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  1. Thank you and sorry, just rushed my eyes to the post <3
  2. There's also an update to crit dmg or to the gears that give crit stats, something like this, will it be applied as well? '-'
  3. This is the kind of response that we need. I sincerely apprecite it and also congrat you for that. However, not only myself, but a huge part of the community were let down by how other members of the staff can't take critics and have shown to not be worth the lead of such a great place that is NovaRO. Put in your mind that if we complain, it's because we enjoy being here, or else it would be so very much easier to just "if I don't like, I don't play it". You should look over your team's answers to the player base with cocky "statements" and tantrums when the community isn't satisfi
  4. You have no idea about how you let your community down by answering stuff like this... you just make us feel like we're barking at the wrong tree. This "don't like, don't play it" "statement" it's the same as if someone goes to the Doctor complaining about their hip hurting during walks and the doctor saying "well... you better don't walk, then... walking is not the only method to get to places nowdays, you know?" We don't want the game to give an "easy boost" to new players or whatever. We just want to be able to complete the quests during the time we have to play the game, 'caus
  5. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    @Ariasmen Like @Seuvagemsaid, you're the entire circus, indeed... And can't also make a decent reading. You're only here to be the antagonist, to wrongly acuse people and make this thread a war. Get out of your bubble and get some sunbath, it may be good to you. I'm done with you, have a nice day.
  6. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    I agree with you that people who says that won't donate because the staff did something they don't like, shouldn't deserve attention and that's being an asshole. But then, you're thinking too much inside your box. There were lots of ways to take leechers to an end: they doing BSBs account bound, allowing a limited ammount of BSBs per account, making parties that if containing people who already finished their quests no members would complete their quests, etc. Or even just not allowing the practice of leeching in MH by the same way people can't KS or grief on regular maps (they get reported
  7. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    @Hylian Spectre I won't quote you because it'd be too much polution to the thread, but i'd like to leave my congrats to you. You've made the most reasonable comment i've seen yet in here. It envelops all my thoughts about this patch and what i think is the right thing to the server. It's also think it'sa shame that the staff is showing they can't take criticism without getting offended or giving a tantrum. Saying the door is opened to whoever wants to leave is something that anyone who cares about their business would never do and it shows how mature some members of the staff are. They could a
  8. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    I have bad news for the people who think they will be out till october and will come back with the seasonal events off of weeklies: In october Summer Festival will go down, then Halloween will go up and they'll find something to put into the weeklies. They want it to become a trend. Huge bad move by the staff...
  9. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    I actually enjoyed this idea of making it possible for players to choose between Old weeklies and Event related weeklies. It would make it easier for people to get BSBs who can't finish MH related quests, and make it more enjoyable for people who don't like doing events and minigame related stuff. The problem is that people will start to leave (i know lots who already quitted), and as you said, a domino effect will take place in the market and NovaRO will come to it's roots where starting here was almost impossible. So basically, if the staff keep being stubborn about it, and not admitting
  10. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    As you can see, theres some people complaining about the summer events being on the Weekly quests... Why don't u make a non-skippable survey during log in asking players if they want it or not in weeklies? Or if the new Weeklies are something players gonna do and have fun or not? If the issue is having too much BSBs on the server, or the market price being too low, or whatever reason that made weeklies more difficult to finish, just lower the BsB ammount per week, make it account bound... whatever... but i bet the majority of the server don't agree with this new changes, mostly because of t
  11. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    You said exactly what i feel... You're not forced to do anything in the game, you're not even forced to play it, but when things like this happen, that's how you feel, forced. @Huka So now if I can't finish the weeklies, my game will resume to zeny farming? I bet anybody would rather play something else if that's their option, since i know A LOT of people that only play for the weekly quests... Not to mention that someone with little time will have difficulties on zeny farming by Geffenia's "rush hours", which tend to match most of the other people's free time, that makes the zeny income very
  12. Kunakara

    Summer Patch Notes #138

    Sorry, I know you want people to play the seasonal events, since it demands time and effort from the staff, but forcing us to play this kind of content (which i don't like and never play, btw) for the weekly quests i think is too much. The event goes up every 3 hours, so if my free time doesn't match the event's i get no weeklies? Sincerely, I don't think you should include in weeklies a content that has a time to go up, when, clearly, not everybody will have the opportunity to do it. Make people play the game, kill monsters, gather items, do instances, but don't force them to play costume con
  13. Kunakara

    2020 Client Beta

    Can anyone help me? By the moment I tried the new client and reversed it to the old one it looks like the game got so much heavier. My FPS used to stay around 40-50, now its 9-12 making it impossible to play. Am I the only one?
  14. Hey, i wanna suggest just a simple thing, and that's about Warlocks not having an indicator of what skills are active on reading spell book, as I find myself sometimes without any/the correct number of skills to cast . There could be an indicator of those skills on the buff bar. Thank you <3
  15. The suggestion was never intended to "revive" a class, as long as it might've seemed to, but to make it more attractice until a true fix comes and overtakes the combo i suggested. I'm not confident the MDEF pierce will be any game changing add, since we already have some pretty useless shadow gear. As things are in nova i see something at best around 20% mDef bypass from next year update. But i am trully hoping for better things...
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