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    Glonfel, DJ Pon3, Mini Pony

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    I love all Classes
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    I Like to make some friends, but im very shy, i love to make some different things and other ways to play RO, feel free to call me and tell some jokes, i love the bad ones xD

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  1. Glonfel

    Skill Rebalance Patch

    OMG Finally im in love with this update
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering with some friends of mine, if its ok to use some edited GRF, because we have a bit of trouble when we are killing some MVPs and missclick the mobs, we are very blind, so i came here just to know if using GRFs that make the MVPs bigger would be OK to use, or the server doesnt allow? Just a simply question xD, oh and sorry if im posting in the wrong place, first time using the forums
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