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  1. "NovaRO is the best server on earth!" That is something that I realized around 1~2 months in NovaRO when I played in 2018. My past experience with european official RO Server was nightmare. Be it from Pay-To-Win aspect or how broken hard it is to actually play Free-To-Play in that server (probably I was too young too hahaha). I took my hiatus around early 2019 and back at August 2019 to NovaRO. Obviously cause of the nostalgia I want to play Ragnarok again. Lemme give you a loooooonnng story what made BlackIntels "The BlackIntels". I warned you this ain't gonna be a short thread! First Jab There was actually the time when I was in newbie around October 2018. Bought couple Halloween Coins to buy one HE Battle Manual from the Halloween NPC, but the NPC was already gone. At that time I pm-ed GM Nova in Forum asking him if it would be possible if I could get the Manual and I can give him the Coins cause of the NPC was already gone. He gave me the manual. At that very moment I know it that this is the server that I definitely know I would spend my time on. The way of the GM taking care of a "no-one" newbie player as me back in 2018 is something that I really am grateful for even till now. It might sounds only small but that is a huge butterfly-effect in my NovaRO-life that affected how I played again in 2019 and actually want to contribute for the community. Best Ranger?!?! I was on hiatus around January ~ August 2019 and back to NovaRO around August 2019. At that time all of my gears are outdated (obviously) but on the other side I dropped all of my expensive gears in Prontera when I quitted. So I started with nothing. Being clueless and all I read was Inberun's PvE Ranger Guide the super old ranger guide from 2017. The meta already changed and I really have hard-time figuring out the gears and build for Sharpshooting. I had to ask in game, pm-ing people, screenshots etc etc. Till I get tired out of it and try to start my own guide on NovaRO wiki just for the sake of helping people who are just back to the server. Some people are referring me as "Ranger God", "Best Ranger", etc etc. When in fact I am not even close to the strongest Ranger at all. This is like one of the biggest lesson I learnt as a human in this small but really warm Community of NovaRO. "Give value and expect nothing in return" I am not the most geared ranger on NovaRO. Nor do I have MVP Cards that I can boast to say that I was the strongest. But I can be sure the value that I gave with the guide is actually helping a lot of newbie rangers out there who just started out. I expect nothing from that guide at all. I didn't get anything from it. No costume headgear, no NP, no zeny, nothing. And yet countless players are always sooo kind when they are expressing their gratitude towards that guide and I think that was the first leverage to the name "BlackIntels". If you think the current community is missing out something. Just make a guide. It is not hard, it just need time to figure out how to do XYZ. Making a guide is just like how butterfly effect that GM Nova did to me personally. It seemed only like a small act of kindness or out of the act of service toward one person of the community, but the small act of kindness slowly getting bigger and bigger and in the end the community helped me to write more on that guide. "Thank you for the countless players that are contributing on the guide be it lending gears, MVP Card, ideas or even just small talks" PvP and The Familia around March 2020 I started my path in PvP. It was out of curiosity cause someone dear to me was so into PvP and I was getting influenced out of it. Starting from playing BG as a GX (cause ranger was dead. And it is still dead now T_T) we both played together to refine our gameplay in PvP. The person I played with already have past experiences on another server, but me it was my first time stepping into Ragnarok PvP. Completely clueless and newbie has no ideas what gears to get, what skill, hell I don't even know how to play GX. "Pls the veteran players make a guide at least gearwise for the starter. PvP is goddamn too hard to figure out as newbie" The PvM vs. PvP experience that I experienced for the first time was how there was absolutely no guide about PvP. It is super hard to get and the thing about PvP is just about. Master <-> Apprentice relationship. Basically the best way to properly grow fast in PvP is by having a good mentor that gives you advices be it gearwise and gameplay-wise. There are