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  1. well, gene DPS is meta in the instance, soo its gene fault if your weap/armor broke Just make sure to recruit a gene that can keep this skill up, its even trackable with the @showbuffs command lol
  2. Azulao

    Summer Patch Notes

    Meh, used to love Summer event But the simple fact that is now mandatory to do in order to get Endevor / BSB's just killed the vibe Another Chore, another bad game design choice
  3. Azulao

    2020 Client Beta

    I always get impressed w/ the dedication to improve this old game by this staff, seeing updates like this always renew my love for RO thanks guys, keep the good work
  4. if you are playing rebel u shouldn't be struggling at all Fire Rain until you get Round Trip, then its a walk in the park Aim for getting a Mini mei ( its sells from a npc in @go main ) and farm some hunter fly Cards to put in it with just that u are ok until 175 !
  5. looking for a vm bow +15, with or without good enchants, leave your offer or pm-me ingame Azulao
  6. i will not bite this bait , get a better one
  7. well, yes, its optional, but when the option is to choose not doing and losing 180m in itens value its kinda hard for anyone to say no ( 3 BSB 120m~ + 2 cash equips like cursed shield that costs 6kcash ea) I mean, why this need to force people to play bg? I saw replys saying that going for 10 wins would make players more interested in bg, no, it doesn't, it only makes it more painfull to do and ruins bg quality even more, pvm player will not hunt card, refined Gears or even support classes to "help" in bg. This solution only helps to grow the hate for pvp content lol
  8. Just create 3 more weekly quest for players to choose lol make the 3 MH quest required and create 6 more weekly quest where player can pick 3 to do I freakin hate BG, if they change the quest to BG WINS it would be 10 times worse PVM is the core of Ragnarok GVG is the "end game" for PVP players ( 100% optional ) PVP and BG is just an addition to fill the pvp content, they aren't even 5% of the RO content ( Gear, maps, card focused, etc ) if u like pvp ok, but its not the main point in this game lol
  9. then its price will rise until it stay up in the market and stack up economics 101 hehe this would break BSB market by setting it on a fix price, BSB price will change depending on how the server want to refine something
  10. agree, with this new content [YSF, Lava gear, Vicious mind Rerolls ] people are spending money on refining like crazy, i saw friends throwing hundreads of zenys on that, nova ro constantily new contents prevents inflantion aloot ^~
  11. I kind like this ideia, my only fear would be people just stoping some trade or holding for the next removal, dunno how the overall pop would react had a mobile game that i played some time ago and they had a system like that, market would die for 1 mouth than on the free removel weekend, it would spike like hell.
  12. this would change NovaRO server style from a mid tier to low tier grind, lots of people would stop playing
  13. Mano, •se voce quer jogar com shura que fica no whatsapp no meio da OGH, vem com nós •se voce quer jogar com uma pt que o tank principal é o homuncolu, vem com nós •se voce quer chorar de rir enquanto morre 300 vezes, vem com nos agora se vc só quer fazer as instancia rushando 100% eficiente, aqui nao é teu lugar diversao > tryhard no final nos fazemos tudo, daquele jeito pew pew
  14. Azulao

    Patch Notes

    how was it working before ? like if i had 20% from excellion gear then it would calculate 20% + 30%of 20% ?
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