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  1. Sadly, pvm players don't understand how much effort "veterans" put in pvp. How long they was studying stuff and how many hours they spend developing builds and strategy's. You can't jump right from Gramps to Woe and have a fair fight even with all MVP cards on a newbie side. That's why "veterans" always gonna be better. I think there is no point in trying to force pvm players into woe. They never gonna spend their time on pvp if they are not interested in it. In other side, people who like pvp - they gonna do pvp anyway, and it's doesn't matter if they have gears or not, they gonna learn, gear, ask veterans, watch woe videos and spend all their time into getting good. But yes, it's hard to catch up to pro player level experience, that's why we have this absolutely amazing draft woe system where absolutely anyone can play with the best players on server side by side. And you even have free gears for it... I am sorry, but how can you even ask for more?! Draft woe is already "friendly for newbie" enough, there's no need to create new stuff. Point is: people who want to woe and pvp - they gonna do it no matter what. (And we already have everything for easy start) People who want to woe for cute hat's - gonna be unsatisfied with any kind of woe bcuz they always would be outplayed by people who invested much more of their time in it. My opinion we should stop foricing pvm players to join woe, and just wait while new pvp players come and rise. (Maybe even shift Nova's marketing aspects little bit towards woe and pvp players?)
  2. is this still working? seems no for me
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