two GX players who made a major impact in my PvP Career. One of them is not playing anymore. One of them is still playing and probably one of the best mentor I could possibly learn from. Thanks for you two that my sail was smooth into the PvP scene. The Familia is probably one of the major contributor of my growth in PvP scene apart from those two person. It's not a big guild by no means. Nor are we the guild full of veterans with MVP Cards either but I really liked the name "The Familia". I played with them as a smol guild but with a big dream to win the castle. The Familia is also the first place where I talked fully in english during Voice Chat cause of the WoEs. Imagine in my entire life. NovaRO and their PvP Scene with Familia is the first place for me to actually have to speak as much english as possible. Be it just cause of WoE or it is just small talks or boys talk. Thank you The Familia for letting me being there with you guys. Our time together was really meaningful for me as a person. Familia 2nd WoE Castle Win in a row. -Andlangr 27th March 2021 Another thing I would like to add is oh my god Commissioner system is so really hard to deal with. It is super nice system that encourage the staffs to properly shape the PvP Scene based on what the player wants. I really like that idea of how close it felt like the commissioner and the staffs are. I'm sure 100% this system would definitely yield a nice environment despite of all the dramas happening cause of the balance. Cause look, we already experienced how the PvP is waay better than the kRO-original one shot meta. #thanksgravity. (if you are curious about kRO one shot meta go to Unranked PvP Room and fight there) Farewell and Thank You! But even the best movie in the world would still have a beginning and an ending. Best story has a beginning and an ending. It really was a pleasant journey I had with NovaRO - The Best Server on Earth. I wish I could've play more but due to in real life circumstances I had to give my immediate attention to all of the things that's happening on my life. There are a lot of things that I have to deal with and playing NovaRO is waaayyy such a comfy place that I found out I started to neglect the things in real life. Maybe saying "NovaRo made me felt like I'm in Sword Art Online" is not hyperbolic at all. Basically playing in this server actually made me feel like "I dived into a fantasy world" and met countless players of different spectrum. Some scammers, some really admirable players, some blunt individuals, some shy, some cheerful, some gloomy af, some "Oh my god how can someone be this dense?" and many more. Different nationalities, different ping, different languages. It was an excellent experience how it was psychologically made me felt like "I am a part of this fantasy world of Ragnarok" and actually made friends with strangers that I never met in real life. With that being said I would like to express my gratitude for the last time. Thank you for everything that the staffs, players, artists and anyone that contributed to NovaRO to gave me such a wonderful experience. For some of those who know me personally / played together with me. I'm really grateful for our time together. Farewell and may you guys have a great time as I do with NovaRO and pls drop MVP Card and be rich! BlackIntels will be on indefinite hiatus from today. Best Regards.
  2. https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/support/ban-inquiries/ hiho there mate. Any discussion regarding ban should be adressed towards that link above.
  3. Whoa understood. I never knew about this kind of story. I guess the "competitive"-side of PvP in NovaRO was way different than current PvP. There is nothing wrong or right regarding this. A tale about what happened in the past could help things for the future after all. With that said tho, with this "competitive"-side being out from the scene. I guess there is no much left to do in BG. Well except maybe getting a title for your specific class, etc. But tbh it has less and less to do with WoE and barely something to grind about. At least for me I didn't get to see this competitiveness at all and just I wish there is something to grind for there. Just like how Garro and Nysori were 20~30min run in January 2020 and yet I killed it a lot of times.
  4. Oh wow this is kinda mindblowing tbh. Sounds like a good idea to implement in BG since people can swap redux and avoid getting killed and waaay more simpler than my complicated Role-Based. Definitely worth a shot for a suggestion!
