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  1. Why did they not implement the bragi nerf?!
  2. It feels fair since some classes already had their movement disabled so they can see some play now. Very good change!
  3. From what I can tell, +25% from Pecopeco, +40% from Chip set, but Im not sure about the Rocket helm.
  4. Rocket Helm vs PecoPeco Hairband vs Runaway Chip Set Do all three give out the same 125% movement speed or is one better than the other? Q2: Does Increase agility stack with any of those items?
  5. It would be a disaster if you could only play on one client, however if there's a reasonable cap on how many clients you can have on at the same time that might be something to look into.
  6. Hey all, would it not be a good idea to have a skin tone option in the character customisation? it would be a good quality of life change!
  7. Hello How often do items thats been suggested get implemented into the game? Would it not be a good idea to implement a respectable amount of the items suggested every patch? That will give players more reason to grind and keep the game fresh every patch. Obviously any item that is considered broken wont be added, Thanks
  8. I did read that patch, as far as I know there's no set in stone table of the items being added, Id rather not not over expect. Please, If I missed it post a picture or something, thanks.
  9. Hello, I've been playing on Nova for a while now and I'm still enjoying it for the most part, the game is getting kinda stale since in my own opinion there's not enough equipment (especially headgears ) to keep the game fresh compared to other official servers I played on. Is there any news of any major expansions coming in the near the future? Thanks.
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