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  1. It's aight, just tell me if you're backing out. Don't want you to spend your fortune for it.
  2. I assume you died while trying to make the boots I ordered
  3. Genesis

    Patch Notes

    Is the Premium Storage for the whole account or you have to unlock it per character?
  4. Uhh because for you to deal more damage with Nova Explosion, you will need to stack HP. HP = survival, so basically you're getting tankier and hitting stronger at the same time. While CI... you know how it goes, it's silly.
  5. Or maybe reduce the cast time of repair scrolls because it takes forever especially for kvm.
  6. Well if you’re playing CC Sura which is a support build, shouldn’t you be one shotting other tanky support classes as well?
  7. The character-exclusive storage is not working as intended perhaps, "Snowball" from winter event and "Piece of Turtle Shell" from Illusion of Abyss are both rejected by the storage. I bet there are a lot more character-bound items that are also rejected by the implemented storage.
  8. I already suggested this a month ago; Seems like they are not interested in implementing this stuff for some reason. The Orlean's Course though gives +30 Atk and Matk, while I only suggested the Mega Mighty and Mega Heroes' Course which are +10 and +20 food in 1 hour form without additional buffs.
  9. Perhaps it is just making things over-complicate, but the concept of gear-cloning is not something everyone is comfortable with. This is why we still have attendees in draft that does not comply with "equip your gears" thingy. I'm fine with the current plan, I'm just considering our possible options.
  10. I think instead, we should have GM Captains choose and make their own gear from a pool of items list. Here's my idea; Defensive Upper HG - Black Feather Beret / Warlord's Beret or LOWER Mid HG - Not limited Lower HG - Not Limited Armor - +9 WoE Set or LOWER Shield - +4 Valkyrie Shield, other shields or LOWER Manteau - +9 WoE Set or LOWER Boots - +9 WoE Set or LOWER Rings - Glorious Rings, Sound Amplifier, PERs, MIRs limited to 5% enchants (or 4%?) or LOWER Offensive: Upper HG - Limited to +9 version of headgears or LOWER, Limited to +6 version of Bio5 headgears or LOWER Mid HG - Not limited Lower HG - Not Limited Armor - +7 Flattery/Abusive/Excellion with any enchants or LOWER Shields - +4 Valkyrie Shield, Cursed Knight Shield, Mad Bunny and other shields or LOWER Manteau - Limited to +7 Valkyrie Manteau, +11 GSS, +8 Nidhogg, and other manteaus at +8 or LOWER Boots - Limited to +6/+7 version of boots / temporal boots Rings - PERs, MIRs, Glorious Rings or LOWER (PER/MIR enchants limited to 5% or 4%?) Weapons - BXB, Crimson, VM, SFB and etc, limited to +15, Glorious Weapons limited to +14 Cards for all slot - Non-MVP LOWER means inferior versions of the suggested item The idea: To prevent GMs for copying the most end-game gears that players worked hard while also gearing them close to average of what people usually wear for Draft. Note: Improve this suggestion as I'm not all-knowing and unsure if the list is just. Note2: If a GM has a legitimate, obtained normally gears that he would like to play, then he's allowed to use it. Thoughts?
  11. I don't know if you have noticed this, but you guys are already dying so easily with bg/woe reducs and you still want to implement this idea with the current pvp room reducs. If you think these classes are really viable as DPS, then test it out in the appropriate area of PvP, it's not all about getting kills or doing damage; otherwise there won't be a role called support and might as well say "mid or feed".
  12. I don't get it. We have BG which gives TITLES and gives BADGES in which you can trade for costumes, why do we need this? Why am I seeing familiar people in this thread agreeing to this suggestion where most of you, spent your time in PvP room sitting, socializing and gang banging newbies to the point that they do not return. We don't need further rewards to lesser competitive area, if you're here to pvp then join BG, if you're here for both pvp and rewards then join WoE, there's no need for rewards in pvp room, it's mostly about the glory, in which you guys will never get by try-harding against newbies. tl;dr - rewards + glory (leaderboards)
  13. ** I have placed this bug report in the wrong section, sorry ** Furious Ice Titan Card Def + 5, additional Def + 5 per refine rate. When equipped with Furious Snowier Card, reduce damage taken from medium size monsters by 20%. Bug: Def +5, additional Def +1 per refine rate (instead of +5 def per refine) Proof: Without Ice Titan: Def + 65 With Ice Titan (expected) Def + 105 (5 def + 45 def for +9) With Ice Titan (currently) Def + 79 (5 def + 9 def for +9)
  14. I'm dying sir, my +9 boots please.
  15. If you have to add these converters for its elemental diversity, it should be the same for the arrow users, implement Immaterial too.
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