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  1. Aimer

    New Alternative Madogear!

    A new client is definitely on our future plans but, as you may know, it is a massive undertaking. Due to that, we cannot really confirm any dates or ETAs. However, the new animations will *most likely* arrive when the new client does or soon after.
  2. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    The new skill animations also require a newer client! We'll get there eventually.
  3. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    Sadly, no dates, but it may be something we explore in the near future.
  4. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    They do have a very similar effect, but they're still two entirely different skills.
  5. The server had a quick downtime, but as you noticed we're already back up.
  6. Hello and welcome back! Hope you find some free time to enjoy the game again! As far as leveling goes, you can always refer to our Leveling Guide. For your specific level range, the most popular option is doing the Gramps turn-in quest, at the Eden HQ.
  7. You can change it for free by right clicking the character on the Character Selection screen.
  8. Hello! As people already mentioned it, please remake this as a Bug Report on the Skill Functionality section, here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/forum/bug-tracker/skills/ Thanks in advance for the report!
  9. The game went through some drastic changes over the years, it is never too late to start over. Glad to have you here with us and hope you can revisit some of that RO nostalgia we all have. Welcome to NovaRO!
  10. Hello! And thanks! We definitely appreciate the compliment. Welcome to NovaRO!
  11. Hello! We appreciate the suggestion, but this isn't something we'll be doing.
  12. Hello! Dust has been tackling this, there's a pinned post about it on the Suggestions subforum: Sadly, we have no ETA for those but, as Temporal Boots enchants are already on the to-do list, I'll be rejecting this suggestion.
  13. Hello! We don't have such feature just yet, but it is definitely something we plan on exploring in the future. Sadly it is something that can be quite time intensive, and we're not in a position to do so immediately. We have a similar pending suggestion: As such, I'll be rejecting this one.
  14. Hello! Starting from our next maintenance, there will be a new option for safely resetting the enchants on Rock Ridge gear for 50 Rock Ridge Coins.
  15. Hello! Like it was pointed out, Mild Wind does not work exactly the same as other elemental converters, the former being quite stronger. The whole idea sounds neat, but is also way too custom. We already have converters readily available that addresses that exact same issue and, due to these reasons, we'll be rejecting this one.
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