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  1. TunaDeck explained it well. At 4th job, GXs also get a new skill that also applies Dark Claw - albeit hard to cast thanks to the high AP requirement. All in all, while the pure SBK builds did get a nerf, GX as a whole got way stronger.
  2. Hey there, I've removed two images and a single link from the main post that related to another private server. Next time, try to use Divine Pride or an official source for official changes! I've slightly edited your post to include all changes related to that patch. Source: https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-kro-jobs-improvement-project/page/7/&tab=comments#comment-7644 (And if you ask me, that's nothing more than a slap in the wrist of GXs - most of the changes are buffs, and quite big ones.)
  3. As with all monster releases so far, most definitely yes. I won't be able to confirm exactly what, but both new Dante items and new shadow gear will be introduced with Hrungnir and MH3.
  4. Aimer

    Patch Notes

    Indeed, they should work exactly the same way.
  5. Sorry, but ETAs is not something we provide. They will come when they are ready.
  6. Removed your link as it was from another private server (please do not link those here!) Like OXD mentioned, you cannot acquire costumes from mob drops. Aside from being able to transform any headgear in a costume, some can be obtained through Quests, GM Events, Seasonal Events (such as our upcoming Summer Festival), Nova Shop and others.
  7. No clue! I'd like to provide an estimate release date, but that is just something we don't do. They do however have to at least reach the live kRO servers first, as kRO devblogs (and even some patchnotes) have proven to be changed/inaccurate/ninja patched from time to time. On another note, I have to say that AoE Soul Strike is a home run. Love it.
  8. Not possible, as they were also removed with the update. If you can still craft those items, please open up a Bug Report!
  9. What Ara said. Please do not suggest official content.
  10. Aimer

    Community Gala Patch Notes

    Use a Gold Angel Idol, which is also sold by the Knight's Shield Bearer.
  11. That restriction was added because it is official. You need arrows equipped to cast the skill, but you cannot equip arrows with daggers or swords on kRO (we are able to it here as a QoL change), neither can you cast the skill with a bow.
  12. Related to these two bug reports: The numbers were indeed tweaked in an attempt to be more accurate, but the information regarding that is quite limited. However, this is not related to the Genetic skill revamp.
  13. You need to deliver both quests of a level range. In your case, both Uzhas and Draco.
  14. The server should be (finally) back online. Sorry about the delays!
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