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  1. Heya! Although i haven't played battle ab in a while, i hope i can help you a bit. Note those are just some gears suggestions, you don't have to blindly follow it. Also, as you didn't mention if you're going for critical or autocast build, i will drop both builds here. Critical Snake Head / Old Mitra (Acute) w/ Angra Mantis Fafnir Set Illusion Armor A (power/power/whatever) / High refined Abusive Robe with lucky nive enchants / YSF Plate Illusion Iron Driver (WK + Contaminated Wanderer) or (WK + Ominous Assaulter) CKS (KK) +9 FAW w/ Fatal (Petal) / +9 HBP (Petal) Temporal Luk Boots (ASPD/Strong or LD) / +9 YSF Boots (Geffen Bully) 1 or 2x PER (Critical Damage) w/ Ominous Heater or Chaotic Killer Mantis King Schmidt's Strong Insignia (Strong/Fatal/whatever) w/ Ominous Heater or Chaotic Killer Mantis Due to the huge ASPD bonus that illu iron drive gives, i would focus more on a full damage build. Autocast Zaha Doll Hat / Wickebine Black Cat Ears / Smokie Transformation Leaves CD in Mouth Illusion Armor B (Magic/Magic/Whatever) / High refined Flattery Robe with spellbound or agile nive / Hero Judgement Shawl Ledger of Death / Noble Cross (combo with guardian robe!) / Lucis Flail (we will get it soon) CKS (KK) +9 HBP (Marsh Arclouse) / Guardian Robe Temporal Agi/Int Boots (ASPD/RM or LD) Evil Gloves / Alchemist Gloves Regarding autocast cards, there's just so many that i could write all day about them. So i would recommend you to take a look at iRO Wiki autocast page. Again, those are just some suggestions. Hope it helped a bit :B
  2. Whenever when possible, i will try upload some gameplays with my ab here, starting with this OGH H run i did today~
  3. With the lack of performer DPS videos on youtube, i decided to upload, when possible, some of my wanderer gameplays, especially regarding the endgame content, starting with this one.
  4. Download the file and place it on your replay folder inside novaro folder. Then hit replay on patch and select the file
  5. If your MATK is already high, then yes. I'm using FAW mainly for the 30% VCTR.
  6. You could simply just ask it :B Gears are the same, with the exception of the shield, which was +7 mad bunny eoe int3
  7. Hello! I just couldn't choose one, so please pick which you like the most
  8. Unlike arrow property and other endows, mild wind applies to your whole attack formula, even for status attack (which is always neutral)
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