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  1. Akane Swifthand

    magma 3 in a nutshell

    This picture expands my brain almond
  2. Akane Swifthand

    Patch Notes #179

    Today I wanted to play the normal Faceworm Queen instance did the new instance somehow change something on the normal one ? Because the moment I got to the Queen I got greeted by the faceworms from the hard instance ( the earth fire one etc etc... ) seeing that the instance is aimed at level 140+, I guess it's a bug
  3. Akane Swifthand

    Patch Notes #176.5

    Yeah I know The problem is when you mostly have 1 hour a day , it's pretty hard to make any friends, I can kinda kill fine there with my GX, but the bone fragment rate is abysmal I dont mind about the drop rate of the stones, the new pity system is nice, Even if it took weeks to make the sets Im fine, the problem is the MH thing :S
  4. The same think happened when I read they implemented bomb cluster shadow gear But I need to make a meta character in order to farm high level custom content to play a ranger with a skill that does 1/4 of the damage of any meta character/build Cmon....
  5. Akane Swifthand

    Patch Notes #176.5

    Except for the part of the horrid drop rate/ spawn rate of the monsters, and that you need a decent geared character to farm there What a good idea
  6. Akane Swifthand


    it's this an instance that changes the top floors or the old ones get removed hence no more ability to farm there?
  7. Akane Swifthand

    Hardcore Mode

    If that's the case will we be able to transfer items/zeny made on that character before the wipe? Thank you
  8. Akane Swifthand

    Patch Notes #148

    "We'll be keeping a close eye on participation and, if during those 3 months the BG participation continues to decline, we will be ending the trial period and bring back the BG Weekly Quest." Why force something most of the playerbase don't care/don't like? I feel like it has been enough as of lately with the summer festival and the mh content
  9. Akane Swifthand

    Patch Notes #141

    "GMs will no longer be able to resize players outside of events. Developer's Note: As we've implemented ways to resize at will, we feel like the command is no longer necessary outside of events." what ways do we have to resize ?
  10. yeah.. RNG on top of RNG, they will say you can ignore it ( thats what I usually do ) but it does not stop it from being a bad design
  11. That poor mecha girl gonna catch a cold
  12. would it be possible for the trivia machine to give more than 2 coins reward? with the cooldown its only worth to play it when the double rewards event is on Also a way for classes that dont get easily invited to party/recent joined people to get Deep coins ( een if its not as fast as with the party option) would be nice Thank you
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