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  1. Life Insurance 10 NP pog Nice update, rejuv pots are bonkers good
  2. Ominous Assaulter race is currently Demi-Human instead of Demon, taking into consideration kRO database. Entry for Ominous Assaulter: http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/popup/monsterview.asp?monsterID=ILL_ASSULTER Entry for Alicel (a Demon monster): http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/popup/monsterview.asp?monsterID=ALICEL Both match, unlike a real demihuman monster, such as Alice: http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/popup/monsterview.asp?monsterID=ALICE Could be one of those "official bugs", but I'm not sure.
  3. It was rejected before due to potential issues Not sure if it's possible to be done at all.
  4. Faenwulf hits a pretty good point here: That being said, your guild should have 3 main important things (note that these do not apply to Nova specifically, but to any guild in any game even): - A target audience. Don't try to be a casual, PVP, PVM, hardcore, RP, AFK, WOE, BG guild. Have a goal in mind and go all out with it and, while some may overlap, it's better to contain it to two or three, unless your whole guild is interested in all aspects, which is borderline impossible. - Respect for one another. Pretty self-explanatory. - A leader. People don't know what this word means anymore. It's no different from having or being part of a community outside the game. As for being a guild leader, be understandable, be willing to sacrifice some of your time for your guild members, be part of the community you created. And, sadly, yes. You can even go on a x1 server and find the same mentality. These times are indeed gone for a 16-year-old game. Good thing the game has become much more than this, and Nova does an outstanding job in keeping it that way.
  5. Tiraya Bonnet Get the two other official recolors: Mint Chocolate and Sweet And maybe get some more cool ones in there, thx panic
  6. Ez guide: 1- Create a guild (if you don't already have one) 2- Tax yourself 96% (Trust me on this one) 3- ??? 4- Profit?
  7. This patch does not have new hat quests . . . Rating for this one will have to be a 99/100, sorry GM team.
  8. Hatsumei


    cute tbh
  9. Hatsumei

    Monster Hunting Blog #2

    whoever made these custom icons is a god
  10. Hatsumei

    Patch Notes

    Aura Blade Enchant Deadly Poison Gravitation Field Sharp Shooting Good patch.
  11. The "lacks content" argument is one that always cracks me up. Pre-renewal servers exist. Hell, even pre-trans, zero customization servers exist and are kinda big. Where's the content there? "B-But there are servers which are ahead content wise." Yeah, ofc. Enjoy a buggy, half korean half engrish mess of a server with 100 average population that is going to close down in 2~3 months. Actually hilarious. Thanks for sharing! If you want to always be on the bleeding edge, kRO exists. And don't even try to argue about "limited access" in 2019. The whole it's getting stale, there's no content debacle is disingenuous and is not Nova failing to deliver, but you getting sick of the game itself. Take a break, playing this game is not your job.
  12. Imagine coding and translating an entire episode from the ground up kek
  13. That is pretty much the whole reason why Souls are trade bound. You can even trade the ones you don't need for those you want. They're very easy to get. Also, can't see how it would boost the economy, at all. Against, and this is coming from a person that mains the class that most benefits from their Bio 5 hat and still don't have it due to time constraints.
  14. Here on Nova exp rates are 25x. If you're taking the time to kill 150 low level monsters, you would be better off getting levels as normal. We have a quite great leveling tutorial that can get you to "99/1 3rd class" in a few hours. Here it is: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Leveling_Guide If you're applying the method shown above, you can get a 104/15 character at the end of it. And yes, I did it just to prove a point (not really), here: As you can see, a little less than 6 hours. That including 2 AFK hours, leveling without paying any attention and a long, almost 30-minute wait for a Gramps party. No other equipment was used, aside from Eden Gears and a Teleport Clip (as I didn't use the Novice Fly Wings), + I didn't even open the Novice pack at all. I understand what you're trying to say here, but things changed a lot since Renewal came in, even more for a private server such as Nova. Eden equipment made all gear sold on NPC basically irrelevant when it comes to leveling. Here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Eden_Group#Equipment_Quests An Eden Sabre I can be obtained for free, at levels 26-39. It has 147 ATK and can be equipped at level 26, compared to a 155 ATK Buster that can be equipped at level 30. That ATK loss, at this level, is irrelevant and, as Axes have a worse ASPD modifier, you're probably getting better DPS with the Sabre anyway. From levels 40-59, the Eden Sabre II has 170 ATK, making it the clear choice. From level 60+, the last Eden weapon will be far better than any NPC counterpart and even be useful until your mid 130s. With all that said, I like the concept, but not as something for fresh players to do, but real newbies. Eden Merit Badges are a neat concept, if executed right, but the current system present in iRO would not work here. And let's not even touch the reward table for those. IMO this would take too much development time and brainstorming to get right and, while I'm not saying it's not worth it, it definitely is not a priority, as I'm certain that the staff have more pressing matters to care about.
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