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  1. Best of luck Here's a goodbye card for ya
  2. HexapusTapes

    Patch Notes #144

    How many times can the manteaus be enchanted?
  3. Yo does the whacky BG count for weeklies?
  4. So that was intended, I see, thanks
  5. Rune crafting seems broken right now The chance of it breaking is way higher than it should normally be
  6. HexapusTapes

    Patch Notes #120

    Oooh, gotcha. Thanks.
  7. HexapusTapes

    Patch Notes #120

    How does the pet costume ticket work? Like you can turn a hodremlin into any pet I want as a disguise? Do you need two of the pets to do the transformation or does it give a drop down list of pets it can disguise into?
  8. IGN: Terebi Hebi Pet: Evil Druid, Baphomet Original: Bapho: Original:
  9. I wonder if its also an option to not get the same special enchant you've already gotten, like if you decide to reroll adamantine, it'll get taken out of the pool of choices. This might create problems when you reroll by mistake though...
  10. HexapusTapes

    Patch Notes #99

    preferred rolls on the vicious mind weapons are gonna make things very interesting for certain builds, fun patch guys
  11. so is the safety bio 5 special enchant implemented along with this patch? love the updates, thanks GM team.
  12. You can do this inside the enchantment/fragment exchange room, stray.
  13. Hi! St. Capitolina Abbey's one of the new lovely save spots in the server, and organized cells for vending similar to Lutie would make the vending shops a bit more organized. Here are some spots that might work well! These are the spots on top of my head, but there might be even better spots as well. Would love to see something like this for this town. Cheers!
  14. got an honorable mention, made my day!
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