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  1. Go away. So what if the prices are so low now? If you are doing BMD for zeny income and prices are too low for you, then find another zeny spot instead of letting everyone else adjust for you just so you can have your income. Are you pretending, sir?
  2. Eww hats as rewards suggestion again -1 Be satisfied with just the title if you really like pvp
  3. This is a waste of time since people who are 'interested' in this game mode can't even be bothered to make a forum account and show their support. Most likely these people that are 'interested' are Fu's alts.
  4. Wrong. Newbies should have the initiative to approach vets and ask for tips and how to properly gear for WoE. I thought you love pvp? lol in the end its all about the cute hats you want for very little to no effort and investment Like Enya said, every veteran started as a newbie. Did you get 1-shot in BG and decided that it's "newbie unfriendly" instead of actually researching / asking vets how to survive more? For example, getting demi-human damage reduction gears. Oof. Finally someone said it. Also I am still waiting for these 'many players who are in favor of this type of woe' to comment here.
  5. If you guys want that kind of WoE 2 then go ahead. What I am against is you also want Siege Tokens and WoE Track points.
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