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  1. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    Great Monsters consist of Monster Hunting bosses found on the Savage Coast. The change is currently not being applied to the Training Chamber, which is something we'll fix in the near future. When it's ready.
  2. Hello! If you really believe there is a bug, please create a bug report right here and provide an official source of information. As the wiki is player driven, I encourage you to update any inaccurate information you may find, or inform the #wiki channel on our official Discord. I'd also recommend against linking videos from other servers. (The link has been removed.)
  3. Bittersweet. Glad to hear we managed to provide a great experience to you. Farewell Ciam, I hope everything goes well IRL. Good luck and stay safe!
  4. Good point, I've discussed this matter with the rest of the staff, and we are willing to release such information to the public prior to any real testing being done. We will be doing so before the testing of the new mobs begin. Adding to that, like mentioned on the main post, any of such advantages would be basically negligible, as we would be drastically changing how the mobs work and behave constantly during their testing phase. Definitely~!
  5. Of course not, we're here to help. Glad you're enjoying the server!
  6. Hello Eduardo! Guillotine Crosses have been pretty strong since their last update, although if you've been away for a long time, I'd personally recommend you try more classes, as many changes took place for most of them. In any case, if you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask, and I hope you enjoy your time here with us. Welcome to NovaRO!
  7. Aimer

    2-Star Monster Hunting Quests

    Everything listed under 'Monster Hunting' is exclusive to Monster Hunter and should affect only Monster Hunter maps. (Everything above 'Features') If that is not the case, please create a Bug Report!
  8. Still 3 as the easy mode has a single day cooldown. The hard mode of the instance will not be appearing on the quests.
  9. Not possible, the boots are unmodifiable after this process.
  10. Aimer

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Please open up a Bug Report in the Item Script section! While you can use iRO's listing as a base for what is able to be copied, they still keep the skill properties such weapon restrictions and whatnot. In which case, both Ignition Break and Wind Cutter are considered melee skills, while Sonic Wave is a ranged attack. That might've been just an oversight on their wiki. For Plagiarism, you can only copy 2nd class, damaging skills. While that includes part of the Ninja and Taekwon spell lists, it does not include Kagerou/Oboro/Star Emperor or Soul Reaper. You can also use iRO's listing to check what is copyable by Plagiarism. As for Auto Shadow Spell, you cannot autocast any expanded class/3rd class spells. (And of course, welcome back!)
  11. Aimer

    Christmas Patch Notes

    Should be fixed already. Same as the above although, sadly, it will require a reboot. Same for Shining Defense Scroll and Gin Potion of Energy. Sorry about that!
  12. Hello Jun! Ragnarok went through some drastic changes since pre-renewal, but the feeling of nostalgia is still very much alive. Hope you enjoy your time here with us, welcome to NovaRO!
  13. Aimer

    New Alternative Madogear!

    A new client is definitely on our future plans but, as you may know, it is a massive undertaking. Due to that, we cannot really confirm any dates or ETAs. However, the new animations will *most likely* arrive when the new client does or soon after.
  14. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    The new skill animations also require a newer client! We'll get there eventually.
  15. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    Sadly, no dates, but it may be something we explore in the near future.
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