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  1. correcting: deflation
  2. At no time did I say that I agree with this system! I just said that regardless of everything something should be done! The problem is not this system (which I do not agree), it is the server inflation!
  3. I think we all agree that something should be done about it, because that's the biggest reason why players leave NovaRo It is very disheartening to invest so much in a character to make high level instance and to make the same amount of zeny that someone in gefenia! or even less.... @Nova I hope you adm understand the seriousness of this problem! I love this server and I want to see it improve more and more.
  4. Skogul

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    What are the next dungeons that will work on this new drop system? This system is wonderful, I'm looking forward to more changes! Congratulations on the great work
  5. No, no card is dropped on the frequency with which of the essences are made! The idea is not to remove the wise old lady, but to delete the essence that is removed from the equipment!
  6. - New mechanic for Essense Of Evil and rise their prices. My idea is that all these items, the Essense Of Evil itens, break/deleted when removed from slotted equipments at the NPC: Wise Old Woman. All these itens are with very low price in the market, because of the frequency and the ease is made the Demon God instance and the low lack of new players on the server to get a better selling of theses itens at the market. With this changes I believe that this Essenses will be withdraw from the market, increasing their price and allowing the Demon God instance viable again and will be more rewarding for new players who want to farm on this instance. Thanks for all, Nova. Skogul.
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