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  1. Aimer

    Patch Notes #158

    Whenever they are researched, documented, coded, implemented and tested.
  2. This one kinda falls under rule 2 of suggestions, and it's basically just too broad of a concept. As there are talks on Commissioners that addresses things directly related to this topic, it's not entirely rejected. I'll send this topic to Discussion and, if anything here becomes an actual proposal, please bring it up to any of our Commissioners (BG or WoE, depending on which the suggestion pertains to).
  3. Aimer

    Patch Notes #158

    ... No?
  4. Is it coming? Yes. When? No one knows. Is it on the works? Maybe.
  5. Our server host has been experiencing issues for the whole day. Please check the #announcements channel on Discord for more updates. Sorry about the inconvenience.
  6. Aimer

    Patch Notes #157

    Features Fixed a vending log error that would display unknown items. Fixed Training Chamber to always display the correct values of the mob. The Healer NPC will no longer remove the Blood Sucker effect. Updated the remaining old Tool Dealers to the upgraded universal Tool Dealer. Fixed the @hidecart display on baby characters. Added the Whereabouts of the Gardeners quest for Water Garden instance. @whosells will now give priority to items that are dropped from mobs. Fixed an issue with the Hunter Job Change quest. Community Suggestion Adde
  7. We're a bit too far from 4th jobs to answer this properly.
  8. Aimer

    MH Hate Patch Notes #156

    Features The Valentines Day event has ended. All Valentines Day Nova Shop items have been removed. Valentines Day Event eggs have been removed. Added a new Thief exclusive shop on the Main Office. - Arboreal Event Egg has returned to the Event Ticket shop for 15 tickets. - Spring Hat Box has returned to the Nova Shop. - Spring Pack has returned to the Nova Shop. - Spring Hat Box II has returned to the Nova Shop. - Blossoming Buddies Pack has returned to the Nova Shop. - Lush Hat Box has returned to the Nova Shop. - Bloomi
  9. That line was from a rough draft and was mistranslated. The skill behavior and its description was updated in-game.
  10. Features Added a new feature to the Hat Effect Genie: You can now attach a hat effect to your costume garment for 6,500 Nova Points. When you select the hat effect to use in your garment, it will vanish from your inventory and instead become an enchantment on the costume garment. When this happens, your garment becomes account-bound. You can revert this process by purchasing a washing service from the NPC. This system comes with the following restrictions: You cannot add more than one effect to a garment costume.
  11. As per our rules: Botting is and will always be against our rules. Whoever mentioned to either "not bother" or that "we will be too overburdened" is straight not telling the truth. It's best to avoid mentioning anything regarding bots/macro users or suspects in public, since the rule breaker might use such information to make itself harder to detect. Don't be discouraged to report any rule-breaking behavior, and please always report suspected bots if you think you've seen one. You can do so by using the @botreport command in-game, by submitting a Player Report with a recording
  12. It was an intentional decision on the part of the MH team to make it instant cast with zero after cast delay, but keep the immobilization, making it not as punishing to recast, but still keeping the risk factor of having to recast the skill before moving again.
  13. Any Homunculus can hit Ghost-property monsters by default.
  14. No, as they are unrelated. For reference, the only classes missing their official values is Soul Reaper and Rebellion, and our stance has not changed since the last time this has been asked: We do not have the numbers, nor it's easy to get them, we'll implement them as soon as we do and, if you have any information on that, feel free to let us know.
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