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  1. Hello! We don't have such feature just yet, but it is definitely something we plan on exploring in the future. Sadly it is something that can be quite time intensive, and we're not in a position to do so immediately. We have a similar pending suggestion: As such, I'll be rejecting this one.
  2. Hello! Starting from our next maintenance, there will be a new option for safely resetting the enchants on Rock Ridge gear for 50 Rock Ridge Coins.
  3. Hello! Like it was pointed out, Mild Wind does not work exactly the same as other elemental converters, the former being quite stronger. The whole idea sounds neat, but is also way too custom. We already have converters readily available that addresses that exact same issue and, due to these reasons, we'll be rejecting this one.
  4. Hello! Any system that allows for AFK farming would be easily abuseable, and we do not want to promote such behavior. If you're actively playing, you can use the command @autoloot and achieve even better results than waiting for your homunculus to gather loot from the ground. With that said, we appreciate the suggestion, but this is not something we will be implementing.
  5. Hello! As we specified on our Monster Hunting Release Plan: It is definitely something that we'll be tackling in the future. You can expect something similar to what has been done to other Illusion Dungeons. We don't have any numbers to share at this date, but I can't say they will follow the ones you have suggested. For that reason, I'll be rejecting this one.
  6. This one is a duplicate suggestion, I'll be sending it to rejected. In any case, you seem to have missed the original one! It's done for the next maintenance.
  7. Aimer

    Illusion of Labyrinth

    As we stated on a previous devblog, These are the official rates. We definitely plan on revisiting item requirements sometime in the future. Expect similar changes to how it was done to previous Illusion Dungeons.
  8. Hello! Please open up a Support Ticket if you're experiencing this!
  9. Hawk Eye, one of the enchants you can get on Temporal Boots https://www.novaragnarok.com/?module=vending&action=view&id=4879
  10. Hello! We appreciate your suggestion but, at this time, we do not have plans to implement more jRO items.
  11. Aimer

    Just Chilling

    Love the raw pencil aesthetic ~! Keep up the amazing work!
  12. Like Shalltear pointed out, we already have this feature available! Due to the nature of the process, the NPC has some restrictions such as not being able to sign slotted items or items with cards. You will also lose any enchantment made previously on the item, so be careful! That being said, I'll be rejecting this suggestion, as it is already in place.
  13. Hello! Indeed, it is implemented as a custom drop from the MVP that share its name, Boitata.
  14. Took some time, but they're finally here! https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Palette_Colors Sending to Implemented.
  15. They are incredibly cute! Keep up the good work!
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