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  1. Many people here probably don't know me and probably won't care about me leaving, and that's fine, this is more of a personal rant than anything else. A couple months ago I sent an audio to my squad announcing I was going to be on an indefinite hiatus, but I think it's time to wrap things now, officially. I don't know where it all started, it was probably since the introduction of Garronath and Nysori that I started feeling burnt out from this game. Every day playing felt more like a chore than anything I'd do for fun, so I quietly left a couple days after EDDA Biolabs was introduced. But my friends wouldn't stop asking about me and that made me feel kinda guilty, so I started playing again, even with this feeling of complete burnout. Cue a few days later (around the ten first days of february I think), I started having severe anxiety attacks, huge panic attacks that wouldn't even let me walk 2 steps without breaking down in tears and hyperventilating. Even worse was the fact my (then) therapist was giving me medication that actually made the anxiety stronger. So after I switched therapists and started a proper treatment (I'm still currently on meds, I was also diagnosed with double depression and Borderline Personality Disorder) I also made the choice to definitely leave this game. For my mental health sake. After a while though, I started feeling bad about lying to my friends telling them that "MAYBE I will come back" and giving them false hope. But the truth is, I will never come back. At some point this game, at least for me, became more like a tedious task (or, rather, a series of tedious daily tasks). I lost all enjoyment I had for it and there were times where I'd really get very upset/stressed/angry and just lash out at people or just be mean to them. Yet I wasn't able to leave, even though I was literally feeling this game was consuming me whole, until I had a breakdown. Not everything was a hell of a ride though. I've met some amazing people in this server and I'm really thankful with them for bearing with me all the time we played together. And I had some funny moments with all the Nova staff, from GM-hosted events to just casual interaction with them, to even just chit-chatting in the Discord server, it was really a pleasant experience. TL;DR: I'm leaving the server because of severe mental health matters. Now it's time for me to say goodbye and move on, because that's just life. I wish you all the best, and I hope you guys will continue having fun in this server. Farewell, NovaRO.
  2. Adiós Ciam. I enjoyed all the time we played together and it's kinda hard to say goodbye... I wish all the best for you in life.
  3. Character name is Canelita. :3 Deviling Kimi Celine
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