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  1. Since espa sounds like a very spam-heavy skill, something simple like Wickebine's Black Cat Ears may be what you need for mdef piercing. lol Update: It doesn't work on MVP's, I'll see myself out now.
  2. That would be an option, but I don't really see nova supporting multiple servers.
  3. I feel you. I love Ragnarok, played it since I was in middle school. (about 15 years...) Power creep is gonna be the reason I quit eventually.
  4. I began playing RO shortly before renewal released, once it did, the majority of the playerbase stayed on pre-re servers (Ratemyserver was basically how you gauged active servers at the time). The people that played pre-re servers had more a mentality of "Anti-renewal" than they were actually "pro-Pre-Re". I shortly joined hybrid servers (servers that had stuff like Trans WoE and 3rd WoE, etc). I had the most fun there. There were communities for both pre-re and renewal on the same server. I've always advocated for servers to do that, because it appeals to the widest base of players. 4th job is going to be a roller-coaster for a long time. When it arrives on Nova, I think it's going to really lose alot of people because it's just getting more and more out of control. We disable so many elements to new content as it is, it's hard to disable an entire class expansion when people play Nova because it releases kRO content so quickly.
  5. This was my first reaction to seeing the Inquisitor outfit. I really hate it and am genuinely curious what the lore justification is behind the name and outfit choice. The Sura lore is actually pretty cool. The Suras are basically monks that turned way from god and discarded their humanity to become stronger. They live in the wilderness and train 24/7. They are hobos lmao. now they look like the pope. If you haven't read anything about RO's story, it's pretty neat.
  6. Great videos. Welcome to the server, I look forward to seeing you in WoE.
  7. I think these are pains that unfortunately come with a majority pvm population. I think this is a problem that is also largely inherited by porting kRO. I understand and sympathize with those who blew loads of Z on an MVP just to get it kneecapped, but something has to give. but tailoring the server's PVP meta around a tiny fraction of MVP owners seems really dumb to me tbh. Would MVP owners rather there be more PVP participation (BG/WOE) or continue to curb stomp hoards of happy hour noobs? You can't have it both ways. Those noobs can't get sent packing to Geffenia every happy hour and expect them to be gung-ho on getting gud at pvp when the game feels unfair for the vast majority.
  8. This rework is lowkey genius on Gravity's part. Look at any WoE /endgame PvP/BG GX. They all use dual wielding for damage. (I actually use Katar, but I have a god-tier katar). but even the greatest Katar ever created is inferior to dual wielding in the current state of NovaRO. That's tragic imo. The assassin was given an exclusive weapon sub-type that doesn't get used. This rework gives an actual incentive to use Katars at endgame, and it also gives incentive to invest skillpoints in GX poisons. They've been memes since the days of spamming Oblivion Curse back in like 2014. This rework shines a light on mechanics of the class that have been utterly abandoned in favor of stacking Wandys and Eremes cards in dual wielding. Sign me the hell up for a meta that actually let's GX's use their tools and gives them versatility.
  9. The fact is that GX needed this more than any other class we've seen reworked so far. GX has zero viability in WoE/BG, PVM, and even PvP to some extent (PVP is actually kinda dead on this server atm, which sucks because that's where GX is at it's best). Guilds that run GX in WoE do it as a novelty. An RK or Sura has exponentially more utility and effectiveness in every "competitive" setting. That's not a good look. It's not good that there are classes (GX) that seem completely useless in every endgame setting. Bring on this rework before talking about undoing/rebalancing elements of it. im sorry Neis, you know ily, but you're gonna wish CI will crit when the power creep keeps introducing higher and higher redux possibilities. I'm honestly more sick of having to throw away my weapons and armor every few months to "upgrade" to the new shit that completely invalidates my investments, but that's an entirely different conversation
  10. I agree with both parties. GX is really underpowered in this current meta. RK/Sura can do everything GX can, but much better. I don't like when people post kRO videos in advance, because the reaction is always "look how stupid and broken ______ is going to be, we need to make sure this all gets nerfed into the ground" People almost always ignore the gears, and just see the big flashy numbers and have a panic attack. The mobility that CI will gain will really help GX, the critting can easily get out of hand. I'm willing to keep the teleport but alter the crit formula.
  11. Ideal DD crit (if PVM) is Bio5 hat with Acute enchant. If PVP/general, +9 Oni Horns is a great choice, but very expensive. Your mainhand should be Vicious Mind Dagger with Size Modifier enchant. Your offhand can be another VM dagger, or Glorious damascus (for pvp). The armor is really the same for RC and DD. Illusion Set is endgame for both.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that both GX and RK got anti-reflection mechanics, which I think is really important. It kinda came a bit late though, given that Abusive + VM isn't the meta anymore. lol
  13. GX needed this. I'm also glad Gravity finally found a way to make GX poisons actually important.
  14. The legbone is only good for Crit builds, sorry. JDR or +15 Vicious Mind for RC PvM.
  15. Are you talking about 40k Per CI hit? 40K per rolling cutter? 40K Crits? be more specific. also, JDR isn't inherently the best anymore. JDR at like +15, maybe. but the 2 Illusion Katars are godlike if spec'd properly. The Infiltrator for PVP and the Legbone for PVM. JDR is a good all-around option though.
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