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  1. abertes

    Patch Notes

    “Once a week, on top of the existing rewards, all players will also be rewarded with a Sealed Temporal Crystal [Bound].” Does this reset every Monday or is it 7 days after you get your first?
  2. Apparently they put alot of effort in it that they're scared not enough people will play it so they bind it to weeklies. And now is the downside that most of the people who play it won't even enjoy it, when their whole focus is to be efficient about coin farming and focus on farming as many coins as possible and finish rest of the quests in the hour the event is open.
  3. abertes

    Summer Festival Updates

    The criticism has been somehow reduced from the player base because bringing it down from 16k to 11k seems like a big deal, which it is, but 11k is still bizarre imo. Reducing it to 7k makes more sense as it would mean gathering 1k coins/day would be enough to finish the quest. Most players make 500-1.5k coins/hour and some few tryhards are able to make 2-3k. Tryharding is understandable due to the 11k demand but how can they enjoy this summer event when they have the pressure to tryhard, isn't this event supposed to be a fun thing? Before, all 9 bsb from old weeklies could be gathered literally within hours and now people are talking about 2h/day to finish. If you compare the time requirement, the difference is surely insane. Please have some common sense about this, the change may be what you have in mind for how the weeklies should be, but realize that the jump in time investment compared to before is so drastic that you will for sure lose players. Luckily you guys are obviously still making changes which is good.
  4. if its not already in (i cant find), can we add bubble gum to status timers. Not sure if any of this is even being read tho
  5. Give every class a specific set of equipments only usable inside MH. This gives you developers the freedom to nerf and change whatever you want while not affecting the market or the economy of the players.
  6. Really appreciate the graphs, gives a great overview of how the situation of DPS looks like. One thing that caught my attention was from the box-plot; that one single Star Emperor who was way above every other player in the class. The only SE player to surpass the highest damage any Warlock did. Rest of the Star Emperors look inferior compared to the top Warlocks, but that one SE puts the class one step in front of Warlock in the previous graph. What I could think about with how this single Star Emperor was so insanely in front of the other was a PKS with size ignore enchant. Just goes to show how the enchanting system of PKS (based on weekly coins) can create such a huge gap between players based on RNG. Im not taking away all credit from the SE, im sure it's a good player but that difference is not possible without RNG luck from pks.
  7. abertes

    Patch Notes

    Maybe we should have a MH commissioner chat seeing how those in charge arent taking into account the consequences on some of their changes. Not disagreeing with this particular nerf, gx dmg was insane and allowed ppl to farm up to 100s of bsb each day by leeching with a clear of less than 2 mins as a solo dps. The reason i feel so many are angry is that gx is the class that got nerfed over and over again. Every change leads to build changes, swap to classes, building new items. If a change is thoroughly considered the first time u dont have to nerf smth over and over and we could be avoiding the disappointment
  8. Great update thx but i have a couple questions why is rng version to get PKC more expensive than safe? and when is lvl 200 gear update coming for PvP? It's almost been 2 months since release
  9. Is the % on the lv 200 changes the % compared to lvl 175 or compared to current? E.g. for Summoner does that mean they get total 42.91% or they get first 32.5% then 42.91% also?
  10. is it possible to make it show how much cooldown a skill has left, for skills with longer cd e.g. unlimit and the new mh 2 skills
  11. Sir you need to take a step back and calm down. It's obvious you're triggered by the GTB nerf discussion but you're acting on emotions right now. If you have issues with the current commissioners, you can file a report to the GMs directly. About the return of a 2nd commissioner for the guild you're talking about, the whole discussion can be found in the commisioner logs. Nova is the owner of the server and can overrule the rules at any time.
  12. Some even argued that these nerfs made Warlock worse than it was before the WL update patch: I mean i only see RK mains in this thread complaining about RK nerfs, that tells smth about bias in here. RK simply has too high dmg for being as tanky as it currently is. The RK patch was a big buff for sure and the nerfs weren't yet modified by commisioner's chat as it was for Warlocks. What I don't understand is why commisioners keep voting for nerfing RK in BG but not in WoE. I mean the 30% all size nerf is already in bg, yet they make a vote for an additional nerf IN BG: "Should we disable the "Increase short range physical damage by 30%" on Lux Anima in BG?" Meanwhile RKs in WoE are doing up to 50m dps as tanks and: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6T2EQgUDvU&t=85s
  13. Timers for the new MH2 skills please: Battle Trance, Death Wish and Subdued Strikes
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