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  1. Genesis

    Disable Saturday Night Fever in BG

    Setting aside the arguments about the effects of the skill and if it should be enabled or disabled, can we at the least disable it to affect players beyond the playing ground (safe area) as it is used to troll/bm players?
  2. Basically, if we can just add "buy all" for +10 and +20 foods selection, we would be able to buy everything 10x faster for foods. Unless it is planned to release Almighty, Heroes' Course, Orlean's Course for bg uses.
  3. Genesis

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    I second this. Everything in our current meta is tank-able except a good unlimit ranger, in which you have to rely for them to miss in various ways. In my opinion, this meta is one of the best WoE experience in RO but with the future changes, I feel like it's gonna be terrible. An exaggerated example but, kRO's WoE feels like pre-renewal in where you invite 64 random people into your guild and hope you get a castle. Imagine sacrificing middle slotted headgear for 10% ACD, imagine sacrificing your accessories, your armor, your shadow set to get little more ACD. Everyone would just run past the other's stack and straight to the emperium, it's silly.
  4. Genesis

    kRO Skill Rebalance

    kRO's WoE looks terrible even with 100% acd over-upped gears, imagine this on nova.