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  1. xMokurox

    B>Broken Heart (Dex +8 or more)

  2. xMokurox

    B>Broken Heart (Dex +8 or more)

    B>Broken Heart with dex +8 or higher. Please leave info and offer
  3. Hello all! I know this isn't a top priority, but i suggest that you make Robot's Arm malangdo enchantable. Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. B>Any Judgement Set gear with INT or MATK enchanted B>Heart Ribbon Hairband (costume/non costume) Leave offer please
  5. S>+13 Water Crimson Mace (2x WK) - 200m S>+4 EOE Dex3 Temporal Dex (EA/LD) - 75m