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  1. Kazou973

    Christmas Patch Notes

    is it possible to have a snowball effect blue for blue team and red for red team ? It would be nice
  2. Kazou973

    Patch Notes

    what's the new formula of crafting rune success chance ?
  3. Kazou973

    Patch Notes

    Sonic wave isn't suppose to have crit rate base and not half ? Reference : https://www.divine-pride.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3723-kro-classes-improvement-project/ Typo or custom on Nova ?
  4. Kazou973

    Cawful Patch Notes

    aww, just killed my mood :(. I got it
  5. Kazou973

    Cawful Patch Notes

    Illusion resetter still reward the same amount of illusion stone.
  6. Kazou973

    Patch Notes

    Can we allow crafting runes inside MH or on the boat please.
  7. Honestly I prefer have an increase of 400 mobs with others instance/dungeons. Gargoyle and Sting are like mini mvp hunting ... or you could at least increase the number of mobs in the map.
  8. Well I don't see what abuse you can do by increasing the time.
  9. It's been more than couple month, you have implanted the saving timer when switching char which prevents the reset of dailies timer. Which is very good, I realize also you can disconnect for few sec (maybe more than one minute) and reconnect to your char and still have the timer going on. As for me or maybe other players, where I live, my internet provider isn't that stable and reliable. I can have some internet cut for few minutes before to be able to reconnect to the game, so here is my suggestion, can we increase the timing between switching char (or disconnection) to 10 minutes (I don't see any bad side of this timer or any abuse), 15 min would be even greater. Of course the required one hour IG won't be affected. Sometimes it can be frustrating see your timer resetting when it's missing 10 minutes left.
  10. Kazou973

    Rebellion & Mechanic Updates

    what is mass spiral ?
  11. Simple suggestion, adding the MS in battle stats.
  12. Kazou973

    Level 185 Patch Notes

    what's the episode of this patch ?
  13. it's me or you guys increase the quantity required of dark soul fragment for illusion war axe ? Before 100 and now 200 ;(((((
  14. Ow thank you, I always thought it was part of it.
  15. for tier 2 illusion of teddy bear, you still need to hunt the MVP for the last quest ? and the spawning the MVP, still need to hunt 2500 mobs ?
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