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  1. Kazou973

    Summer Festival Updates

    It would be nice to match the summer coin task to your summer weekly quest, you guys are asking for 4 dailies/concert or fishing attendance/ 50 multiplayer (now 40) which are basically doable within one hour run per day with all gears fully enhanced (wetsuit and running shoes). But each run let us earn more or less 2k summer coins based on my experience. In my opinion 8k summer coin for weekly is quite fair for the task.
  2. Provoke will no longer trigger "when hit" statuses. Using Provoke on yourself will now trigger after effect conditions instead of counter after effect conditions. what's is the after effect and counter after effect ?
  3. Kazou973

    2020 Client Beta

    Cool thanks my friend, just started to use the new client, I was expecting RK' skill like SW/WC/IB but there aren't implemented yet ;(.
  4. Kazou973

    2020 Client Beta

    What are the new animations changes ? do we have a list ?
  5. Kazou973

    Patch Notes

    can we know about the MS of hasty set's ? and does it stacks with other MS gears/skill/card/mount ?
  6. in case of FOGH quest, will you remove the 3 days delay ? because secondary ungeared char aren't well welcome in those parties.
  7. Does charge attack, "charges" in bg/woe ? Or movement skill is still disable ? And for elemental converters, are the converters from the main office have the same duration ? same goes for the 2 new ones poison and holy ?
  8. Kazou973

    Christmas Patch Notes

    is it possible to have a snowball effect blue for blue team and red for red team ? It would be nice
  9. Kazou973

    Patch Notes

    what's the new formula of crafting rune success chance ?
  10. Kazou973

    Patch Notes

    Sonic wave isn't suppose to have crit rate base and not half ? Reference : https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-kro-classes-improvement-project/ Typo or custom on Nova ?
  11. Kazou973

    Cawful Patch Notes

    aww, just killed my mood :(. I got it
  12. Kazou973

    Cawful Patch Notes

    Illusion resetter still reward the same amount of illusion stone.
  13. Kazou973

    Patch Notes

    Can we allow crafting runes inside MH or on the boat please.
  14. Honestly I prefer have an increase of 400 mobs with others instance/dungeons. Gargoyle and Sting are like mini mvp hunting ... or you could at least increase the number of mobs in the map.
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