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  1. Shrykos

    Cawful Patch Notes #118

    When the Green Ornate Scarf? >.< Thanks for the patch!
  2. Hi, I really liked your drawing of Viole, I would like one too. Your art is super cute!
  3. A greeting! I make this suggestion to see if it is possible to disable mechant in Auto-Trade of the city Splendide - @go 28 (or at least move the area where you can put these Merchant). You see, Splendide is a very beautiful city, I always wanted to keep it there, but now that I can finally do it on this server, the city is full of merchant selling things, they take everything beautiful from the city and that's why I make this suggestion, it would be great that Merchant can be disabled there, but if it is not possible it's fine.
  4. I like your idea, I think PvP has never had damage restrictions and should not have it now. I think it's enough that BG and WoE have damage restrictions, and as you say, in PvP we do not have a team or someone to help us, we need all the damage to be able to kill someone.
  5. I already want that title. I really liked the idea.
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