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  1. Some people have suggested I try with another hat or create another char altogether to "break my curse" and try enchanting again. I took a break in the beginning of 2019 and I didn't used to play religiously. But I have spent most of my time at Nova doing Bio5. My current game plan consists of painting my porch blue, burning sage in my house, boiling milk and rice, lighting a candle, refining on odd numbered days (EXCEPT on the 5th! everyone knows that brings bad luck), etc. Anyway. I started keeping half of the loots for enchanting and selling the other half (anything else has proven to be a complete waste of time and resources). I just wish all of my previous attempts would count for something.. Edit: This might be more anecdotal, in which case I welcome moving this thread to discussions instead of suggestions. My only concise suggestions are to have the percentages disclosed as Puros has suggested to find out the odds we are playing against, and simply to increasing the odds of obtaining a special enchant or providing a safe option to obtain a special enchant (nay a specific one, but that is probably highly unlikely).
  2. Hello. I am wondering if there is a possibility to consider improving the odds or providing a safe option of obtaining a special enchant or a particular special enchant for Bio 5 Old headgear. I understand this is supposed to be end game content with end game headgear (while it remains relevant), but it seems like there is a very large likelihood that the reset process may take several dozen or even hundreds of tries in some cases. A friend of mine has started playing on Nova for about a month and got their special enchant after a couple days of playing Bio5.. While I have personally been playing Bio 5 since it started on this server and I have not yet obtained my desired special enchant. I have no idea how many times I attempted it. But for an idea of how long I've been playing Bio 5, I currently have 480 Soul of Archer (without ever exchanging souls). Is this normal? I don't really know the odds of obtaining a special enchant. So I don't know if I fit the bill or if I'm an exception to the RNG probability. If odds are improved, I promise not to afk in Prontera with my OP level 1 special enchant. Please advise.
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