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    Patch Notes

    is the BG quest bugged? I got the quest "Play 10BGs" before update and did 8/10. Today with the patch i won 4 times in a row, but my quest still stuck @ 8/10 BGs played .
  2. Hi everyone I did not find nothing related to this so... Can u add gear to get catch by "@restock snapshot" command pls? Cuz this is the fastest way to create/modify a profile of @restock#. From my experience: i change lot of gear depends of what im going to do ... instances, dungs, woe, hunting MVPs etc and with every new content i test new things that need to replicate to another almost 5 characters (same job) plus the main. ( I really have lot of gear: with my x3 basis profiles of @restock i reach 63/100 items on my inventory as u can see with the attachs ) At this moment for do changes to my x3 basis profiles of @restock i need to seek for every ID of each new gear that i want to test and then replicate to another 5 characters, also im planing to have a atleast 6 profiles of @restock ( Thank you for the new 7 profiles allowed from the patch months ago ) and all this for 1 single job (cuz im main Genetic). So i think that maybe there are people like me that want to test new things while doing runs but in a efficient way (in terms of save time) and maybe they like to use multiple jobs .. that's a nightmare try to create / modify tons @restock profiles. I agree that actually @restock is really good ( and very thanks for this wonderful @command ), but if there's not much problem to add this new behavior i will thank you a lot of.
  3. Hi, im looking for trade 1x1 My Karvo x your Alcohol PM me ingame MIDAS ( l = L no caps or ID: 8184-447 ) or send me message pls Inventory: 7.2K Karvos
  4. BUMP! New: New Wave Sunglasses
  5. Bump! New: +12GSS with 17int
  6. Hi, im looking for zenny PM me ingame MIDAS ( l = L no caps or ID: 8184-447 ) or send me message pls WEAPONS Crimson Mace Holy +15 SOLD! Crimson Dagger Neutral +8 SOLD ARMORS +12 Giant Snake Skin [Menblatt] with +17 int NEW! SOLD Valk manteau +6 SOLD New Wave Sunglasses -10%CDR New! ACCESORIES Buffalo Horn CARDS EMPTY CUSTOMS Winter's Gift L Poring Jinn Ballon SOLD OTHERS Thorn Plant Seed x many Mystical Card Album x2
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