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  1. My entry this time ^_^~ IGN: Menardy Pet: Banshee
  2. Menardy

    Patch Notes

    Pls just give me the Ramen bowl!
  3. Menardy

    Spring Art Contest

    I did it @[email protected]; I'm glad we had a bit more time for this! Thanks =) I made it a bit bigger XD" ~just in case. I can always make it smaller if necessary! There's also enough space for the NovaRO Logo :3! IGN: Menardy
  4. Where should I put my pet request next time then =o?
  5. Can we pls have this? =D Monster ID: 2193 thx <3
  6. * 3 * I really love your adorable style! If you could make the lines a bit more tidier you might even improve your works quality <3
  7. Menardy

    I drew things

    Nice work here >w< The faces are not to my taste but all the other things look really well done~ Especially the colouring! * w * like <3
  8. You have a new fan <3 ~ I really like your style! Keep up the good work
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