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  1. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    It unlocks for your whole account and functions just like the regular ones.
  2. Thanks for the report! From what I can see, it was indeed just a wiki typo. I'll be sending this one to invalid.
  3. Hello, The NPC is working as intended, you do however need to be equipped with said item instead of just having it on your inventory. It's also worth to note that it requires a slotted version of the item.
  4. These do not fit under the criteria. As the name implies, it's a Character-exclusive storage, unique per character, and only character-bound items can be deposited into it.
  5. Hello! That's one thing that I always say, there's no limit in life to have fun, and I do hope you're able to scratch that nostalgia itch that only RO brings here with us. Welcome!
  6. A Character-exclusive Storage has been implemented since the Illusion Dungeons patch. Moving to implemented!
  7. Since our update to GM Events, Sweet Drops can be obtained in its egg form from our first two event boxes, Alice and Clock Baron. Moving to implemented!
  8. As you may all know already, we've implemented new calendars for the Daily Rewards. I'll be moving this one to implemented.
  9. Just talk with the Daily Rewards NPC and you should be able to change it. Mind you that, after a calendar is chosen, you'll have to finish it before you can swap again.
  10. As Rinku_Bny said above, you're free to use the Hat/Costume suggestion thread to recommend any hats you would like to see in-game! A while back, our only methods of implementing those were via custom quests, through seasonal adds on the Nova Shop or with seasonal events (such as Summer! and Halloween). Due to theme restrictions, there is, sadly, little to innovate about them. Going forward, with the new GM Event Boxes for example, "cool" themes will not be as hard to come by (as seen with the Clock Tower Event Box), and we are definitely work towards achieving a balance that works out for all hat collectors out there. This was a design philosophy of the Event Boxes since day one of development. To add to that, you can partly blame official servers design policy, as their latest costume releases are leaning hard towards the cutesy side of the spectrum.
  11. A warm welcome for you two!
  12. Hello there, glad to have you here! Welcome to NovaRO!
  13. For the time being, they are supposed to be a cosmetic addition only.
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