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  1. Awwww. ;n; That's okay. Thank you, Nova! ♡
  2. @Tokeiburu, is it possible to change the font of specific elements? I managed to install a Korean font that is great for chat and item descriptions, but it doesn't fit quite well on the 'basic info' window: It isn't something that I care too much, but it'd be great if I could change only this element to fit the default UI.
  3. I would love if this feature was implemented! My friends and I quitted NovaRO some weeks ago to play on official servers because we wanted to experience that feeling of leveling a character in a "slowly" way, making progress every day with it. Although NovaRO is far better than iRO, it just jumps this process of leveling, putting you directly to the endgame. It can be hard to understand, but what we wanted wasn't a server that just put us at the endgame, but something close to the official server with great management. That being said, I respect fxfreitas' point, but from my p
  4. DISCLAIMER this topic is written full in portuguese, as this is the main language in brazil. *an english version can be added in the future, if needed. :x A gaymers é uma guilda lgbt friendly com uma trajetória que perpassou diversos mmos, cujo objetivo único era e continua sendo a construção de fortes amizades. Em Ragnarök Online estamos com foco em pvm, leveling, instâncias e etc. Não temos requisito de nível ou classe, apenas seja divertido e sincero. Usamos o discord como principal meio de comunicação! point Estamos em Amatsu (@go 10),
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