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  1. How much the damage of the cast canon? 10x? How the gx or just 50% more.
  2. sou

    Patch Notes

    Novaro lv 999 now, with this damage.
  3. sou

    Patch Notes

    And the update for genetic?
  4. After killing thousands of mob to get a card, i asked myself: what is the probability of not getting a card? The complete formula is explained in the imagen, but we are interested when x=0 (probability of not getting card), so =(1-p) ^(n-x), n= deaths; x= successes; p=(% drop card) Example: what is the probability of having 0 mini boss card after killing 3000, n=3000; x=0, p=0,1%=0,001 =(1-0,001)^3000=0,0497 meaning 4,97% of not having card. It is more likely that you already have a card. Example 2:what is the probability of having 0 mvp card after 5000 killing. n=5000; x=0; p=0,02%=0,0002. So =(1-0,0002)^5000= 0,367 Meaning 36% of not having card. Bad luck Example3: what is the probability of having 0 vicious bow +10 (with mechanic) with 600 vicious bow +0. n=600; x=0;p=0,299%=0,00299 =(1-0,00299)^600= 0,1658, meaning 16,6%of bad luck. You have to be positive, in the end after hundread of thousands you have to fall rare card or uninstall novaro before.
  5. Hi, i would like suggest that NPC is implemented that can change treasure box (or another item) for witch starsand, on other servers i have seen that it exists. With the implementation of the toy syringe, what is the use of having the toy syringe if i do not have potion or very expensive? Also how are people going to rank if they do not have witch starsand. to enter the ranking you need 120 k of witch starsand, price =5000z x120k= 600m (or kill 120k of bathory) + 120m of white potion, then for ranking need 720m. Ademas hoy en dia quien lima witch starsand?, se requieren mas formas de obtener el item dado el gran consumo
  6. sou

    Patch Notes

    Thank you
  7. sou

    Patch Notes

    I again, second part of the quest of rosary, i have to search sorin spirit, some help plis. Edit: i find npc
  8. sou

    Patch Notes

    But he tells me "i might want to come back after the next half moon" the npc does not give good information...
  9. sou

    Patch Notes

    Question how do i start the quest of the rosary in mouth? Thk
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