  5. Yep this sounds like a decent approach in my opinion and thanks to this idea I made the Suggestion down below including Endeavor Tokens as reward! I like that idea and I think that is definitely something that we need currently since there is almost to no incentives lately but I don't like making the Mega Orleans to be there cause there might be tons of people actually farming for that and it's kinda sad if we busted that farming method. 20 BG win per week seems way too good to be true just to get Mega Orleans~ Just my 2cents. The reason why it has to be new Gears and new Reduction Set are "There is not enough Valor Badge Sink" As much as I like to make it "easy" that people can just enchant the weapon and reduction set and done, I'd rather make a system where they would have to spend certain amounts of Valor Badges during the refinement process and it it fails the item would be gone. I think some veterans use to tell me it takes them months to make Glorious Weapon and this same exact thing is what I want. If enchantments like ein3/sin/ancient would be a thing. I would rather have that on the Enhanced Glorious Weapon instead of the actual Glorious Weapon. This will make longer "grind" = better rewards. While people would still be able to stay with what they have which is currently Glorious Weapon to farm for the Enhanced version. I can't belive there is actually someone else that understand this part. WoE and BG are completely different environment and that is also the reason why GXs are all over the place, Shadow Chasers and Crit RKs instead of DB RK more popular there. Cause those classes are normally those who can perform just right even without any kind of organized party a.k.a "I can rekt them all by myself" and treating BG = WoE is not quite nice approach. I myself have no clue what could be done there. Although possible solution that I would think of is as follow: Role-Based Balancing Diver This role belong to classes that are normally the one with high survivability due to tankiness or just have a way to stay alive (Snap, Escape, Feint Bomb, etc). Normally this class deal low damage but have a way to disable enemy team. Weak Against: Ground Control Tanky Against: Stack DPS Tank This role belong to classes that are meant to stay alive and could be equal in term of tankiness to "Diver" but lack in term of disabling skills. Weak Against: Stack Single-Target DPS and Ground Control Tanky Against: Stack DPS Supports This role belong to classes that are meant to give buffs to Stack DPS for more damage and to Tank/Diver for more survivability. Should probably have almost to no damage, but high survivability. Weak Against: Stack Single-Target DPS and Ground Control Tanky Against: Stack AoE-DPS Stack AoE-DPS This role belong to classes who are the main DPS in a WoE-Roster. Low survivability, no tankiness at all but should be tankier than "Ground Control". Their tasks is to fight another team's Stack DPS/Single Target DPS. This classes should be the "worse" performing in term of damage compared to other DPS. Weak Against: Diver and Tank Tanky Against: none Strong Against: DPS and GC Stack Single-Target DPS This role belong to classes that normally have enough damage to kill "Tank" targets, but slightly slower dealing with "Diver" compared to "Ground Control". For damage this class should deal higher than Stack-AoE DPS. Weak Against: Diver Tanky Against: none Strong Against: Almost anything except "Diver" Ground Control This role belong to classes that are meant to deal with "anything" with high risk high gain mentality. The less "survivability" the class have the "deadlier" it must be. Weak Against: Anything Tanky Against: none Strong Against: Anything Basically by assigning the classes based on these "Roles" we can already start to see why classes like Ranger, Warlock and Performer DPS might not really performing well in BG. Like in term of damage. This "Stack AoE-DPS" would always be behind from other DPS. This means they are most likely the one that need damage boost against Tank/Diver. So we can make a damage balancing only for BG like this: Diver take more damage from Stack Single-Target DPS and even higher from AoE DPS Tank take more damage from Stack AoE-DPS Support take more damage from Stack AoE-DPS Ground Control deal lower damage to other DPS and Support (making them having higher survivablity and can react to their attacks more) But all of this alteration only work if the person are at max in 3v3 situation. The moment things go 4v4 all this alterations are disabled and Siege Proximity should get enabled (This is currently disabled in BG) If I were to think about something to balance BG. That would be something that I propose to the staff. But as always this is just "an idea" and not actual suggestion xD Cause I played GC for so long in BG. I can almost kill anyone and I'm happy with it. But the moment I changed to Ranger. I noticed this class can't do nothing at all xD It's impossible to kill "Tank" and "Diver" without Unlimit. So I definitely know "Stack AoE-DPS" need buffs against those in term of damage. Changes too slow? Changes in term of balancing are being done towards "WoE" and that is actually the reason why changes are super slow. They can only balance things towards something that happen only 1-2 times in a week at most. While BG is being played 4 times daily but almost no balancing decisions are made based BG. One of the potential problem is exactly as you said. It's two different environment. Stack AoE-DPS need damage buffs in BG but not in WoE cause they have all the buffs they need to deal with WoE environments. If I were to balance the BG and I have the power to "play around" with the numbers. I would definitely play around with skills and buff it according those Roles above. For example: A Ground Control killing everyone is perfect for WoE but making people tilting in BG. So I tweak that it has enough damage to Tank and Divers. But not necesarrily overpowering the other DPS that they can't do anything to counter it. Stack AoE can pretty much forget that they can even kill Divers and Tank, they need buffs against them and many more that I for now have no more brain to think about. But those kind of things are only possible if there is a staff that monitor the BG in real-time and tweak those numbers on the go. Just to see where is the sweet spot just like how someone gonna find the radio station on an old radio he has to "find" the right FM/AM numbers by twisting the "button(?)". But to do this someone need to have the knowledge about the DPS gears and etc. It will not be as easy as it sounds in this sentence. In the end this thread is meant to be a brainstorming thread so feel free to drop your opinion about those.
