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  1. Fafnir

    Edda Biolab Patch Notes #126

    lul, love'd the Elemental Boots. Didn't knew about this one!
  2. Character name: Leliana Siegfried Pet: Leib Olmai Pet: Archangeling Pet: Myst Case Pet: Tatacho (with new wave)
  3. Nice! Wasn't expecting so much itens.
  4. Fafnir

    New Episode Teaser

    Great to know that 17.1 : Illusion is already arriving on the server. Is there any news about MVP and enchantments from Magma Dungeon F3?
  5. Fafnir

    Patch Notes #111

    Shouldn't baby doram be considered Small size?
  6. Fafnir

    Monster Hunting Blog #2

    I understood your proposal here, but wouldn't be more interesting if the role "Healer" was released to the other classes? In that way we would broaden the diversity of the game, giving opportunity for new builds or forgotten builds, such as the Fish'ish Summoners, and Support Royal Guard's.
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