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  1. At Novaro your homunculus shares a good percentage of your base exp received. So afk up is not an effective strategy on the server. The suggestion I give is, collect all possible quests from Eden boards, so with the hom alive deliver all the quests and watch your homunclo lv up as fast as magic. Doing Gramps missions with your hom active is also a good idea. My english isn't that good, but i think you can have an idea about what am I trying to suggest.
  2. Without Gertie's Memory even Black Wing [1] beats Jack The Knife (Fatal menace) Every refine +6 only increase the gap.
  3. Fafnir

    RK sonic wave

    A lot of Crit damage modifiers and some after cast delay. I'd go for something like this: +9 + Illusion Goibne's Helm [1] (Lucky Nive/Lucky Nive) Or Old Rune Circlet [1] (Acute Lv. 5 or +); New wave sunglasses Illusion armor A-type (Power/Power/Delay) or (Power/Power/Ranged) +11 or +Vernan [2] (Fatal or Sharp enchant) to get ride of Sonic Wave cooldown; Temporal boots of lucky (Expert archer / Bears might or Speed of light) King Schmidt's Strong Insignia [1] (Strong or Flash / Fatal or Sharp) and/or Illusion Booster [1] (Expert Archer / Fatal) Fallen Angel wings [1] Petal/Menblatt (Fatal/Fatal/Fatal) or +9+ YSF Manteau for some acd A lot of EOE Luk. At least 120 lLUK/STR 193 aspd and some VIT for survivability.
  4. Yes, is it. and yes it's account bound. You can learn more about it here: https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki/Tomb_of_the_Fallen#Old_Headgear
  5. IMHO overall FWM+aura is better. For auto attack crit, Faw still stronger. Since Sonic Wave can now apply critical hits, Oriental Sword [2] should be another decent choice too. Well enchanted, Beam Claymore-OS [2] isn't that bad too.
  6. Only Chain Combo was reworked to double damage with knuckles, but Increases Raging Thrust, Chain Crush Combo and Glacier Fist damage by 50% while under Gentle Touch - Energy Gain buff.
  7. For shield chain i'd recommend VM Dagger with ACD delay. I'm using Firing shot in my A-leg to reach IC. This is what my build looks rn.
  8. Fafnir

    Edda Biolab Patch Notes #126

    lul, love'd the Elemental Boots. Didn't knew about this one!
  9. Fafnir

    Ajuda / Dúvida

    Opa, boa noite. Então meu bom, Sharpshoot ainda é a skill mais forte para ranger (Em breve teremos o Aimed Bow, deixando Aimed bolt lado a lado), o que mudou foi que chegaram novos equipamentos alterando um pouco o meta. Como acessórios existem o novo booster L [1] e booster R que além de já darem 5% de ataque, podem receber 10% dano ranged, 10% dano critico e 10% aspd, deixando o Anel de Geffen bem pra traz para a build já que recebe os 3 encantamentos ao mesmo tempo, de acessório também chegaram as Insignias, que combam com os encantamentos das botas temporais, caso você não deseje deixar de usa-las. A armadura Illusion armor A-type pode ser encantada com power(atk) e delay (after cast) para manter uma boa parte do after cast delay sem perder o dano, ficando provavelmente melhor que a armadura do atirador de elite, a illusion wing B-type é uma opção de capa do momento também, podendo ser encantada com dano critico e aspd, além de também reduzir um pouco do delay, de skills. Outra opção de capa é a tão sonhada Fallen angel wing que finalmente chegou no servidor.
  10. Character name: Leliana Siegfried Pet: Leib Olmai Pet: Archangeling Pet: Myst Case Pet: Tatacho (with new wave)
  11. Hello, Cannon spear isn't a very common skill here in Nova because of its 2sec. cooldown. There are other cheaper and even more efficient builds. Buuuut if you choose to actually use this skill, your build should be quite simple. Ranged damage modifiers > STR> ATK. There are two weapons that optimize this skill damage, a very good, easily obtainable Imperial Spear [1] and can be enchanted in Malangdo with Expert archer 12 plus a + 31% skill damage modifier on refining 15 and Cannon Spear [1], a more expensive but more efficient build-specific weapon and can also be enchanted with Expert Archer 6 plus a + 65% skill damage modifier on refining 15. As the skill has no cast, the ideal is a STR temporal boots [1] choosing Expert Archer / Bears Might as enchantments. As a garment a +7 Fallen angel Wing with Expert Archer, evolving to +9. Menblatt card for more damage. For headgear anything that increase ranged damage is good for cannon Spear, starting I recommend Airshipt Captain's hat, then later you can get a Bio5 hat that Increases the damage of Cannon Spear by 20% per 2 upgrade levels of the item.
  12. I believe something around 300 ~ 400m. As the only DPS in a meme group, I use approximately 5 triangle shot / second, hitting approximately 180k each. The fight lasted about 5~6 minutes, so 5 (hit / s) * 180k (dmg / hit) * 360 (Sec. Fighting) = 324m ~
  13. Unfortunately I don't have a +15 Vellum Crossbow to test, but I can guarantee that the +11 AC-B44-OS (+ 5% ATK / 20% Ranged damage) [2x WK] is better than a +15 VM (ATK + 3% / Bypass 23% of Human DEF / 19% Ranged damage) [WK]. Tested on a training chamber (Human / Medium / 0, 500 and 1000 DEF) Only for triangle shot, obviously.
  14. At +11, the AC-B44-OS easily beats +15 VM for triangle shooting purposes.
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