  6. Disclaimer I was intending this to be a suggestion instead of a Discussion but then I realize this thread gonna be super long, so I decided to put in Discussion Instead. I understand so well that the current balance in PvP is rather off cause we are just starting with the Siege-Rebalance era not even a week ago. By no means I'm super godly veteran in PvP and my word is words of revelations that everyone has to follow. Opening I've been investigating into the topic why BG having an attendance issue lately or the past years that I started PvP (around March 2020). Some say there are not enough incentives in term of rewards and some say the current meta is just bad (without further explanation). but I'm quite sure those two are not the problem at all. One of the major problem for this could be because of "there is nothing for me to grind for". To give a small analogy I used to farm Monster-Hunter 2-Star for hours in the January of 2020. This is because I really want Reload Shadow Set, Penetration Shadow Set and Force Shadow Set. This era is when beating one Nysori could take 30min long and 20min long Garronath. Meanwhile today I only do this if someone is asking me to help them to farm or weekly. Asking the Veterans While talking with PvP-veterans they always repeat the same things over and over again. "I used to grind BG cause I had to refine the Glorious Weapon when there were no-BSB" Meaning they have something to grind for. As the BSB is introduced to the server there were less and less failures in Refinement cause the Glorious Weapon isn't breaking upon failure. Making the "spirit" to farm this content specifically BG less needed. Why do people BG in the first place? I was asking this question to myself. And the possible answer I could think of is as follow: Sharpen their individual skill The beginners in PvP would definitely try to play BG cause they need to be better in term of individual skills. But as the time goes on, there is no need to do BG anymore the moment they think their individual skill is good enough. As for the veterans they mostly do this just to get their skill not rusting. Getting Ready for Monthly PvP-Tournament This is a fragment of the past but there are definitely some people who play BG cause they have to train for the monthly PvP-Tournament. Having Fun This is probably the last but not least possible answer for those PvP-Players that don't really enjoy WoE1 in general but like to play BG and Draft WoE only. Glorious Weapons Every DPS classes that need the Glorious Weapon eventually will have to go down this path of "grinding". Glorious Flamberge is still best in slot for Guillotine Cross. Glorious Morning Star is still the best in slot for Suras. I know it might not be for all, cause there are tons of other classes that perform way better without it, especially MVP Card holder. Possible Solution for BG? There are tons of different kind of things that could potentially fix this attendance problem. But here are the potential solutions for this: Bring Back Monthly-PvP Tournament Obviously the tryhards will kinda forced to train somewhere to sharpen their skill in smaller fight situations. Enhanced Glorious Weapons (no-BSB refinement possible) Technically it's just a better weapon than the original Glorious Weapon but this time it is not refineable with BSB and every refine attempts will need certain amount of Valor Badge. As for how good this weapon should be. My aim is at max +10% final damage increase compared to the original but ofc there will be room for more exploration there and I'm not really that good either in term of making this kind of things. Requirements: +8 of that Glorious Weapon version + Valor Badges = +0 Enhanced Glorious Weapon Refineable with only Oridecon/Enriched Oridecon Every attempts to refine requires Valor Badge (including +10 and beyond) not-tradeable Enhanced WoE Reduction Sets (no-BSB refinement possible) There are tons of different choices available for this idea. It could be giving extra % Max HP, access to unavailable elements (Enhanced WoE Suit to get enchanted with Holy, Shadow, Poison), etc. But the requirements would be the same: +8 Version of WoE Reduction Piece + Valor badge = +0 Enhanced WoE Reduction Piece Backwards compatibility with old Reduction Set (it doesn't break the effect despite having only the enhanced WoE Suit for example ) Refineable with only Elunium/Enriched Elunium Every attempts to refine requires Valor Badge tradeable -> This would be a potential zeny making for PvPers PvP Exclusive Shadow Gears The way to obtain