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  1. 1: About attack rate, Yes 2: About Critical damage, after Long_range_atk_modifier.
  2. Size, race, class and damage on X element monster bonuses are all on the (weapon_attack + equip_attack) x elemental_bonus x card_modifiers + mastery_attack). Size = Damage on small/medium/large monsters Race = Damage on dragon/fish/undead(don't mix it with undead element!)/demon/angel/beast/demi-human monsters Element = Damage on fire/water/wind/earth/holy/shadow/undead/neutral/poison/ghost monsters Class = Generally it's the ATK%/attack rate% it is the physical damage bonus you do on Normal/Boss/Guardian class monsters, so ATK% gives bonus to all of those classes.
  3. About the DDA stuff: While I understand why show 1 instead of the normal **b i g** numbers to avoid confusion with the actual damage that's being dealt but that brings another problem, usually we track our buffs based on our current damage and seeing just 1 damage makes it kinda impossible to see if we are actually missing something, unless that even with DDA it still shows the normal damage via Battle Log.
  4. If the developers wants to do a dynamic battle with monsters having different defenses, Why not follow the same concept of Garronath's Wind Shield? To this date Garronath's Wind Shield is the most cool and well thought mechanic in the entire MH for me, because of this: The Wind Shield starts to build and you need to damage Garronath enough or it'll start avoiding ranged attacks and receiving less damage, however you can conteract this problem by attacking closer to the boss meaning you have more risk of getting damaged but you can still be helpful to the fight regardles
  5. What I would say about the CI fiasco was already well said by the entire community, now into another problem... MH EXCLUSIVE BUILDS; As you, the developers, may know MH has alterations and systems that make some builds that work pretty well outside MH that are totally useless inside MH unless players "adapt" their build costing them billions; Examples are: Soul Destroyer Guillotine Cross: Unable to crit, players wanting to run their favorite build needs to spend another billions to adapt from a ACD-crit-ranged-atk-crit rate balanced bu
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