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  1. JazZzy

    ✿ Jaz's Chibi Art Shop ✿

    Commission for Sanoshi~
  2. JazZzy

    ✿ Jaz's Chibi Art Shop ✿

    Another commission for a guildmate.
  3. JazZzy

    Adopt a Sushi

    You can try Sugar Blossom? https://sugarblossom.xyz It's a PVE guild
  4. JazZzy

    ✿ Jaz's Chibi Art Shop ✿

    Commission for a guildmate :> Another commission for a guildie :>
  5. JazZzy

    LF Guild

    Aye! Come join Sugar Blossom = https://sugarblossom.xyz You can ask stuff in our Discord!
  6. JazZzy

    ✿ Jaz's Chibi Art Shop ✿

    lowkey used references for them both @[email protected] coz im a lil shit yay \owo/
  7. JazZzy

    ✿ Jaz's Chibi Art Shop ✿

    new commission
  8. JazZzy

    ✿ Jaz's Chibi Art Shop ✿

    update: im not dead yet
  9. We're still open for new peeps!
  10. Welcome to NovaRO! Hope you have fun here!
  11. JazZzy

    What do you game outside of RO?

    Blade And Soul :v
  12. JazZzy

    Hi! New to Renewal. 2005 rag player here

    Ohhhh~ You're that AB I had partied with in gramps! ;> Welcome to NovaRO!
  13. JazZzy

    Sup guys

    The only thing you need to know is that you are having fun. Play whatever class you want and have fun :> Welcome to NovaRO!