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  1. Did any of you experience constant lag and DC? Especially DC. I wonder how to stay online for 1 hour straight for that daily rewards when I dc'ed every 10-20 minutes. Since it will reset once you DC'ed. And oh please I also play other games in EU/NA server.
  2. So let me ask since I am quite confused really. You claimed to be a PvM server, more of PvM server. Instances are repetitive, same as normal field. So is that it? We all know with the right equipments and stuffs and also the right line setup you can beat them (well I am new here still farm my items what I have done is ghost palace, airship, sarah's memory). Only tried low level instance? Yes since it was soloable. I tried OGH normal once with random party but that is it. I tried to match other players' playtime (since I am 5 hours away from your server) and also for asian's. BG is always only 10-20 players. WoE? Ugh I only saw some players inside the castle. PvP? Nothing to say anymore. Was that really worth of 2k+ players? I don't really think so. I saw a lot of old players keep making new characters when I asked "why you keep making new chars?" and they said " bored. nothing to do". I actually have great expectation because I saw some reviews on RMS. But the more I scroll down and next I saw bad reviews. And it is actually a harsh truth. Correct me if I am wrong, probably the reason why this server has so many players are because it is easy to get everything (hey everyone wants to play a f2p game when we can get anything). I am still gonna play for abit and to see if I am really fit in here. In any games. You can't deny RO's nature because WoE is what makes RO great. The reason why RO has instances is because normal field is dead. Waste time. Ain't it better for instance, right? Shorter but rewarding. I played so many servers that used to rank #1 in any RO ranking list web until they are dead and I have to move to another server. I am not gonna say the name but my last server is a super high server on rms that used to be #1 (probably they still in top 5 or 10). In the past the had 2-3k players (crazy right? with less venders). And now they only have like 400++ players including venders and 100-200 ghost players, not to mention afkers so they only have like maybe 50-100 active players. Actually I am surprised when I come here and ask "how do you people farm your items?". And they said go make ranger/rebellion. Ugh, really? If this is a friendly PvM server, shouldn't class like SC/WL/RK are capable as well at early game? I am just being honest here. If my English is fcked up, then I apologize. Me being toxic? Huh. You have no idea. I only being toxic when playing moba/battleroyal. RO is great that is why it survive until now. And I still play this thing from the very 1st day when this game was brought into this boring world.
  3. this is what I was talking about on the other thread. WoE is not WoE at all, PvP is whatever. Only here for couple of days, and even BG is dead usually only below 20 players? That's way too low.
  4. I think this server lacks contents. I am not bragging but my previous was better about contents but the reason why I left because it is dying. I try this server because of the 2k++ online players minus the venders and maybe ghost players? But still it is over 1k players so it is good. RO is all about WoE and PvP, who cares about PvM anyway beside from farm your equipments/cards etc. That is why I hold back about farming. I only play here for a couple of days and I don't want to rush my items. Knowing that WoE and PvP is not that popular beside from having1-2k players.
  5. Lydeka

    New Ranger

    I guess I will try to get +10 big Xbow so I can do some damages in instances. And maybe that captain's hat next. Thx.
  6. Lydeka

    New Ranger

    Hello I am new here. Only for couple of days. From the other PS. My favorite char is Shadow Chaser but since it is a no-no for beginner here due to lack of items to be able to farm so I chose Ranger instead. I completed my WWS, thanatos with hunter fly, S amplier with creamy. So what I want to ask is what else to buy step by step? I am quite confused because there so many sets. Do take note that I am new with limited resources(farm gefenia quite boring so I only do it sometimes). Someone said I should get +7 gigantic with WS card 1st and others said Giant Xbow etc. I use AS build for now. Maybe change to auto-warg build in the future.
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