeny. Unless zeny is so easy for you that you don't need to do either (farm or grind). And "just donate" is a cop out to justify the difficulty. "20 BG win is surprisingly easy if you are well geared" <- out of touch with reality. Just because YOU personally have no problems with it doesn't mean everyone is in the same boat as you. You can say that because you are "well geared" and probably rich since you throw around stuff like "just buy it" / "just donate". Someone like that wouldn't understand the plea of the common folk. Don't forget on BOTH BG and Bio5, not all classes are treated equally. In BG you can just keep dying just because other classes are flat out better in PvP / BG than the class you picked just because you liked that class. So how will you contribute to team fights? FORCED to use other class? Same with Bio5. Class and gear checked. But still. I appreciate your input. I hope you get to understand where I (and some others) am coming from. I know what we want can't be fully met so a compromise was reached, I suppose. No matter how... short.. it was moved. So you are saying that when these "more challenging" monsters arrive, you will remove these current monsters? Since it is said "related quests will be PHASED OUT for more challenging" So Nyia and Fart Dragon will be replaced by stronger versions? Why? Why not keep them both since you said these ones are the "baby" versions of stronger monsters. So that these monsters can still be fought by the newbies and they aren't launched into their adult versions with no choice. Or is it just the weekly of kill Nyia / Garanth? I still hope that weekly quest can change to something better than bio5 since that place is so difficult and to find specific monsters. Maybe just 100 ANY bio5 monster would be better. Coz for example, when I try to find JUST one thief class to hunt the soul, I couldn't find any. and Teleporting / Fly wing is disabled too so it makes it just more frustrating.
  9. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Still WIN 20? Should've been participate 20 or Win 10. And that bio5 still.. oh well..
  10. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Interesting input you have. Good to know. However those are the BASICS. Most bio5 parties would refuse you if you only have the basics on. It would be really hard to find a party willing to take you in with just basic gear and not "experienced". Still good info to share. Thank you. I said 10-15 because I know it would sound so ridiculously easy to contrast the ridiculously hard decision to make it 200. Sounds stupid right? Just like the 200 thing. And besides, not all Bio5 mobs are EQUAL. Some are easily dispatched and some are a real PAIN to deal with. Literally and figuratively Yeah. as someone said earlier, NovaRO isn't a JOB. People left the official servers because it became too much of a JOB. Don't do that here. 2600 monsters OR MORE (Probably around 3800) coz RNG spawns and positions + NO TELEPORTING will make it a very very very stressful experience. Its like during the launch of MH2, there were people complaining that "bio5 ded" and probably were close friends with the admin. So yeah. "200 specific bio5 monsters" was born. Just to FORCE people to do bio5 so that friends be happy. >_> And I also agree on your point that even if people dislike PvP, they WILL go there and because of the ridiculous Win 25, They will AFK MORE. Further making the problem worse. Definitely didn't think it through. Just like how backslide is disabled in BG but Snap / Body Reloc isn't <__> So wise. I'd still go with 5 BG WINS or keep it at participate 10. Then 50-100 Bio5 monsters. I hope theres an option that if its an easy mob, sure make it like... 70. But if the monster is hard, then lower. 30-50. Overall great input, Sir.
  11. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    I think 5 BG wins OR 10 - 15 Bio5 kills would be enough given the difficulty of the place. Bio5 doesn't only have a gear requirement but also requires players who know what they are doing. Much more that people CHOOSE what classes to get in. Further reducing the chances of people getting a fair chance at it.
  12. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Yeah but this isn't kRO. I was hoping it would be different as sometimes admins would outright deny things coz it could destroy the server etc. They could do things differently than kRO. Not ENTIRELY differently but maybe a bit better. And basing it off of kRO entirely isn't right. kRO relies on its whales and the sunk cost fallacy. This server CAN CHOOSE to not copy kRO. Look at the Shadow gears. They were paid items in kRO but not here so they CAN make things different. Just thought they could have thought it out more.
  13. IntangibleEntanglement

    Patch Notes

    Some of the changes here are odd and some are just plain.. I guess pandering to the filthy rich and PvP oriented people / vets. Gotta listen to the whales. :p The odd changes are the Flee and Perfect Dodge reduction in MH maps. Why? The things already hit often and hard enough. My character with 500 flee even with high Perfect Dodge gets hit so often. It just is pointless. The clear pandering are the BG changes. Forcing a WIN 25 BG condition is too much. If its to eliminate AFKers, tough sht. it will only make them AFK more. It is okay to remove the "participate" condition but make it a "Win 5" at least. Then you will say "oh just do the alternative". Same thing. Bio5? Really? Have you even BEEN to bio5? only the, again, rich and powerful get to go there and killing TWO HUNDRED of a SPECIFIC mob? That is too much. If you actually played there it takes a long time to filter out and specifically hunt those monsters. And we aren't even talking about the problem of class-ism. For lack of a better word. Not all classes are in-demand in bio5. People outright refuse some classes and even get gear checked. These decisions above really seem to have been made by "elites" that are really out of touch with the normal player-base.
  14. How come? I wanna understand where this comment came from. The rewards being on some ranking for some costumes. No effect on gameplay. And to the two who are asking "why?" Nothing. Just for fun. Same fun you get from just saying "why?" when just from reading it the intention is clear. Just for fun nonsense that doesn't affect gameplay. A fellow discord member just thought marriage could have additional things going for it and.... well nevermind. You're not gonna read anyway I took a look into other suggestions and most importantly, pending ones. I agree that there are a LOT more important and impactful suggestions in there that haven't been implemented that go back to 2016. So I guess this suggestion will rank pretty low in the importance list and I am perfectly fine with it because I understand that there are other more important things that are still "pending". So chill. No need to be an ass :p
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