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  1. Hey, Tomegaspadas! Welcome to NovaRO! I hope you enjoy it here! ~
  2. Welcome, DeltaGen! Don't be shy and feel free to ask everything you need in #support, both ingame and in our Discord - a fellow staff member or helpful player will soon guide you! ^^ ~
  3. Hi, Kurusu! Welcome to our server - I'm very glad you're liking the server so far! Also, very cool art! We have a section in our forum dedicated to that, I'm sure you'll fit right in! Again, welcome!
  4. Welcome to the server, Axell! I hope you enjoy your time here! ^^
  5. Hey, Ulquiorra-sama! Welcome to our server! Se você não se importa, lhe responderei em português! Em nossa Wiki há alguns guias de builds, de upar e farmar. Outra maneira de aprender é entrando em nosso servidor do Discord e perguntando lá no #portuguese (ou ingame também). Não é necessário fazer as quests de job, temos Job Changer no Main Office (@go 50). Qualquer coisa, fique à vontade para me mandar uma mensagem em privado no Discord (Svarog#8571)! Novamente, seja bem-vindo!
  6. Hey, Nossida! Welcome to our home, you'll certainly find many friendly people here ^-^~ Enjoy your stay ~
  7. Yo! Real life always get us! Welcome back!
  8. Nice, a newcomer! I hope you take your time and learn to enjoy this wonderful game! ^-^
  9. Welcome to our home! I hope you enjoy your time here, our community loves players that want to learn! ~
  10. Welcome to our server! I hope you feel right at home here. ^-^ You might find us somewhat differently than iRO, as we follow kRO, but I'm sure you'll enjoy playing here - you came right as we are launching the level 185 patch!
  11. Welcome to NovaRO, Skyokami! Yes, the game is very much still enjoyable, as you can see by our active community :-) New players often do the Gramps quests to level up, and one of those is located in Payon Dungeon!
  12. Mainly Football Manager, Paradox Interactive titles and Mount & Blade. When I have time, of course.
  13. Wow, so many memories! I fell in love with this game in this exact town!
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