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  1. For an ASS build, Old Parasol [3] will only be worth with Guardian Robe [1] to auto-cast Soul Strike level 10, Napalm Vulcan level 5 and Psychic Wave level 3. You'll have a lot of skill jumping out of the screen, Cd in mouth'll only lower your DPS.
  2. For an endgame ASS I'd go for something like this: Skills idea: - Duple light / Raging Trifecta Blow Top : +7 Inconspicuous Hat or +9 Zaha doll [EOE INT 3 / EOE AGI 3]; Middle: Black Devil's Mask [1] [EOE INT 3 / EOE AGI 3] for MATK and some overall bonus or Sigrun's wing for the flat +1 ASPD; Lower: Magical Rosary In Mouth or Rainbow Scarf Garment: +10 or higher Guardian Robe [1] [Autocast some skills with the accessories] [Marsh Arclouse Card] - MATK and ASPD; Acessory 1: Evil Spirit Glove [1] (Agi or Int enchants) [Owl Baron Card] - Autocast Lex Aeterna; Acessory 2: Red Lantern [1] [Owl Duke Card] - Autocast Impositio manus; Weapon: +10 or higher Old Parasol [3] (ASPD or Spell enchants) (2x Immortal wind ghost card, 1x Immortal Cursed Knight Card) - MATK and autocast Killing Cloud and Ignition Break; Shoes: +9 or higher Temporal boots of INT (or AGI if you can't reach 193 aspd) [1] / Spell (or ASPD if you can't reach 193 aspd) / Runaway Magic [Nightmare Verit card] - More MATK; Armor: +9 Illusion B type [1] (MATK enchants) [Byorgue Card] - ATK+MATK Shield: +9 Madbunny or Cursed knight Shield (If lack of aspd) [Bijou card, if you have the money] or anything else if you don't. - ATK, MATK and Immunity to Frozen Stats: STR: 8x~10x [ATK and Weight limit] AGI: 10x~12x [ASPD, flee and status resist] VIT: 8x~10x [HP, DEF and status resist] INT: 10x~12x [MATK, MDEF] DEX: 6x~8x [Hit and some ASPD] LUK: leftovers [For more MATK or something].
  3. Finally we can see a Sura shine in pvm. Regarding PVP, why not just add a 2 or 3 second countdown to the snap, or come back with the cost of spiritual spheres?
  4. Leliana Siegfried

    New Episode Teaser

    Great to know that 17.1 : Illusion is already arriving on the server. Is there any news about MVP and enchantments from Magma Dungeon F3?
  5. Leliana Siegfried

    Patch Notes

    Shouldn't baby doram be considered Small size?
  6. I understood your proposal here, but wouldn't be more interesting if the role "Healer" was released to the other classes? In that way we would broaden the diversity of the game, giving opportunity for new builds or forgotten builds, such as the Fish'ish Summoners, and Support Royal Guard's.
  7. Hello good afternoon. First, I'm sorry for reliving a post from 2014. I went to look for this option, to move some characters from page 2 to page 1 and I did not find it. As the post is in the "implemented" category, can any good soul explain to me how to change the slot the character is in?
  8. Opa, sou novo no servidor e estou meio perdido nesse Renewall ainda. Meu personagem mais forte está nível 147 ainda, e tenho brincado de caçar alguns MVPs mais do old time (por que são os que eu guento matar, kk). Se estiverem dispostos a me aceitar no clã, adoraria companhia que entenda português pra jogar junto, kk
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