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  1. Well it was fun while it lasted, but I'm done. I rather be with my boyfriend. That followup was completely unnecessary.


  2. Your post is way too vague, but I will take a shot: The one on the left looks like a Farming set, which is pretty ok. The one on the right looks pretty ready too. You can go a little further by refining WWS to +9 so you can get the Expert Archer enchants on it. I have a theory build, but I really don't know if it's really worth it, so I won't mention it to not trick people into spending absurd amounts of money to get it.
  3. I'm conflicted. Are you trying to do Stage 2 Gramps solo or in party? I ask because in my opinion Stage 2 Gramps is the hardest stage. If you are trying to do it solo, I personally recommend you to do it only if the loot is good. The loot of those two isn't really worth the hassle. Their items don't sell well and the rare drops are not worthy. If you are trying to do it in party, one shotting them is not your job. Gramps is a group effort. You are not killing 20 or 30 monster. You are killing 400. This is not a one-job-army task. Just like you, there are other AoE classes struggling with one-shotting the mob their lurer brings them, however, with everyone's AoE, you will just destroy any mob they bring towards your party.
  4. So THAT'S the reason why the market is so bad now. I was wondering why did that happen, but Gramps never crossed my mind. I don't think the White Wing Brooch market will recover after that. Not even the good enchanted ones are selling positively
  5. You really don't need to have the full set, you are good with a safe-refined White Wing Suit. By itself, with safe refine, gives you already a boost of damage. White Wing Brooch market also just went to the toilet (they used to cost 1M) and it's by far the cheapest accessory you can get and also gives you a boost of damage. I don't think you are doing something wrong. It's just how it is: you are not killing stuff fast. The only things I can think about changing is bows really: - You can use a Thanatos Bow, which is textbook farm. It's not strong, but will suffice your SP problems. It can be used with Holy Arrows, which work well in Geffenia and Magma. - You can also try Juperos and sell all the junk. Because of the amount of elements in there, I personally recommend an Elven Bow + Elven Arrows. It's a very strong combo that deals only Neutral Damage without Endow, which is really what you need. - If you want to get a budget Elven Bow, you can get a Bow of Storms. If everything else fails, you can always go to good old Gonryun and just sell Royal Jellies. All in all, I'd recommend you getting levels first. Farming this early will burn you out pretty fast. Recommendation though, do not get any of those bows right now, those prices are way too damn high.
  6. Sage Changes~ I want to hit more things with a book now~
  7. Ring of Archbishop, Seal of Cathedral and Light of Cure... but I mean... if you are really going to farm Fake Angels just so you can turn them into Mora Coins, might as well just farm in Geffenia period, I just can't see a reason of why not stick to the method that will give you enough Zeny to buy the Set and still keep some for later instead of farming rare loot for a bad coin exchange rate. The NPC is located in Mora, it's Master of Enchants, @navi mora 150,97.
  8. Dismas

    New Ranger

    You can see the Vicious Enchants you can get here. I would not hold my breath honestly, the RNG enchant even with the reroll makes me want to farm somewhere else.
  9. Last night when I was looking at this thread, it prompted me this very crazy idea: Gaming outside of Ragnarok Online is a thing, guys. Don't get too absorbed playing this game. I'm going to put all my chips in this bet and I will say I don't want NovaRO to get a major gear expansion in the time being. NovaRO is a free server with many issues. I'm not going to elaborate in any of them because their team are more than aware of them. Personally, I rather they fix these issues first then plan any major gear expansion. Since Tokei touched the topic briefly, I will also touch it briefly: the reason why I don't want NovaRO to get that expansion is because the official gears will also come with high refine needs and people will complain about that. It's a song that everybody sings nowadays. Why update when the complain is going to be present no matter what?
  10. Gaming outside of Ragnarok Online is a thing, guys. Don't get too absorbed playing this game lol

  11. Dismas

    New Ranger

    As someone who also did start with Ranger, I would like to recommend you to focus in one final set first, otherwise, you will end up with a lot of Zeny thrown down the sewer and you will end up being behind not only as a Ranger, but as every class since you decided to make a Ranger for farming. You say you have so far a WWS, Thanatos and S Amplifier. So let's try to begin: - Gigantic Bow gives 40% Range Damage. - Big CrossBow gives bonus 5*refine% Arrow Storm damage. (ie. At +10, you get 50% AS damage) - You use AS. - Gigantic Bow is good if you plan to use Aimed Bolt. I've heard some people use it for Auto-Warg but personally I'm not sure about that. - Big CrossBow is good if you plan to use Arrow Storm. Worth note however, that a Big CrossBow that is not refined to +10 at least will give you a very negligible AS damage. - If you want to go the Auto-Warg build, your best bet is to get a +15 Crimson Bow. A part of me wants to wait for perfect Vicious Mind Bow, but that's just me being sleepy. You need headgears. Ship Captain's Hat is pretty cheap if you want to increase your Range Damage, and it's also slotted. Ancient Gold Ornament is better, but is also more expensive. For Middle Headgear, you can go for Sigrun's Wings which is a decent shareabale gear, however, if you can afford it, you can get a slotted Monocle or B. Frame Glasses. If you run instances, Teleport Sound Amplifier is just going to be a dead slot. If you really need the Sound Amplifier, get a Phen Card. Some people say Golden Scaraba/EOE STR is better, but I personally disagree. Your Arrow Storm is only going to be useful if you can cast it. Do not just get an Autumn Band. A lot of people don't read item descriptions. NovaRO's Autumn's Band is different than the original Autumn Band. Damn I need to sleep, can't think of anything else...
  12. Dismas

    Magic vs. the world

    Yesterday I started leveling up a Sage because I remember having way too much fun with Autospell and I got interested in Spell Fist, it's nice to have a video to use for damage comparison, thanks!
  13. Aha, now I can see where are you coming from. Keep in mind the difference between the monsters you need to kill with Eden Quest for the weapons vs. the monsters you need to kill for a Bounty Board quest. You need to weight both sides fairly. Can you tell me what axe is good around 35k? I'm genuinely curious about it.
  14. It's all about choices my dude, some people rather have the safe accesory that works right out of the box.
  15. Dismas

    Patch Notes

    Ay, nutriotionist update is here :O Btw: People often say, there are little details that actually matter a lot. I know a lot of people will enjoy this, thanks for all the hard work guys!
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