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  1. But you are lv 110, not a beginner, for beginners, you dont get zeny too fast. But they will kill the monster with lower level, like kill 150 Willows(lv 8) Yes the list need some changes, but as i said in the topic, staff could change the list, and for the zeny, this is excellent for beginners, for high levels is nothing, but for beginners 37.5k is great. No, this isnt irrelevant, for the first place, not everybody do Eden quest in every character and 37.5k Zeny HELP ALOT on the beginning because everything is expensive. And not, its not a personal wish, its something that can help everyone and i only called for support on discord useless for 99.9% players in your opnion, because it only not provide zeny and xp but also another way to get consumables and help on leveling
  2. 1)But not on the beginning; 2)And why not one more ? 3)But with Eden Merit Badges you can get more consumables; Its not too hard to implement, i've see other servers using and isnt a individual wish, it would really contribute to the server and help beginners, but for a high level it would mean nothing because of 37.5k zeny reward, also you are blind thiking that killing few incubus could benfit the same way but NOT, a beginner cannot kill those mob and the weapon and armors selling on npc costs ALOT, Chainmail for example costa 65k and Two-handed Axe costs 55k, so HOW 37.5K IS NOTHING !? for a beginner it clearly is a much. Again, its not a shitton of work, because it works like Eden Boards, the difference is the reward. Yes, easier for a high level, but not for beginners, this comparison is unrelevant
  3. I've said all of the benefits and arguments on post. 1)For beginners is a great way to receive zeny and help buying equipment/supplies; 2)Another way to help level; 3)Eden merit badge is great, because you can farm this and buy essencial itens for leveling like HE Battle Manual, and the itens list staff can change and remove OP itens. You say about kill 5 Incubus and get the same amount of zeny in much much shorter tine, but those monsters are lv 120, and im talking about beginners, beginners cannot kill Incubus and get zeny this fast. Also this sytem benefit high levels with eden merit badge prizes. Those people are lying to you then, because i've provided a good amount of arguments(so called by you textwall)
  4. Yes, Eden board monsters is very few, but you dont receive zeny. For the second question: Buster
  5. Yes I understand what you said, but for the zeny part also is good to buy equipment, because inst everyone that do Eden Quests on start. But overall i understand what you mean, as i said, staff could change some things and this system will be a good thing to be in game. Not really, but i dont like to do Eden quest with all characters, and equipment is expensive, a good axe is around 35k, so...37.5k would help beside of the loot. And thank you very much for the farm tips.
  6. 37.500 Zeny would be nothing for you guys, but think of who are starting now, equipments aren't cheap, supplies need a high amount of zeny, 37.500 for each 150 monsters killed is a good deal and help alot, even if i go farm strawberry on spores, hardly i can find someone buying them. And yes, as i said, the staff can change the eden merit badge trade list
  7. Im patient, only requested players support
  8. 31 views but no answers? Please people, support this idea! Bumping
  9. Please add the Bounty Board Quests(https://irowiki.org/wiki/Bounty_Board_Quests) because its a good way to obtain Zeny for beginners, because on the beginning is hard to get Equipment and Supplies, also its a good "Leveling Guide" for who doesn't know which monster kill in such level, since those boards are separated by min/max level and also another benefit is that we can do those quests together with eden board quests, since is the same monster. Another thing is that if you kill all the listed monsters in the board, you receibe a Eden Merit Badge which can be traded with useful itens like Battle Manual, Job Manual, HE Battle Manual, Bubble Gum, HE Bubble Gum, Yggdrasil Leaf, 7D Halter Lead and much, much, much more (check more here), then this would be a GREAT addition to the server, also the staff could change/add more itens with would greatly benefit and incentive the "monster hunting of those boards" even for max level players. I think this feature is not too complex to add, i've seen this on 2 or 3 servers, so please add this I beg. Thank you for your attention.
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