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  1. Wanted to reply as it's nice to see some of the people interested speaking up, even in this topic lol, the SC can survive the picky peck spam if he pot fast and doesn't let a external factor bring his hp to < 50% what makes it really dangerous, I doubt it can survive the asura with the best weapon possible(even with some "lower" ones), didn't test that(only with +7 gms) but with the info we have about asura it's my opinion, tetra vortex I can't precisely tell you, it didn't insta kill me(we tested with +15 sunflower boy without equipments just to test, +9 glorious and arc wand(?) and it never killed in one shot), the thing is it doesn't one shot if you're just with the weapon, but you can use slot in valorous/brave gear I believe and you can increase the damage with Nightmare cards and Mavka so imo it has the potential.
  2. This is what we tried in this topic, and in the another one, every time we give a suggestion here, if there's a small bit of something wrong in it or even if it is wrong it doesn't matter, it just get roasted by people that make a big thing over small mistakes, with unnecessary messages, what is clearly exhaustive. We wanted this topic to be chill regarding suggestion and all the time we said that if something is wrong, we change it we wanted feedback and advice, as we did with some gear and tried with others, but yes it's exhaustive if you already say you can change x thing, and people still talk and talk and argue with you about it and how you are wrong for suggesting it. I personally asked Nova to close this topic since the third page of this thread, which comments are edited now, but he's offline. Nobody was forced to comment here, as said, we just wanted to improve our ruleset before we send it to a poll, where the players will decide anyway if they want or not, expecting that this way this topic could stay friendly. So annoying us is the way of getting this in your view? Nova already said the suggestion is valid with the reason of engaging PvMers to join PvP and if we get 50 people, so just annoy us because you don't like it? It looks very positive and friendly. I'll not discuss in this thread anymore as well, things ended with the last pic as we couldn't discuss if we would add the feather beret for the mid/low demihuman headgears or no.
  3. I just didn't see it as a so big improvement the first time I considered it. Anyone's opinion, even from the ones who are supporting it are just opinions.
  4. I think that it's good too because PVM players would put an investment in Blush of Groom, Poker Card, Gentleman's Pipe and it's something that can be used also in WoE 1, and it incentives, but not forcing, to farm for the slightly better ones if they want. Also any feedback is welcome about it. We are not locked to 0 investment or anything, we want improvements. Edit: If the improvement is not that small so we remove it then.
  5. Sura one shotting looks ok, so with a battlefield morning star it can kill mostly classes, I got 60k hp on a sura with apple's if I'm not mistaken, with a best weapon I think that it will always one shot. Also Imo this is fine too, people can use it in WoE 1 or any pvp scenario.
  6. What we are trying to do in this thread? The gears are there, we tested things and posted it to get feedback, anyone can talk about it. There's a topic for discussing it and anyone is free to open new threads to talk about it, but here we just want improvements in the gears that we tested(in what was possible with the characters we have), if we did think that what we proposed is perfect we would not even create this thread.
  7. I was not showing you the people, just sending you the discussion thread for that, this is just for the gears.
  8. So this would be it for now? Asura can kill tho, tested it with +7 gms, we could give a test and put temp boots in if it is needed to be more like WoE 1 meta(my opinion), but it's not like if skills are not spammable, nerf on bragi is not there and there's sacra. The VM weapon that we tested had enchants but they didn't apply to the character.
  9. This thread is to discuss the gear regarding the WoE with normalized gears suggested, before we move in to a poll, please do note that the discussion is for this only, there's a discussion thread for the discussion in general and in the end is the interested players vote that counts, so we kindly ask this topic to be regarding only the gears. After testing damages over the Recruit's Set(without the draft effects, as they wouldn't be enabled), we came up with this rule-set: The neat feature that treat a weapon with a higher refine as a lower one was suggested by Nova and it really looks nice in these settings, what can look a bit excessive there was actually tested over Recruit's Set and discussed about, the +9 Doram weapon damage can be healed at the same time that it is powerful and can kill as other skills. There's still no Temporal Boots on this list and of curse we are able to discuss that, we tested and the reduction looked kinda excessive even with the big penalty of losing the Recruit's Set combo effect, however as said it can be discussed about.
