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  1. With the lack of performer DPS videos on youtube, i decided to upload, when possible, some of my wanderer gameplays, especially regarding the endgame content, starting with this one.
  2. Download the file and place it on your replay folder inside novaro folder. Then hit replay on patch and select the file
  3. If your MATK is already high, then yes. I'm using FAW mainly for the 30% VCTR.
  4. You could simply just ask it :B Gears are the same, with the exception of the shield, which was +7 mad bunny eoe int3
  5. Hello! I just couldn't choose one, so please pick which you like the most
  6. Unlike arrow property and other endows, mild wind applies to your whole attack formula, even for status attack (which is always neutral)
  7. Gears are still on progress c: wandyfenrir.rrf
  8. First time uploading something on YT. Sorry for the lag :B Hope you enjoy!
  9. Having to reset the wings just to enchant again is quite tiring and unecessary. It would be nice if AAW enchanting system was similar to GMT and Ghost Palace enchants, where you can reroll enchants in a row, without having to reseting and enchanting again.
  10. Buying Warrior Lora Pet. Leave offer please
  11. B> Floral Mic of Aigu 150k each B> Vicious Mind Wire 350k each Need bulk amounts pm me please!
  12. B>+10 or higher Holy Stick - leave info and offer please
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