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  1. yeah.. RNG on top of RNG, they will say you can ignore it ( thats what I usually do ) but it does not stop it from being a bad design
  2. It would be a cool idea if the regular MH mobs would drop cards that have effects inside of that place. And maybe they can do a set that makes it easier for noobsauces to survive there/get some extra damage
  3. All: - Wait till everyone is done. All: - Wait till everyone is done. This one needs to be in caps and bold, also the most important one
  4. That poor mecha girl gonna catch a cold
  5. Akane Swifthand

    Summer Patch Notes

    would it be possible for the trivia machine to give more than 2 coins reward? with the cooldown its only worth to play it when the double rewards event is on Also a way for classes that dont get easily invited to party/recent joined people to get Deep coins ( een if its not as fast as with the party option) would be nice Thank you
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