  10. In PVM your opponent are the monsters so it doesn't affect your progress if someone else played for more time and got more resources, the thing in pvp is that time = money = gear and it increases indefinitely, the problem is not having a limit, you'll always need a relatively same amount of time invested, of course some stuff get cheaper with the time etc but it's never the gears that are relatively good to compete, after some long time of server running, newer guilds doesn't stand a chance, to catch up: months. I understand that it can be not Nova's priority and as stated that the implement of this suggestion here would be to make pvm players attend to woe. I think that it's now offtopic as it's a bit off from the suggestion(but still related when comparing to it), anddd as I said the suggestion just looked fun for me so it's not really a big thing, people can still play and have fun, I personally want the custom settings and that's just me. (the underline in personally was supposed to be a italic but when I press the italic button it makes the text yellow/orange)
  11. Even though I still keep my opinion about it and don't agree with some things I appreciate that you as a veteran takes the suggestion serious, what I still think is about the gap between a newbie and a veteran getting bigger as time passes, yes, some people can join the scene and be established but it doesn't reach all people who have interest in WoE, so it is barely close imo to making people interested in WoE, for me making it more fun/enjoyable is not the same as forcing newbies to play. As I said in my previous post I found a place that will have these settings(as they could probably see the WoE renewal system with a certain problem) so I have no reason to try to change things here, most people don't see these things as a problem, I don't see it with a problem of the community, or the gears or anything in that way, the community does efforts to help but in my view they help in skill and can't reach everybody due to how the system works, I don't see a way that a guild could be created in the current circumstances or things like that while I see it on the suggestion settings, I hope I'm wrong about these things, I don't attend to WoE/Draft as said before and these are my personal opinions, and as I was saying, thanks for your attention and time.
  12. I think that the staff will not change their position, that was a fair position for both sides as mostly of the old players didn't like it and discussing doesn't seems to help much but yes let's try to keep on topic, the below is kinda offtopic about WoE 1 but some parts no. I never joined draft nor WoE 1 or 2, I didn't say that it's dying and I don't think that it is, it will die if one guild or both quits but it's not like if it is "progressively" dying, my interest on the custom mode was exclusively because a balanced environment looks fun, but let's suppose I would try to join WoE 1. - I'd play bg, draft, bg, draft, bg, draft, okay, now I know a bit about the game, not like a real WoE 1 experience but something close. - Now let's see how many guilds are recruiting and see which opportunities wait for me, there's 1 guild recruiting for WoE 1, the recruitment is only for support classes(not only ab but any kind of support), it's cool - A support class to start is really nice, however I don't want to play support forever, playing support classes would give me a good experience(skill) on WoE 1, after getting experience I'd be stuck in a class that I particularly don't like and I'd only need to stay on geffenia for years, donate np or do gmt/sky fortress to move to dps, and this without knowing if there would be a spot for dps by the time I have the zeny to buy gear. The doubt about having a place/guild to play with the class you like after getting a really high amount of zeny invested and the fact that in the current scene only two guilds and some randoms are fighting in it doesn't make it looks good to try the investment, also if I want to play with a friend, they would need to go through the same exhaustive process, it's okay if potentially WoE/PVP players need to do pvm, that's how it is supposed to work, but there's a limit, that's my opinion, after all, farming takes time and nobody wants to have the risk of throwing it away. If only the skill of experienced leaders can potentially let down newbies, what about the skill + gear, the suggestion(but in more balanced concepts) tone down the concerns by half(even though I believe that gear is more than half of it) and differently from the actual system, it's also relatively more easy for guilds to form and even to invite players that currently aren't on the server. Skill is also something that you get by playing WoE and in such environment it would be relatively more easy to get, assuming that some newbies try and try and die in WoE many times, here the effort would be more effective and "rewarding" in terms of fun, everything here is just my opinion. tldr WoE 1: Welcoming to get skill about how it works and classes and etc, you can start in bg, then draft, then play a support class. Hard to gear to catch up with veterans, there's no thing on it that makes you want to invite someone else and it's a high bet using your time to try to join it. Suggested WoE: You can get a basic notions on skills in draft/bg even though the balance would be different here on the first months I believe but you can have a idea. No effort to to catch up in terms of gear with the veterans, if you play as support here, literally you don't need anything else to play another class but actually the practice of playing them. Engage inviting other players and people who's not in the server, why? Competition and easy start. Also the effort of newbies is more appreciated.
