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  1. Can u add timers for Illusion Leg special enchant procs?
  2. abertes

    Patch Notes

    Cant believe this old game is still getting these huge updates. Thanks for the effort and hard work you guys put into the patches
  3. I have yet to find Cicada Skin Shed, if anyone knows what name it goes under I'd appreciate that
  4. Requesting status timers for following skills: Cicada Skin Shed Amplify Magic Power Status timers for following items if that is possible: Box of Sunlight (id 12033) Awakening potion (item id 656) Bubble Gum (id 12210) Bubble Gum (event) (id 31873)
  5. abertes

    Card to Boot

    Miguel Card but this is MVP card, very tedious to get. Next best thing is Blut Hase card.
  6. abertes

    Halloween Patch Notes

    ”Arms Cannon now treats hard defense as soft defense.” Did Tokei bring this up to Nova before fixing this bug? The change has huge impact on WoE/BG and was changed without questions because that’s how it works on kRO. It basically gives every Mechanic Incantation Samurai Card. Ive heard complains after the patch that its too hard to tank this skill even with full reduction gears. Our PvP-scene is highly customized because kRO only cares about PvM so please dont just mindlessly fix bugs that has the potential to change the woe meta. Make Nova aware of it beforehand so there can be a discussion about it if necessary.
  7. Hello. Mostly people go for either Crimson Rock (CR) build or Chain Lightning (CL) in PvM. For MH2, CL-build is more relevant because of the spammability of the skill. If u build CL, your main priority should be to get as close as possible to -96% ACD. Your MH-2 skill/Bragi gives 30%. Armor: +9 Illusion Armor B [-15% ACD] (ACD, Magic, Magic enchants) - Agav Card Mid Headgear: New Wave Sunglasses. [-10% ACD] Garment: +9 Magical Heroic Cape [-10% ACD] - Marsh Arclouse Card Headgear: Zaha Doll Hat +9/+12 or Old Magic stone hat (bio5) with ME3/5 - Tikbalang Card Shoes: Illusion Leg B +9 with FCT & Spell Buster enchants - Nightmare Verit Card Accessories: 2 Expert Rings Cards [-10% ACD] - Elvira Cards Lower Headgear: Rosary in Mouth or Rainbow Scarf Weapon: +15 2H-VM staff with [-20% ACD] Enchant. (superior to Rod cuz +80 more Matk, unless u rly need shield, then rod is good). - Colorful Teddy Bear or Soul Fragment Card. With this build you reach -65% ACD without bragi or MH2 Skill. With either of those you will reach -95% which is enough to spam your CL.
  8. You actually just went full retard. How is this relevant to the suggestion?
  9. Grinding for me is when u waste alot of time doing something to get x results. Im sure OP would understand what I meant in this context. Congrats for making the most unnecessary post of the year, have a good day.
  10. I know what I read. If i dont have the same opinion it means i cant read properly?
  11. -1 grinding is part of the game, same as when u enchant bio 5 headgears it takes some time but its also rewarding once u get your desired enchant.
  12. To be fair it has changed since 17.1. Bio5 farming is way faster now because of increased dmg from DPS. We can also see that in the decrease of prices of Cursed Frags and Energy Frags. I can see how getting 100 kills is too easy now.
  13. If that's not casting a skill then idk what is. Even the animation is there. I understand you're just translating the script though As for poison bottle, feels inconvenient to carry extra weight and/or waste an extra hotkey for smth that most likely wont happen. This was originally thought as a simple suggestion to improve WoE a tiny bit, mostly for QoL. But it feels like many are against it for some reason. Im not convinced but I respect it. Regardless of the suggestion going through or not, i dont think it will have a noticable impact. And if Howling affecting BW is not intended then im sure GM will let us know.
  14. If Butterfly wing is a skill then so is Agi scroll and bless scroll. The vid below shows that Howling does NOT affect bless and agi scroll. This shows that it's more likely that BW is not working as intended. If it's decided to keep it as it is because "BW is a skill" then according to that logic we should make howling affect Bless and agi scroll and other consumables too. howl.mp4
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