this shadow gears are still by doing the current MH 2-Star method. But by the moment they have +0 Shadow Gear Piece. Players can go to a NPC and ask them to give this Shadow Gear a "Challenger's Mark" just like PKS's Knight's Mark to make it only work in Siege Areas and PvP. By having this, that piece of Shadow Gears will be refineable using Valorous Sphere which can be bought using the Valor Badge and the refinement would proceed normally using MH Ingots or potentially Siege Ingots (?) What Should be Done Before? There are tons of different kind of things that should be done before making that Enhanced Versions. And I think it is as follow: Valor Badge Obviously it would be better to just wipe the whole Valor Badge so everyone will have to start at 0 and having nothing or having the system which Halloween Coins / Summer Coins have. The conversion of old currency but with a heavy conversion tax like 1:100. In depth Discussion about how should Enhanced Version of Glorious Weapon gonna be what should the enhanced version have? more wATK? final damage increase? enchantables like bio5? there are tons of different approach for this. But here is an example for if someone wants to make Glorious Flamberge which might still be good for GX. If I were to make one: click here to check the calculation based on Muh's Calculator This is sadly an old calculation I made for SBK GX pre-Siege Rebalance. Just to give an insight that what +15 Glorious Flamberge with 130 base weapon ATK vs an "enhanced" version of the same weapon but with 180 base weapon ATK. The aim is to make a better version but to not break the game either cause of it cause this +15 Enhanced Version would be pretty much equal to a +18 of the original version. Potential Problem: There would be classes that don't use Glorious Weapon at all In Depth Discussion about Enhanced WoE Reduction Gears What would be good but at the same time not game breaking buffs for this specific gears? MaxHP%? Access to the armor elements? etc etc. Sadly I'm not a pro when it comes to Reduction Gears so my knowledge is rather limited on this part. Feel free to drop any ideas down below. Closing Maybe I am naive and I have no clues about another server at all. I just like the current PvP in NovaRO cause despite all the flaws being made here and there, the 65% siege era was not such a bad experience for me at all. I know that the current balance is off in the 85% era. There are tons of underperforming classes like Sura, Ranger, Star Emperor, Doram, etc mainly due to not having DEF-Penetration for WoE Scene. I just wish this idea of mine could give an inspiration for the future of NovaRO's PvP. Since I mainly play BG more than WoEs. My main concern is more towards Battleground more than WoE. Cause I know tons of people already thinking about WoE Scene I just think Battleground need more love ! Anyway thanks for reading all the way down to this sentence. Hope you have a nice day and feel free to drop any kind of critics, ideas, suggestions or anything down below! Cheers!
  7. if that doesn't get queued SBK GX will perish imagine the majority of current SBK players can do like 3.5~4/sec SBK (around 50% of max spam rate of 6.66/sec) after the the nerf it would be 1.5~2/sec SBK (around 50% of the max spam rate of 4/sec) that is assuming that my prediction is right about the "50% of the max spam rate" idea. Cause this build will get hugely overshadowed by the "almost" 3/sec Cross Impact that jumps 7 cells Just my 2cents about that.
  8. Draft WoE SBK GX Highlights 16th Jan 2021
  9. How Much Damage does Gloom Under Night give in PvP and PvM?
  10. Did I get it right that you only put 10% to get items "Damaged" ? or you put 10% * Refinement Failure Chance? I think instead of putting 10% there, you should've put 10% x Failure Chance % of the equipment's refinement. e.g: 1.) Armors +10 -> +11 = 10% * 92% = 9.2% to get the "Damaged" 2.) Lv.4 Weapon +10->+11 = 10% * 20% = 2% to get the "Damaged" interesting tools to test out tbh, keep up the good work
  11. Testing Damage Calculator made by Muh to predict high end stuffs upgrades
  12. The merchant will stay even if you turn off your PC. Possibilities after using @at are: 1.) Merchant stay for 1week (?) before logging off automatically if items are not sold. 2.) All items are sold > merc log off 3.) You log in into the account > merc log off
  13. Worked like a charm! Thanks for the efforts.
  14. Please don't sell your end game Bolt Crusher just cause of the LoGH Ice Pick video -.-
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