  13. I was going to try and recruit but I found a place who endorses the actual suggestion with improvements more like on the balance problem spotted by Arias: So it's two steps ahead of me what is awesome, not going to promote it so it ends here about the server, I didn't see this as something to help newbies get in draft or WoE 1 because I particularly don't see it happening in any way, the best it can happen is as already said and hated around putting hats as some kind of reward to force players into the content, then they leave. A player needs two things to play WoE or any competitive game with gear difference: Skill and gear/equipment/money/etc Draft, recruit's set and anything that you can give will try to train newbies into getting skill, that is really neat, however, the another side plays a important role for newbies or anyone to engage in competitive activity against another players, no matter how many times you die in WoE and get skill, it will not give you gears. Not saying that it is bad having gears on it, or that "veterans" don't deserve to play with them or anything like that, however is fact that as time passes the difference between a old player and a new player in gears get bigger and bigger, no guild will spawn with 20 people and let everyone farm repetitive PVM content for months and months before joining WoE or then buying NP and selling, everybody doing that, it doesn't happen, for a single player the amount of time to farm and farm thinking about WoE and not knowing if you'll have a guild after it just kills the motivation for it, assuming that it's a WoE player, they'll need to play pvm for months(or even a year or two depending on the schedule lmao). Everybody besides some people just talked about WoE 1 instead of the suggestion so that's my view of it, the amount of time is not worth the possibility of having fun, if somebody thinks that I'm wrong at some point please spot it, that's why for me a WoE mode with forced balance would be a must in private renewal servers.
  14. Heya @Altaria Sun, sorry that you have to hear such roasts and assumptions about you that are really unnecessary and has nothing to do with the topic, some part of the community can be like that but some of us are chill, we know that you just play to have fun as everybody else be it to get cute hats or kill people lmao, I just kindly want to ask to you or people that can also get offended by that to not directly reply to posts like that(be any kind if more comes) and stay in topic as we was preemptively advised by Panic, so let's ignore the offtopics, peace <3, if it get hats and something it's always welcome, but we need to understand that part of the community isn't comfortable with it. Let's back in topic ~
  15. It's just another woe "mode", it does help newbies but the big thing about it it's that it looks fun, only that, nothing more, it has not to do with WoE 1 in any way. You can remove all rewards and I'd pay to join it. They make it easy for anyone to try any character and not be limited to a really few in most cases, literally everybody has the gear. I believe that a any needed balance can be done through the gear limitation, if it doesn't attract some veterans by the low rewards I think that nothing can be done about that, however it is fun and competitive by itself and the way it is done, it attracts more people for being so easy to start playing. I think that if it's the case the staff could change the gear requirement by themselves or with the community feedback(if it causes the mode to not be enjoyable) if the suggestion goes live, slowly allowing more builds through time without "damaging" the suggestion philosophy. The thing is, we're not "locked" to this suggestion, same gears etc everything as he said until the end of the world. So many quotes lmao, but same, I have no idea where that teleports goes, but it is easier to learn actually playing and having fun, it's how we learn all the other aspects of the game anyway.
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